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Author Topic: War Wagon  (Read 875 times)


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War Wagon
« on: 20 July 2020, 19:14:25 »
I set out to create support vehicle stats for the types of vehicles used by mechanized infantry. But I quickly realized that a squad vehicle weighing 5 tons (or slightly less) can achieve much more than the basic stats for mechanized infantry.

What I arrived at was a vehicle that blurs the lines quite a bit. Technically its a support vehicle. But it can also act like a combat vehicle, or Mechanized infantry. It is also a highly mobile APC and harrasser. Enjoy.


Designed to support infiltration and special operations, the Mechanized Infantry Squad and Battlesuit Hover Transport, or War Wagon as it is more commonly known, is a rare sight on the battlefield. The War Wagon was based on a typical Mechanized Infantry hover transport, but has been heavily modified. First, a rear-loading compartment capable of carrying a single Battlesuit was incorporated into the vehicle. Most commonly this is an Infiltrator Mk. II suit, or some other ECM-equipped Battlesuit, that can lend it's ECM capabilities to help mask the War Wagon's sensor signature on approach. Next, in order to more rapidly deploy it's payload, a powerful and advanced Fusion engine propels the War Wagon to a maximum speed of over 150 kph.

After deploying the Battlesuit, the War Wagon can continue to operate much like a Mechanized Infantry Squad, though with significantly more mobility. To this end, an Extended Range Heavy Support Laser is mounted in a turret atop the War Wagon. Normally this weapon would by operated by an infantry squad working together, but the turret mount and advanced fire control system of the War Wagon allows it to be operated by a single gunner from within the vehicle. While this weapon isn't much of a threat to armored targets, it can engage from a respectable range of over half a kilometer. This allows the War Wagon to harrass targets from a distance, or try to fend off anything fast enough to pursue it. When necessary, the three passenger stations also include stabilized small weapon mounts, allow the occupants to fire their own rifles from within the vehicle. Finally, the War Wagon is quite durable for its size. A half ton of advanced, combat-grade armor protects the War Wagon's body and turret, while an additional ton of modular armor plating protects the front of the vehicle. This protects the crew from individual small arms penetrating the armor, and even allows the vechicle to repel some heavy weapons fire. However, many heavy weapons can disable the War Wagon in a single shot from the side or rear and some can even punch through the front plating. Even so, the War Wagon is far more resilient than other vehicles of similar size.

War Wagons are most often deployed either alone or in platoons of four. A platoon of War Wagons together can deploy a full squad of Battlearmor and also act much like a typical Mechanized Infantry Platoon. However, their monocycle configuration, with just a single lift fan, combined with their high speed, prevents them from operating in close formation. As such, they must spread out more which allows enemies to target individual wagons with heavy weapons, but also makes the platoon more resilient to anti-personnel and artillery weapons.

Type: War Wagon (Mechanized Infantry Squad and Battlesuit Hover Transport)
Chassis: Hover (Small)
Mass: 4,750 kg
Equipment Rating: E/X-X-F
Cost: 204,442 C-Bills
BV: 91

Equipment                                       Mass
Chassis/Controls:                                606
Engine/Trans:                Fusion              927
    Cruise MP:                 10 (9)
    Flank MP:                  15 (14)
Heat Sinks:                     0                  0
Fuel:                          N/A                 0
Turret:                                           25
Armor Factor (BAR 10):          9                504
    Front                       0
    Left/Right Side            2/2
    Rear                        2
    Turret                      3

Weapons and Ammo                     Location   Mass
Modular Armor (10 points)            Front      1000
Support Laser (ER, Heavy)            Turret      250
Advanced Fire Control                Body         25

Crew: 5 (1 Driver, 1 Gunner, 1 Officer, 2 Passengers)
    Battlearmor Compartment (1 Trooper)    1 Door (Rear)
    38 kg standard

Notes: Features Armored and Monocycle Chassis and Controls Modifications and 5 crew/passenger seats (375 kg).