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Author Topic: The Tech B standard support tank for all your planetary government needs.  (Read 658 times)


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So the idea I've had for a while, especially seeing the simplified support vehicles from Tukayyid, is that planetary governments would have their own, locally produced vehicles and infantry that conform to their tech level in addition to the much higher tech imports such as the vedette, which are tech D and require a higher level of manufacturing then many planets are capable of in any era you choose to play in.

With that in mind, I decided on a medium tank at 50 tons for a 'workhorse' design meant to be used in waves against a more advanced foe.

With tech B limiting us to ICE engines, the design only moves 2/3, though like all vees this represents off road speed--on roads with gps satellites the speed is much faster.  Tech B also maxes out at basic fire control, so the tank suffers a +1 to it's hit rolls.  BAR5 is the best armor we can put on an armored tech B tank, so 6+ damage hits will penetrate the armor--fortunately many guns and missiles use 5 damage clusters so at least the most common damage type is protected against.  The heavy cannon may not have a lot of ammo, but it deals decent damage at decent range for as long as you expect this tank to survive.  Cost is ~360k, for ~250 BV, so it is more expensive than a properly maximized cheap combat vehicle per cbill like the tech D Scorpion, but still better than a Vedette or Urbanmech.

I used a light machine gun as I think its a better visual representation of the single barrel .50 cal remote weapon station on tanks, and I ignore the introduction date as it is tech B.  If the light machine gun being available early offends you, then feel free to use a standard machine gun which is more like a chain gun in my mind.  Also, at only 312 km before a refill, this is a thirsty tank, a bit more than the Abrams, but fine for defensive actions near a fuel truck.

New Support Tank
Mass: 50 tons
Movement Type: Tracked
Power Plant: ICE
Cruising Speed: 21.6 kph
Maximum Speed: 32.4 kph
Armor: BAR 5
        1 Rifle (Cannon, Heavy)
        1 Light Machine Gun

Introduction Year: {whenever}
Tech Rating/Availability:D/X-X-X-D **This is wrong megameklab!  Its all tech B!
Cost: 353,438 C-bills
Chassis Type: Tracked (Medium)
Technology Base: Inner Sphere (Experimental)
Mass: 50 tons
Battle Value: 256
Equipment                                         Mass (tons)
Chassis/Controls                                   15.5
Engine/Trans.                                      16.0
    Cruise MP:2
   Flank MP:3
Heat Sinks                    0                     0.0
Fuel                                                0.5 (312 km)
Turret                                              1.0
Armor Factor (BAR 5)          95                   6

                          Internal   Armor   
                          Structure  Value   
     Front                   5         23   
     R/L Side               5/5      19/19   
     Rear                    5         15   
     Turret                  5         19   

and Ammo                       Location    Tonnage      
Rifle                           Turret       8.0     
Light Machine Gun               Turret       0.5     
Light Machine Gun Ammo (100)     Body        0.5     
Heavy Rifle Ammo (12)            Body        2.0     

Features Armored Chassis Chassis and Controls Modification
Basic Fire Control(0.5 tons)
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