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Author Topic: Custos Armored Car (My first time trying the Support Vehicles rules)  (Read 2817 times)

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 Todays is the Metalworker´s Day here in Argentina in memory of the birthday of Fray Luis Beltran (September 7th, 1784), and to celebrate, i present you a nice little tanks by his homonymous in the Battletech universe. ;)

 Also, its my first time using the TM Support Vehicle rules, so, if you find any errors, or you have suggestions, you are more than welcome to do them.

Custos Armored Car

Mass: 4 Tons
Movement Type: Wheeled
Power Plant: FBF Tipo 100 V6 ICE
Cruising Speed: 54 kph
Flank Speed: 86 kph
Armor: FBF Lorica Ferrea
               2 FBF Model 64 Support Machine Guns
Manufacturer: Ansaldo-Fray Beltran Steelworks
      Primary Factory: Estalia
Communications System: SIM6020
Targeting and Tracking System: STCT 25/5


Shortly after the signing of the Marian Hegemony-Estalia Treaty were the former became a protectorate of the Hegemony, Marian firms began to associate or outrightly  buy estalian firms. This was the case of Ansaldo&C, a local car produced bought by Fray Beltran Foundries, creating the Ansaldo-Fray Beltran Steelworks, to locally produce Scorpion tanks and Heavy Tracked APCs for the new estalian Provincial Legio. One of the old Ansaldo model, the Autoblinda 38, got the attention of the FBF engineers, and with the help of the newer and modern FBF equipment, the Custos Armored Car began production in the first months of 3066.


 As slave and worker revolts numbers increased in the last years thanks to external influences, local law-keeping agencies trough all the Hegemony found themself in the need of heavier equipment, but with the creation of the new provincial Legios and the expansion of the federal Legios, they found in the botton of the requisition list. The Custos fulfill this need. With a efficient V6 engine with and modern military-grade armor capable of resist small-weapons fire, the Custos is an excellent low-budget APC for peace keeping forces. The inclusion of two 8mm Model 64 machine guns, usually loaded with rubber bullets, give the armored car enough dissuasion firepower to disperse almost all riots and mobs.


 So far most of the Custos have been distributed along the New Venice province, but the Pompey goverment have bought at least one quarter of its first run to deal with the usual Hadrian´s worker revolts.

Type: Custos Armored Car
Chassis Type: Wheeled(Small)
Mass: 4.000 Kg
Equipment Rating D

Equipment                    Mass
Chassis/Controls              720 kg
Engine/Trans:      I.C.E.     435 Kg
Cruise MP:           5
Flank MP:            8
Heat sinks:          0          0 Kg
Fuel:             1000 Km (Petrochemical)      43.5 Kg
Turret:                         9 Kg
Armor factor (Bar 10) 12      756 Kg
                   Internal       Armor
                  Structure       Value
Front                 1             3
right/Left Side       1            3/3
Rear                  1             2
Turret                1             1

Weapons and Ammo              Location  Mass
2 Support Machine Gun          Turret    88 Kg
Ammo (Support Machine Gun)     Turret    30 Kg
Advanced Fire Control          Body       9 Kg

Crew: 3 (1+2 gunners)
    1.000 kg Infantry Bay (1 squad)   1 door (Rear)
    679.5 Kg standard 1 door (Rear)

Notes: Features Armored Chassis and Controls Modification, 3 crew seats (225 kg, Body), 1 handheld searchlight (5 kg, Front)

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Re: Custos Armored Car (My first time trying the Support Vehicles rules)
« Reply #1 on: 07 September 2017, 18:58:27 »
I'd be more inclined to give the Turret 3 points of armor and the sides 2, given their relative sizes (the armor is spread thinner on the sides).  Also, I've always thought of the Support MG as a .50 cal (12.7mm) vice 8mm.