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Author Topic: Submit your bids. (Clan Wet-Naval Capital ship Contest)  (Read 2050 times)


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that's right, build a wet-naval ship that fits into the Clan setting.

Basic rules:  Must exceed 'combat vehicle' tonnage significantly, must be fitting with the known conditions of at least one Homeworld, must be in some way characteristic of the Clan that's using it. (Name, role, armament, somethign that says "This clearly belongs to Clan 'x', they're the only guys who'd build it."

Tech Limits: Star League and Clan tech only.  There's really no reason they'd make primitive armors, there's no use for the resources since they're the same ingredients used in high-quality Clan armor, and the production facility itself would be a waste.  likewise for degraded systems and electronics.  The Clan Homeworlds have no space or slack in their economies for what would be considered 'trivial' technologies.

Keep in mind that such a posting is likely to be extremely low status for any warrior unfortunate enough to be saddled with it.  Plan your accomodations accordingly.

also keep in mind that such a shitty post (which still requires an incredible amount of specialized knowledge to carry off) means your Warriors and Officers are going to be prone to doing things that Inner Sphere wet-naval types (and other Clanners) would consider bordering on, or even crossing the line into, absolute insanity-mostly out of boredom or frustration or death wish, but sometimes just because "Let's see what this does" or "Hold my beer".

basically, the ship should be designed with this in mind, because it's still gonna be horrifyingly expensive in resources, and the non-warrior crew are likely to be just as crazy (but perhaps more talented in their field) as their Warrior-Caste officers.

bonus points if you can come up with a good 'sea story' to fit this.
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