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Author Topic: Valorant  (Read 279 times)


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« on: 10 January 2022, 23:07:48 »
The VALORANT IP is set on a near-future Earth in the wake of the Terrigen MistFirst Light: a worldwide event which has led to the emergence of InhumansRadiants, as well as the emergence of S.H.I.E.L.D.the VALORANT Protocol in order to try and keep tabs on things.

The game itself is a 5 vs 5 team shooter, with each player selecting one of a growing roster of Agents.

Personally, I'm not particularly keen on playing the "base" game itself. However, as has been the case for Riot Games' other major IP, League of Legends, I do wonder how long it might be before this setting is given the "Arcane" treatment, showing more of the world-building hinted at in the various "episode" cinematics and Agent trailers posted to the VALORANT YouTube channel.

So, is anyone here actually playing this game - or, perhaps, might be waiting for this franchise to be expanded upon in some other venue before delving any further?