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Author Topic: Whiteout Heavy Support VTOL  (Read 1088 times)


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Whiteout Heavy Support VTOL
« on: 04 February 2022, 16:51:09 »
Whiteout Heavy Support VTOL

Mass: 60 tons
Movement Type: VTOL
Power Plant: Imstar Fuel Cell
Cruising Speed: 75.6 kph
Maximum Speed: 118.8 kph
Armor: Imstar ToughStuff Commercial
Manufacturer: Imstar Aerospace
   Primary Factory: Amity
Communication System: Irian E.A.R.
Targeting & Tracking System: Unknown
Introduction Year: 3100
Tech Rating/Availability: D/X-X-F-D
Cost: 1,355,625 C-bills


Introduced in 3100, the Whiteout Heavy Support VTOL was introduced by Imstar Aerospace specifically to support battlemechs in the field. Following the Jihad the Marik-Stewart commonwealth found that many of its facilities for repairing and maintaining mechs in the field had been destroyed. The Jihad had been particularly hard on the former Free Worlds League, and the fractured states that remained following its dissolution had forces that needed support.


Imstar produced several products to solve the field support problem, but by far their most popular product was the Whiteout. This until VTOL combined heavy lift, coolant supply, and technician transport capability in a mobile and reasonably priced package.

The project began as a more mobile way to cool down an overheated battlemech. Coolant trucks had been in use alongside the battlemech almost from its introduction. Field forces often found however that a coolant truck’s limited mobility left them unable to support mechs in hard to reach locations. Imstar decided to solve this issue by making the coolant itself air-mobile.

However, they were left with something of a problem. Overheated mechs normally simply shut down and remain standing. Sometimes however they are unable to remain vertical. Heavy lift capabilities are often required to get the mech into position to have its coolant exchanged, requiring additional units and time before the mech can return to the field of battle. Accordingly, Imstar implemented the use of lift hoists to allow the Whiteout to aid a battlemech in standing so that maintenance can be performed.

The true stroke of genius that made the Whiteout so popular, however, was the addition of a small compartment to house a squad of AsTechs. This allowed trained technicials to go into the field to examine an overheated or downed mech for additional damage, or to attempt field repairs. This, combined with a spraying apparatus to allow for cooling a mech even without connecting to it allowed battlemech forces to maintain an operation tempo that they had not previously been able to attain.


The Whiteout was an immediate hit for ImStar, and in ways that they had not expected. While it proved popular with support units within the Commonwealth, Imstar’s commercial connects meant that it found itself exported as far as the Calderon Protectorate.

In addition the Whiteout often found itself pressed into service in roles that it had not been intended for, but excelled at. While not intended for use in battlefield salvage, its ability to transport technician crews and a lift capacity that allowed it to carry even mechs in the lower end of the Assault class often meant it was used in that role.

Perhaps the most unique role it found itself in on a regular basis was as a water carrier for fire control crews. Its 5000 liter capacity, sprayer, and ability to carry a large bucket made it invaluable as a water bomber. In particular the Cohay Wilderness Preservation Corps makes extensive use of the Whiteout as a means to control the forest fires that often erupt on the northern continent.

Code: [Select]
Type: Whiteout
Chassis Type: VTOL (Large)
Technology Base: Inner Sphere (Experimental)
Mass: 60 tons
Battle Value: 191

Chassis/Controls                      27
Engine/Trans.          Fuel Cell      13
    Cruise MP:            7
    Flank MP:            11
Heat Sinks:               0            0
Fuel:                                 1.5
Turret:                               0.5
Armor Factor (BAR
                       39              2
                                                       Internal                              Armor
                                                      Structure                              Value
Front                                                      6                                   11
R/L Side                                                  6/6                                 7/7
Rear                                                       6                                    5
Rotor                                                      6                                    2
Turret                                                     6                                    7
Weapons                            Mass
         Location Critical
and Ammo                           (tons)


Notes: Features Armored Chassis Chassis and Controls Modification, Sprayer(0.015 tons), Liquid Storage (1 ton)(5; 1 ton each), Searchlight(0.5 tons), Lift Hoist/Arresting Hoist(3; 3 tons each)