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Author Topic: Loreley-class River Boat  (Read 438 times)


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Loreley-class River Boat
« on: 13 September 2022, 03:37:30 »
My journey to the fringes of the construction rules continues. This time, something a bit larger.


On Glevakha a (relative) abundance of water and temperate climate have allowed thousands of small settlements of all kinds to spring up alongside the tranquil seas and all along the many rivers of the main continent Uman. Many of these outlying villages, towns, estates and monasteries are connected to the main cities by rail and highway, but further inland most settlements rely on the rivers for trade and communication.

Private estates, exclusive resorts or wealthy towns often employ their own planes, yachts and freighters to service their needs. Smaller and poorer settlements rely on the regular schedule of privately-owned river boats to bring in physical mail, manufactured goods, pilgrims and fresh harvest workers and take wine, goat cheese, enlightened pilgrims and tired workers back down river.


A common sight along those waterways are the Loreley-class river boats. Built at yards in Rummelsburg, Luzk and Panaji since the latter days of the Star League, the Loreley has proven to be a versatile craft. Relatively short at only 28 meters and with a shallow draught, it is well suited for traveling the many smaller rivers of Uman. Most are used on short routes, traveling three or four days up river, delivering goods and passengers, before heading down river again to one of the larger towns.

The standard Loreley is capable of transporting 5 standardized 10 ton containers and a small number of passengers in cramped quarters. Most boats offer at least four small single cabins and a larger shared cabin with up to thirty bunk beds. Cabins for passengers and crew, the small mess and bridge are located at the fore of the ship, with the after deck reserved for cargo. A small cargo crane mounted at the stern significantly speeds up loading times, especially at small settlements that lack dedicated cargo facilities.

Only seldomly are the cabins fully booked, however. Only during harvest season or during local pilgrimages see the smaller rivers enough traffic and demand for cheap transportation to have these boats filled to capacity. Despite the cramped conditions, Loreleys are usually well provisioned with water and fresh food to make the whole round trip without having to take in supplies. This is a relic of centuries past, when small settlements could not be relied upon to provide enough food or fresh water.

Built to service the fringes of human society on Glevakha the Loreleys are well fitted with search lights, lifeboats and rudimentary medical equipment. As such, they perform well enough in disaster relief or search and rescue missions.
The heart of the boat is the reliable Toyota Spark electric engine. Powered by solar 'sails' rising amidship on two mast, the Loreley enjoys a theoretically unlimited power supply, without the need for a costly fusion engine. The golden solar sails give the boat a very distinctive look and elevate it (slightly) above its mundane task.


Being used for almost four centuries, Loreleys have been modified countless times. Some have been rebuild as swimming hospitals, river cruise ships, police or fireboats. The most extreme modification has seen the Pearl of Kisina turned into a artillery barge for the Glevakha militia. Refitted on the Fortune yard at Panaji, the Pearl was meant to boost local defenses in the aftermath of the Jihad. She served the militia well for almost seventy years, only seeing light combat during the occasional raid. Her finest (and final) hour came during the Canopian invasion in 3146. The Pearl had retreated to the center of Lake Kisina and provided artillery support to the militia forces defending Panaji and the surrounding valley. She had helped repelling two assaults on the city across the valley, before an attack run by the Magistracy Cavaliers Air Wing easily sank the slow and poorly armored boat. Devoid of artillery support, the militia quickly succumbed to the attackers.

Code: [Select]
Type: Loreley-class River Boat
Chassis Type: Naval (Medium)
Technology Base: Inner Sphere (Standard)
Mass: 280 tons
Battle Value: 262
Length: 28 meters
Beam: 6 meters
Draught: 0,80 meters

Tech Level: D

Equipment                                         Mass (tons)
Chassis/Controls                                  138.0
Electric Engine and Solar Sails                    44.5
    Cruise MP:1
    Flank MP:2
Heat Sinks                    0                     0.0
Fuel                                                0.0
Armor Factor (BAR 6)          78                    3.0

                          Internal   Armor   
                          Structure  Value   
     Front                   28        20   
     R/L Side              28/28     20/20   
     Rear                    28        18   

Equipment                       Location    Tonnage       
Communications Equipment          Bow           1
Field Kitchen                     Bow           3
Paramedic Equipment               Bow          0.25
Searchlight                       Bow          0.5
Lifeboat                        Starboard       1
Searchlight                     Starboard      0.5
Lifeboat                        Portside        1
Searchlight                     Portside       0.5
Paramedic Equipment              Stern         0.25
Searchlight                      Stern         0.5
Lift Hoist (plus turret)         Stern         3.5

Officer quarters                2 Cabins       20
Crew quarters                   8 Cabins       56
Passengers (steerage)           4 Cabins       20
Passengers (mass quarters)      30 bunks        5

Water tank                      15,150 liter  16.648
Refrigerated food               8,005 tons     9.201
Luggage (30 kg per passenger                   1.020
Off the record cargo                           0.480

General Cargo (Bulk or 5 Container)            50
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