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Author Topic: Just because you _can_ doesn't mean you should ... the Papercraft WiGE  (Read 140 times)

Simon Landmine

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In a couple of scenarios I set myself the challenge of amphibious warfare. Unfortunately, in any operation that requires extended 'wading ashore' by 'mechs, I found that, unless using highly experienced pilots, they would inevitably take substantial losses from falls and the resulting breaches. What was needed was a way to get 'mechs across deep water at speed, and then have them debus under their own power, rather than requiring the timely process of them being unloaded from cargo stowage. That, however, would require a 'mech bay, the weight of which was likely to be prohibitive. Naval Support Vessels could take the weight, but tended to be fairly slow - and, obviously, had to stop at the shore. (I have a couple of designs for those, too, though ...)

Hover vehicles weren't up to the weight requirement, but the design bureau obviously had too much cheese one night, and the next morning, this monstrosity was planned out ...

I give you (because you're not going to pay for it) the Papercraft WiGE Mech Landing Craft ...

Nicknamed the Papercraft by some wag on account of the BAR 7 armour, this is not something that you would want to bring within line-of-sight of any enemy with real firepower (although there is enough to defend against small arms). At 240 tons, the engines are barely capable of getting the lumbering beast up into ground effect, and the weight of the 'mech bay meant that it was not possible to implement the structural reinforcement that would be required to make a support WiGE amphibious, so you're going to have to hope that you make it to solid ground to deploy your cargo. The Rocket Launcher 10 is more a sop to military who refused to countenance something unarmed, although field modifications often replace it with a Vehicular Grenade Launcher, so as to be able to at least slightly shield the disembarking 'mech with smoke.

However, if the circumstances are right, the Papercraft does offer some tactical flexibility ... once moving and at speed, it can deliver 'mechs across the water much faster than they can achieve under their own power - and can also transport heavy 'mechs much faster than then can move across difficult terrain (as long as there are no woods!). And if there is a potential unguarded route ashore, or around a flank, they can potentially deliver a 'mech more swiftly than the enemy would expect.

Code: [Select]
Papercraft WiGE Mech Landing Craft (Standard)
Mass: 240 tons
Movement Type: Wing in Ground Effect

Power Plant: Fusion
Cruising Speed: 54 kph
Maximum Speed: 86.4 kph
Armor: BAR 7
  1 Rocket Launcher 10

Communication System: Unknown
Targeting & Tracking System: Unknown
Introduction Year: 3025
Tech Rating/Availability: D/X-E-D-C
Cost: 7,807,563 C-bills

Type: Papercraft WiGE Mech Landing Craft
Chassis Type: Wing in Ground Effect (Large)
Technology Base: Inner Sphere (Standard)
Mass: 240 tons
Battle Value: 401

Equipment                                         Mass (tons)
Chassis/Controls                                   41.5
Engine/Trans.                                      42.0
    Cruise MP:5
Flank MP:8
Heat Sinks                    0                     0.0
Fuel                                                0.0
Armor Factor (BAR 7)          124                   6.0

                          Internal   Armor   
                          Structure  Value   
     Front                   24        28   
     Front R/L Side        24/24     20/20   
     Rear R/L Side         24/24     20/20   
     Rear                    24        16   

and Ammo              Location    Tonnage   
Rocket Launcher 10     Front        0.5     

    Bay 1:  Mech (1)                1 Door   

Advanced Fire Control(0.5 tons)

NOTE At present, at least up to MegaMek 0.47.11, any 'mech deployed from a 'mech bay in a Large Support Vehicle will deploy the same hex. As the Papercraft is a Large Support Vehicle, this immediately violates stacking, so the 'mech cannot be moved until the Papercraft leaves the hex. There is currently a query to clarify this behaviour.
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