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Title: Help me with the plot of Blood Avatar [SPOILERS!]
Post by: Frabby on 14 September 2020, 04:46:49
So... I tried to put up a plot summary for Blood Avatar on Sarna, but I think I need help disecting the book.
Maybe I got confused by the multitude of characters and agencies involved, or perhaps my language skills are failing me, or as a foreigner I missed some cultural cues that a reader from the US would have picked up. In any case, the book left my head spinning as to what was really going on behind the scenes. It's somehow all too vague to actually nail down facts as opposed to in-character opinion and guesswork.

Apologies if this was already covered elsewhere on this forum - but a search turned out empty.

Does the following seem accurate, and if yes, what conclusions can we draw from that?

The simplest explanation I take away from all of this is this.

1) There was an anti-Blakist cell of Stone's Coalitions operatives in Farway that went native.
2) Limyanovich was a (neo-)Blakist and/or Kittery Resistance. The Republic knew but couldn't prove it.
3) Kodza and the cell knew of a network of neo-Blakist cells and that Limyanovich had their complete contact data. They wanted it and lured Limyanovich to the cemetary with what I suppose was a stolen Blakist code, ordering him to bring  the data. To Limyanovich they pretended to be Blakists wanting to reconnect to other Blakist cells.

...but how does PolyTech and their gene pimping, or the Triumvirate with all the hints that Kodza is a Clan agent, factor into all of this?
Title: Re: Help me with the plot of Blood Avatar [SPOILERS!]
Post by: mikecj on 14 September 2020, 17:52:04