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Author Topic: Hovertruck  (Read 2097 times)


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« on: 25 January 2012, 13:56:01 »
Type: Hovertruck
Chassis Type: Hover (Medium)
Mass: 15 tons
Equipment Rating: C/A-B-A/C

     15 ton hovertruck was standardized even before Age of War and has changed little since then. Used by civilian and military organizations alike, hovertrucks have been popular for their effectiveness on open and wet areas without roads and bridges. Star League era saw advanced versions of this venerable vehicle with more weight efficient chassis and engines, but those weren't cheap enough to ever replace the original model. Destruction of Succession Wars and degeneration of technology led to general increase of vehicle's market price, which turned potential users to more cost efficient wheeled trucks.

     There are as many variants as any other truck of similar weight. Most common variant adds Lift Hoist or two, which enables vehicle act as PLS truck. Militaries make use of heavier and more durable armour to protect the vehicle from weapons fire. Passenger and medical variations are known to exist, though in far lesser numbers than vehicles designed particularly for those purposes. Most radical variations make use of weapons, not so uncommon among guerrilla fighters and terrorists.

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Equipment                               Mass
Chassis/Controls:                       4,5
Engine/Trans:           ICE             3,5
  Cruise MP:            5
  Flank MP:             8
Fuel:         1436 km (Petrochemical)   0,5
Armor Factor (BAR 2):   31              0,5
                Internal        Armor
                        Structure       Value
Front                   2               10
R/L Side                2               7
Rear                    2               7

Crew: 2
     6 tons standard 1 Door (Rear)
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