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Author Topic: Nessie Support WIGE  (Read 1972 times)


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Nessie Support WIGE
« on: 04 March 2016, 18:02:47 »
Nessie is a 100T support WIGE made to support the Imagineer Light Support Cruiser.  At it's most basic level Nessie carries 54tons of supplies from a supply depot to it's parent Imagineer at a brisk 110kph - on top of that Nessie is capable of collecting and delivering the multitude of light vehicles that use an Imagineer as a base.  This could be deploying a missile sub into an inland lake it otherwise couldn't access, moving a slower craft quickly into position or rescuing vehicles that have lost engine power - lift hoists can even be used to salvage vehicles that have sunk.  Nessie support WIGE's can even be dropped from passing dropships and glide down to deliver a new vehicle.

Code: [Select]
WIGE Weight Spaces Cost
100T WIGE 100 15 375000
Tech E SI 10
Chassis – normal 14.5
Fusion Engine 7/11 24 360000
Crew 3+1+5bay 0 0
37 points Bar 6 armour 1.5 13875
Light Vehicle Bay 50 1 10000
Cargo Bay 4 1
Lift Hoist x2 6   2
Total 100 2 758875