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Author Topic: Nightcrawler ProtoMech  (Read 3559 times)

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Nightcrawler ProtoMech
« on: 04 February 2011, 13:44:29 »
Who says you have to have a 9 ton ProtoMech in order to be effective?

***Fluff is WAY past the Burrock Absorption... somewhere around the 3070's maybe past that.  The ProtoMech was designed for the AU I wrote in the past, The Clan Burrock Handbook.  The Clan basically lives on, faking their relationship with Clan Star Adder and living on in the Dark Caste.  They rely on standard Clan technology, plus Rocket Launchers, on borderline primitive machines (can't even make Double Heat Sinks).  They plan on destroying the Clans... but I haven't gotten that far.  Otherwise, use this ProtoMech as you see fit.  I like the Centuar so I made something similar with Jump Jets.  It has worked pretty good for me when I played it a few times.

Attention All Underground Personnel
ProtoMechs:  An Answer to a Dwindling Supply

     Recent raids against Clan Blood Spirit has given us insight into ProtoMech technology.  Although, it was not until recent reports through the Forsaken we were able to understand much more.  Intel and salvage has given our Scientists more ways to incorporate such technology into our Touman.  Because of recent hardships, we lack a steady supply of OmniTech, losing these units in battle and its draining any resources we come across in our attempt to manufacture more.  This is what brought ProtoMechs back to our attention.  Due to their size, they are much easier to replace, plus with a point, they can replace even OmniMechs.

     It is inevitable but we lack an eugenics program sufficient enough to create pilots that are required for these machines of war.  Fortunate for us, our EI Implants integrate with this technology and even enhance a ProtoMech much further.  The hardest part is finding a warrior who can fit into the cockpit which is much smaller than a normal human body.  We have found a phenomenal way to combat this without completely rebuilding a cockpit.

     Sibkin.  Specifically within their pre-teen and teenage years.  They fit nicely into the cockpit of a ProtoMech without much adjustment.  The Sibkin we have chosen for the program are those who show plenty of talent during Sibko training but lack the strength and endurance to keep up with the others.  They are immediately pulled from the program,  given Enhanced EI, then placed into the cockpit of a ProtoMech.  Training is fast because they develop a bond with the machine.  When their training is complete they are shipped off to a Vengeful formation to serve their Clan.  If they survive long enough to outgrow the cockpit we simply assign them to an area which corresponds with their attributes.  This can be difficult because children are vulnerable to the “god complex” or “attachment to the machine” most Clan ProtoMech pilots suffer.  This takes effect after only a month of use and can stay with them depending on the Warrior's willpower.  We have had several incidents resulting in missing limbs and even death.  Opposed to adults, Sibkin can be surprisingly fierce and responsive while obeying direct orders from superiors.

     Other methods have been researched and are implemented today.  If an OmniMech is not available we will assign the Warrior a ProtoMech given he or she is small enough to fit into the cockpit.  Vengeful Warriors who lose limbs are often given a ProtoMech so they have the chance to die honorably for their Clan.  Some of them can squeeze into a cockpit with some work.  We always give an adult warrior command of Sibkin who also acts as a mentor.

     Another issue was the equipment they use.  It is much smaller than the components we have the ability to create in our own facilities.  With a lot of research, Scientists have found a way to create ProtoMech grade LRM and SRM systems based on the One-Shot SRM systems we know how to build and use on our Cicada armor.  We never had to worry about producing Clan missile systems because of how common they are among the Homeworlds through salvage and all types of convoys and combat vehicles.  ProtoMech systems, however, are not as easy for us to come by hence the reason we took the time to look into it.  As a result, our ProtoMechs will make use of Star League grade Small Lasers, our newly created LRM's and SRM's, and other Clan grade weapons we utilize on our Battle Armor.

     With resources becoming scarce on all fronts ProtoMechs could become our main front-line unit supporting other OmniTech.  They are much easier to repair, maintain, supply and transport despite being so advanced.  Not to mention, their fusion engines are very easy to produce opposed to their larger brethren used within our OmniMechs (We have the ability to produce the 55 and 70 class quickly and reliably because of their small size.  Although, we are still better at creating Internal Combustion and Turbine engines found on all other OmniTech).  Scientists even suggest that ProtoMechs could solve our training problem and create a more advanced breed of Clan Warriors.  Believe it or not, those who enter the ProtoMech program and survive childhood are some of the best OmniTech pilots in the Clan because of their experience and how in tune they are with the Improved EI system.

Design Specifications:  Nightcrawler Multi-Purpose ProtoMech

     ProtoMechs have been proposed more than once since they were adopted by the rest of the Clans.  Research suggested that their size makes them very easy to transport and maintain, much more than our OmniTech, which is still primitive compared to Clan standards.  It was not until we got our hands on some Centaurs that we were able to get a  look at this technology and adapt it to our needs.

     Recently, the Clans have become much more violent against one another due to some dispute going on.  During these hard times the Underground has become much more desperate.  This has resulted in plenty of destroyed OmniMechs which is causing demand we cannot fill.  As a result, plenty of OmniMech formations have declined in size drastically.  Reports from the Underground suggest that they are capable of supplying for other units because of their simplicity.  Despite the fact that we build our OmniMechs with standard components we still struggle with manufacturing because BattleMechs, by design, are complex machines.  We needed something to fill this demand so we started to create our own ProtoMech, which we have called the Nightcrawler Project.

