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Author Topic: Testing Protomech Designer v0.9 - Hover Sprite variant  (Read 4554 times)

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Testing Protomech Designer v0.9 - Hover Sprite variant
« on: 20 November 2014, 12:36:55 »
Here's a neat idea- even though the Society made the gilder protomech system, why did they only make one variant, especially what it does (staying at long range) so well?

For this idea, I took arguably the best Sprite variant (the 2) and completely overhauled it, dropping the light TAG, some armor and it's old jump jets for a hover system. Capable of moving 5/8 as a VTOL/WiGE (I cant remember) it only carries a single large laser- a weapon that makes it terrifying against slow omnimechs, allowing it to stay at range assuming faster units carrying LBX ACs don't case it down. Funny enough, that makes the most terrifying enemy the basic Clint IIC or something similar.

Code: [Select]
Sprite (Hover) Superheavy Protomech
Mass: 15 Tons
Chassis: Glider
Power Plant: 90 Fusion
Cruising Speed: 5 kph
Maximum Speed: 8 kph
Jump Jets: None
    Jump Jet Capacity: 0 meters
Armor: Standard Proto armor
Manufacturer: Unknown
Primary Factory: Unknown
Communications System: Unknown
Targeting and Tracking System: Unknown

Type: Sprite (Hover) (Glider)
Technology Base: Clan (Wars of Reaving)
Tonnage: 15
Battle Value: Incomplete
Equipment:                        Mass
Internal Structure:                1500 KG
Engine:               90           3000 KG
     Walking MP:      1
     Running MP:      0
     WiGE Cruise MP:  5
     WiGE Flank MP:   8
Heat Sinks:           12          3000 KG 
Cockpit:                          750 KG 
Armor Factor:         55          2750 KG 
                Internal       Armor
                Structure      Value
   Head            4             9 
   Torso           15             15 
   R/L Arm       4/4          5/5
   Legs            8             15 
   Main Gun        2             6 

All Weapons and Ammo    Location    Mass(KG)
ER Large Laser(1)                      MG          4000   
I'm going to type up your response, print it, fold it in half, and look at it like a I would a centerfold. THAT's how sexy your answer was.