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Author Topic: Challenge: Protomech with a six fusillade system variant (18 tubes)  (Read 5388 times)


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Show me your best  O0


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Quad, 15 tons.
1,256,535 CBills (equivalent)

2 Turret
8 Head
20 Torso
17 Legs

6xFusillade launchers (torso mounted)
2xERMicro lasers (turret)

STD60 engine with myomere boosters:
43 km/h Walk
64 km/h Run
86 km/h Dash

Once in range it can deliver 36 IATM rounds over two turns (up to 108 damage total). This allows stand-off use with ER rounds or close range anti-mech ambushes with HE rounds. The ERMicro Lasers give it some self defense abilities.