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Author Topic: Okay, here's one I don't know if anyone's tried yet...(challenge)  (Read 565 times)


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Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to design a two-wheeled vehicle built for a man in a suit of battle armor to use.

That's right, I want the fattest boy.  A harley, built for battlesuits.

This means it's going to need to be almost absurdly tough in terms of suspension, while being insanely fast, has to handle a 1,000 kilogram rider, (one passenger may be optional), handle rough terrain, and it needs to look Badass.

Oh, and it needs to be wheeled, preferably with only two wheels.

What do I mean by 'Fast' you ask?  It needs to be as fast as you can make it, absurdly fast, ridiculously fast, even...Ludicrously fast!!

Faster than a car, faster than a truck, fast enough that it gives hovers the sweats.

it needs to be fast, it needs to be relatively small, it needs to be able to carry 1000-plus kilos armored rider.

it does not, however, need to be SAFE.

good luck!
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Fine, fine... I'll go dig up the Support Vehicle rules...  ::)


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So basically the Lawmaster bike from the Judge Dredd comics, or the bike Jake Gallows used as Punisher 2099, the HD Stealth Stinger?

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Ok, if I've done my math right, a 2,000 kg bike with:
Bicycle, Off-Road, and Ultralight Chassis Mods (total of 0.0675 multiplier)
TL F Fusion Engine (total of 0.00125 multiplier)
4 points of TL F BAR 2 armor (1 each side; 44 kg total)
and 1,000 kg of "cargo" space/seating

can go 18/27...  8)

AND have 1 kg to spare...  :D


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And by the by, I continue to maintain the MOST badass mount for a BA suit is a QUAD BA suit...  8)


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Code: [Select]
BA Harley
<b>Mass: </b>3.5 tons<br/>

<b>Movement Type: </b>Wheeled<br/>

<b>Power Plant: </b> ICE<br/>
<b>Cruising Speed: </b>108 kph<br/>
<b>Maximum Speed: </b>216 kph<br/>
<b>Armor: </b>BAR 4</b><br/>

<b>Communication System: </b>Unknown<br/>
<b>Targeting & Tracking System: </b>Unknown<br/>
<b>Introduction Year:</b> 3145<br/>
<b>Tech Rating/Availability:</b> D/X-X-X-D<br/>
<b>Cost:</b> 33,653 C-bills<br/>

Type: BA Harley
Chassis Type: Wheeled (Small)
Technology Base: Inner Sphere (Experimental)
Mass: 3,500 kg
Battle Value: 18

Equipment                                         Mass (kg)
Chassis/Controls                                  183.0
Engine/Trans.                                     1820.0
    Cruise MP:10
Flank MP:15(20)
Heat Sinks                    0                     0.0
Fuel                                               29.0
Armor Factor (BAR 4)          5                   130.0

                          Internal   Armor   
                          Structure  Value   
     Front                   1         2     
     R/L Side               1/1       1/1   
     Rear                    1         1     

and Ammo              Location    Tonnage   

    Bay 1:  Cargo (1.0 tons)        1 Door   
    Bay 2:  Cargo (0.156 tons)      1 Door   

Features Bicycle, Ultra-Light Chassis and Controls Modifications
Supercharger(182 kg)

1 external seat

You asked for a Harley.
It's fast (for a harley), it'll carry a 1 ton suit of armor without slowing down, its got 150kg+ storage space, it's fuel economy is guaranteed the worst on the planet, and it's got an old "reliable" engine which will turn the neighborhood into a place full of screaming (SHUT THE ****** UP WITH YOUR BIKE ALREADY!) and wailing (I just wanna go to sleep man!) and gnashing of teeth ("Just found out that ANFO pipe bombs are illegal for some reason").
And it's a tech C engine because "if it aint leakin oil, it's outta oil"
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Well you need some way to tell you're outta oil, so make sure it leaks.  No leaks, it be outta oil.