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Author Topic: Need two sets of Stats...  (Read 2666 times)


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Need two sets of Stats...
« on: 05 March 2016, 17:40:24 »
...because it's sick and wrong.

Stat set one: Support Vee stats to build a Twentieth-century-style Nuclear nuclear missile sub

Second, is a conversion/update replacing missiles with a chopper deck.

This is for the fanfic "Her Boots"-part of the re-booting of the Ngoverse stories, the basic in-universe history, is that it's a 'relic' of the isolation period before the Rim Worlds conquered and subjugated Kowloon, a leftover from the ten year war the Kowloonese lost at the dawn of the "age of war" in the 'verse.  It was left in storage and rebuilt after Elizabeth's 3055 takeover to serve as a mobile command center in the event of invasion.

The "U-One" has, of course, 21st and 22nd century materials tech, but the basic layout fits with cold-war early boomers.

anyway, if y'all have time, I'd like some help with getting some bright person who is smarter than me to work up the actual stats so I can set up the "If you're playing at home" scenario. :)
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Re: Need two sets of Stats...
« Reply #1 on: 06 March 2016, 01:51:32 »
You've picked the one rule set that I have problems when making designs. I suck at Support Vees as I can never get the math right.
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