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Author Topic: Bermuda Aerospace Midge "Vampire Bat" VTOL  (Read 762 times)


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Bermuda Aerospace Midge "Vampire Bat" VTOL
« on: 08 August 2021, 13:45:04 »
"Vampire Bat" Midge

Mass: 1.492 tons
Movement Type: VTOL
Power Plant: ICE
Cruising Speed: 108 kph
Maximum Speed: 162 kph
Armor: BAR 6
     2 SRM Launcher (Std, Two-Shot) - Inferno
     1 Machine Gun (Support)
Manufacturer: Bermuda Aviation
     Primary Factory: Booker
Communication System: Unknown
Targeting & Tracking System: Unknown
Introduction Year: 3145
Tech Rating/Availability: D/X-X-X-D
Cost: 11,750 C-bills

The "Vampire Bat" was a field modification to the Bermuda Aviation "Midge" light VTOL that was made during the campaign on Organo in 3080. It was initially built to support Taurian Intelligence Ministry Special Task Group teams during covert operations. Ultimately its used would go beyond that, as Organo Militia and elements of the Red Gate infantry regiment used it to position infantry on the battlefield during the invasion of the planet during the Federated Suns Operation MATADOR. During the campaign on Organo the planetary militia and the Red Gate infantry regiment found themselves tasked with defending the Pinard aerospace plant. While the planet itself had decent defenses, only a single battalian of the Red Chasseurs BattleMech regiment was initially available to help turn back an invasion of the Federated Suns' 4th Illician Rangers. MIM teams on the ground sought to disrupt the Rangers' operations wherever possible, and so Special Task Group (STG) teams set forth to sabotage and destroy whatever they could. Unfortunately, the Red Gate and MIM forces on planet had very little in the way of vehicle support. Accordingly, they commandeered vehicles from the local populace to modify for their purposes.

The "Vampire Bats" were field modifications performed on the Bermuda Aviation "Midge" light utility VTOL. This lightweight and reliable vehicle is a product o Bermuda Aviation on Booker in the Magistracy of Canopus. It is well known and popular throughout the Periphery. The Midge itself was an exceptionally light vehicle, massing just over 1400 kilograms. It had become popular as a surveying aircraft, runabout, and light cargo chopper due to it's high cruising speed and good range. Like many civilian vehicles during the Organo campaign, it found itself pressed into service and modified for military use. It was the most popular of the field modifications made to civilian vehicles during that campaign, the Midge was modified to be able to carry two maniples of infantry deep behind enemy lines. To do this, nearly every bit of non-essential equipment was removed. Crude webbing and bent pipe seats were fitted to both the internal cabin of the Midge, and because of the limited space within the fuselage, to the exterior of the vehicle as well. The primary expected threat to these VTOLs was anticipated to be rear-echelon security forces, and so some weaponry was fitted to the machine. A single infantry support machine gun was affixed to the right side of the aircraft pointing forward. This was intended to suppress security forces while the STG teams did their work. In addition, a pair of what would normally be shoulder-mounted SRM tubes were mounted on field expedient mounts to either side. These were to be used to ignite warehouses and supply dumps, but also as a last-ditch weapon to be used in the event that the "vampire bat" was required to fight. During operations these launchers would nearly always be fitted with inferno rounds.

Initially only a few Vampire Bats were built, with a focus more towards special operations than general troop transportation. A half dozen Vampire Bats serviced STG teams during the first few months of the invasion. As the fighing grew more desperate, demand for Vampire Bats grew as well. The Red Gate infantry regiment and the local planetary militia lost a great deal of their transport capacity to Illician aerospace strikes in the opening stages of the conflict. Most of those losses could not be made up from local stores. By October of 3080 Vampire Bats were the most reliable infantry transport that the defenders had available. Foot infantry teams were re-positioned under the cover of darkness to ambush the Illician forces whenever possible. It was this night-time operation that earned this aircraft it's nickname.

By April of 3081 the fighting on Organo was finished. A single battalion of BattleMechs could not hold out against an entire regiment of Great House supported mercenaries. They especially could not hold out against one properly supported by armor and aerospace assets. Most of the Vampire Bats were either destroyed in the fighting or returned to civilian service following the Federated Suns' conquest of the planet. Fighting had been so brutal on Organa and nearby Althea’s Choice that the Red Chasseurs and their supporting elements had been nearly destroyed. At least two are known to still exist, one in the personal possession of Lieutenant Colonel William El. Faried of the 23rd Illician Mechanized Cavalry, and one in the possession of the Bermuda Aerospace Corporation. The latter was procured from an unknown source and examined closely by Bermuda. Reportedly they are considering their own infantry support and special operations variants of the Midge for future export.

Code: [Select]
Type: "Vampire Bat"
Chassis Type: VTOL (Small)
Technology Base: Inner Sphere (Standard)
Mass: 1,492 kg
Battle Value: 45
Equipment Mass (kg)
Chassis/Controls 705
Engine/Trans. ICE 466
     Cruise MP: 10
     Flank MP: 15
Heat Sinks: 0 0
Fuel: 27
Armor Factor (BAR 6): 5 190
Structure Armor
Front 1 1
R/L Side 1/1 1/1
Rear 1 1
Rotor 1 1
and Ammo Location Critical Mass (kg)
SRM Launcher - Inferno Left 1 30
SRM Launcher - Inferno Ammo (2 shots) Left 0 20
Machine Gun Front 1 44
Machine Gun Ammo (100 shots) Front 0 5
SRM Launcher - Inferno Right 1 30
SRM Launcher - Inferno Ammo (2 shots) Right 0 20
SRM Launcher - Inferno Ammo (2) Body 1 20
Machine Gun Ammo (100) Body 1 5


Notes: Features Basic Fire Control(6 kg)