     During its planning stages the Nightcrawler went through plenty of revisions and scrapped designs.  Its weight class jumped between 5 and 9 tons but it found its home in the middle at 6.  At one point we had two prototypes but Scientists felt that a single chassis based on technology we had would be the best path to take.  One chassis with multiple attributes will be much easier to create, maintain and distribute.

     The Nightcrawler is very similar to the Centaur in both design and feel.  On most configurations the speed stays the same but each one has jump jets which improves its  agility.  Other improvements include armor over the torso region which gives it a slight increase in durability.  The only significant difference is the lack of a main gun which really does not hinder its performance on the field.

     Each variant is designed to perform a different role but never loses focus on durability and maneuverability.  Our first configuration, the most common, is called “Hunter” and is equipped for close-combat against OmniMechs and OmniVehicles.  The right arm has a Small Laser which is supported by an SRM-2 and SRM-1 system over each shoulder.  Some Warriors have found Inferno weapons useful when dealing with other units.

     The second configuration is called “Seeker” and it is designed as a long-range support unit or interceptor.  The right arm carries a basic Machine Gun which is superb against conventional infantry.  The remaining payload is allocated to an LRM-3 and LRM-2 system over each shoulder with a significant amount of ammunition.  This gives it more reach over its sister designs for a slight reduction in damage.

     Our third configuration is called “Destroyer” and it is designed with more concentrated firepower.  The right arm has a more powerful ER Small Laser which, in numbers, can penetrate the armor on most targets in a few shots.  The weapon takes up most of the payload.  Dual shoulder-mounted Machine Guns support the weapon which gives it better anti-infantry capabilities compared to its sister designs.

     Our fourth configuration is called “Defiler” and has the best concentrated firepower out of all of the Nightcrawler variants.  The right shoulder carries a massive, but powerful, ER Medium Laser which can cause heavy damage.  While it is dangerous, this variant sacrifices a significant amount of armor and jumping distance.  This limits its role as a sniper among the other ProtoMechs.

     Our final configurations “Protector, Sentry and Scout” change the role of the Nightcrawler from an attack unit to an electronics support unit.  Each one comes equipped with systems perfect for reconnaissance or electronic warfare.  On all of these configurations the right arm has a basic Machine Gun with enough shots to last a long engagement, if it has to defend itself.  It also gains a slight increase in ground speed for a reduction in armor and jumping power.  Protector has a massive ECM Suite which jams enemy electronics and shields itself and others from detection.  Sentry has an Active Probe which can detect units hidden from allies.  Scout has a TAG system which can guide missiles and artillery to designated enemy targets.  These units are replacing Vengeful OmniTech which carry most of these electronics because they are much less valuable.

     While not official, another variant has appeared which experiments with Rocket Launchers on a ProtoMech chassis.  This version “Warrior” has been accepted and utilized by Vengeful formations specializing in ambush tactics.  The right arm has a Micro Pulse Laser that is very accurate compared to the Small Laser utilized on the “Hunter” variant. (Scientists are working around the clock to replicate this technology so we can manufacture them, until then, we rely on them through salvage).  Each shoulder carries a Rocket Launcher 10 which, together in a point, gives these ProtoMechs an impressive punch that cannot be ignored.  This variant is highly specialized with limited capabilities on the battlefield, opposed to other Nightcrawler variants, which are much more flexible.

     In only a short time the Nightcrawler has proved itself worthy in all Vengeful formations and even started replacing destroyed OmniMechs even if an OmniMech was available to replace it.  Any formation lacking full OmniTech strength has a point of Nightcrawlers in the destroyed units place.  Some formations have even used them during salvage and grab and go operations because they can assist where Cicada's lack the strength.  Otherwise, the Vengeful have used them in plenty of situations.  It seems that ProtoMechs fit nicely into our Touman because they can fulfill a lot of needs without much risk.

Nightcrawler 1
Weight:  6 Tons
Movement:  6/9/6

H: 2
T: 10
RA: 3
LA: 3
L: 5

Weapons (Hunter):
1 Small Laser (RA)
1 SRM-2 (T) + 5 Ammo
1 SRM-1 (T) + 5 Ammo

Weapons (Seeker, shown in picture above):
1 Machine Gun (RA) + 20 Ammo
1 LRM-3 (T) + 8 Ammo
1 LRM-2 (T) + 5 Ammo

Weapons (Destroyer):
1 ER Small Laser (RA)
1 Machine Gun (T) + 15 Ammo
1 Machine Gun (T) + 15 Ammo

Weapons (Warrior) *NOTE:  Remove 1 point of armor from each arm:
1 Micro Pulse Laser (RA)
2 Rocket Launcher 10 (T)

Weapons (Defiler)
1 ER Medium Laser (T)
* H: 2, T: 8, A: 1, L: 5

Nightcrawler 2
Weight:  6 Tons
Movement:  7/11/5    *NOTE:  I know I can go with 8/12 for no increase in weight just chose not to do it

H: 2
T: 10
RA: 2
LA: 2
L: 5

Weapons (Protector):
1 Machine Gun (RA) + 20 Ammo
1 ECM Suite (T)

Weapons (Scout):
1 Machine Gun (RA) + 20 Ammo
1 Active Probe (T)

Weapons (Sentry):
1 Machine Gun (RA) + 20 Ammo
1 TAG (T)
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