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Author Topic: BTF: SG-1 Seagull Airborne Search & Rescue (Armed Auxiliary)  (Read 578 times)

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This entry for a new project isn't really complete yet, but it was one of the first ones I wanted to include ever since writing one of the initial Clans for an unfinished project; a fixed-wing/WiGE vehicle with paired Ultra AC/20s to attack smugglers or whatever in the oceans of the Faction World of Sonoma. It didn't work out that way, but it let me put an example of Legacy Cluster tech to use, the Improved Autocannon/2.  These weapons fire in single shot, 3- and 5-round burst with a penalty to accuracy.

*Please forgive the format; as near as I can tell MML doesn't do support Vees, so I just copied over the handwritten notes.  Also, it hasn't been checked, so if you see a mistake, let me know.

SG-1 Seagull Airborne Search and Rescue

     Developed by Clan (NAME) for Search and Rescue operations in the Southern Hemisphere of Sonoma, the Seagull is a dependable, fully amphibius float plane capable of monitoring a large area for extended lengths of time.  Occasionally pressed into service in an anti-piracy role by the Clans inhabiting the planet a pair of iAC/2 guided by an advanced fire-control system help keep the Seagull out of range of most weapons, although its most valuable function is the ability to keep other units appraised of activities within range of its remote sensors.


     Capable of round-trips of nearly 1,200 kilometers the Seagull uses its impressive flight time and spacious cabin to provide observers aboard the fixed-wing aircraft with an impressive field of view while hauling a variety of life-saving equipment.  That equipment is not limited to its communications gear or the RHIB kept ready for use in its ten-ton cargo bay, as significant thought went into the crew arrangements on board and the comforting of survivors pulled from the warm seas of Sonoma.
     Although not usually used for exploration, the cargo bay is also capable of launching small submersibles to locate and examine wreckage unseen from the air and a few have been slightly modified to operate as fire surveillance planes and water bombers, filling a bladder system installed in the cargo bay and releasing it from modified bay doors at the rear of the aircraft.

Battle History

     The Seagull’s combination of endurance, reliability, and easy conversions have served it well as a rear-area combatant in recent circumstances, using its cargo capability to convey quick-response forces to civilian areas where Blakist attacks are underway.  Its twin iAC/2s, added to the vehicle almost as an afterthought have nonetheless been effective at providing heavy supporting fire to ground units unprepared for the onslaught of Drone and Robotic units terrorizing civilians before landing to provide medical assistance or evacuate wounded survivors.
     On Sonoma itself, SAR aircraft responded to the first of several terrorist attacks in the (Clan) capital, monitoring the area before engaging in fire support of local law enforcement personnel engaged with enemy drones attacking major population centers in the opening days of the invasion before the military became involved.  Able to move groups of badly wounded civilians and reinforcements to and from military facilities and ships in the local harbor without constant refueling, the Seagull became a symbol of resistance to the Blakists and their allies.
     Unfortunately, the Blakists have also modified captured Seagulls to contribute to their own goals, using the design to control drones at enormous distances, provide resupply, convey BA and ELM strike forces, launch several varieties of drones for use in land, sea, and air and escorting heavier cargo ships and aircraft to their destinations.
     Of particular note is their use by the Blakists to make long-range strikes on Civil Government settlements, drawing a response from the Capital and the (CLAN) forces.  As surveillance and quick-response teams were focused elsewhere, local infrastructure was heavily damaged by surprise attacks on the planet’s military infrastructure.  Combined with an ambush by Blakist forces launching missile strikes on the DropShips of the Clan forces responding, the Blakists successfully isolated Sonoma for several months before Reserves and volunteers were able to determine the cause and lift the siege for reinforcements to arrive.

*Check for external hardpoints?  Cluster bombs?  FAE?  T-bolt torpedos?


     Suspected of being re-designed by the Blakists and upgraded to Omnitechnology, the Seagull was briefly considered by Clan Wolverine for funding to redesign it, but the examination of wreckage from several engagements led investigators to believe an innovative series of self-contained cargo containers based on combat trailers was the reason for the noticeable increase in combat capabilities.
     The eventual discovery of several examples in captured Civil Government and Python ground facilities has thus led to a small revolution in support aircraft capabilities, resulting in morale and performance benefits as the highly motivated aircrews assigned to the vehicle assist in blunting the terrorist attacks by the Blakists and their allies.
     *Besides normal cargo, known configurations include (Drone station/cargo/Infantry Bay), (Chemical warfare sprayers/bomb rack), (ER-TAG L/R mount/sensor dispenser/mine dispensers sea/land),

Fixed Wing
45 T
Space – 5+4
Base Chassis - .1
Base engine V - .01
IS .1x1.0x(Ampibious)1.75x45T=7.87 -> 8 T

Engine - .01x29x1x45=13 T <-21 T
  Safe thrust – 5
  SV weight multiplier
Fuel - 45 Tx5%x2 (1000 km range) – 1 T <- 22 T
SI – (Fixed Wing) 5
  - Base – 2
  - Gunners (Adv. Fire Control) - (6 T Heavy weapons)/3 = 2
  4 Crew total

3. HS -0

  Max 4+(1x45)=49 AP
  - 44 AP of BAR 7 = (1.98R) 2 T <- 24 T

2xiAC/2 – 6 T <- 30 T
  - Cargo – 15 T <- 45 T

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