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Author Topic: The Sekhmet Project (CSL Ultra ProtoMechs)  (Read 2700 times)


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The Sekhmet Project (CSL Ultra ProtoMechs)
« on: 11 August 2011, 23:11:50 »
The Sekhmet Project

Built as an experimental foray into the Ultra ProtoMech concept, Clan Stone Lion's "Sekhmet Project" designed one standardized chassis for potential use with different equipment. Named after the Ancient Egyptian goddess, associated with (amongst others) war, healing, and the sun. It was hoped that this project would be bring the Stone Lions respect amongst the other clans. Though lofty, the design goals were borne out of a desperate need to expand the Clan's touman with new warmachines. Unwilling to be influenced by the Society's own Ultra ProtoMechs, the Stone Lions settled on using standardized ProtoMech equipment (for now).

The first, and most likely candidate for mass production, is a highly mobile design. Fitted with five jumpjets and a Class 120 fusion engine, the Sekhmet Prime can reach speeds of up to 87 kph. Fitted with only two and a half tons of armour, the Sekhmet is still resilient enough to absorb several heavy hits. Its primary armaments are all torso mounted with a pair of ER Medium Lasers sandwiching a well-fed LRM 4 launcher.

Temporarily dubbed the Sekhmet Alpha, this model shares only the Prime's chassis. It's 75-rated fusion engine allows it to run as fast as the Prime can walk, and only carries a quarter-ton more armour for protection at the cost of its jump capability. What the Alpha does have is a massive main gun, fully armoured, that houses an ER Large Laser. In its torso is an AP Gauss Rifle, with a half-ton of ammunition.

Test runs of Sekhmet Primes and Alphas have been Point-based, with three Primes and two Alphas as the preferred mix at the moment. There are rumours that additional production models are in testing, specifically one that deploys the Plasma Cannon and an AP Gauss Rifle to act as an all-comers support unit.

Sekhmet Prime

Structure: 1.5
Engine: 4.0
Control: 0.75
Armour (50: 8/15/6/6/15): 2.5
Jump Jets (5): 0.75
LRM 4 (16): 1.0
2 ERML: 4.5

Sekhmet Alpha
Structure: 1.5
Engine: 2
Control: 0.75
Armour (55: 6/16/6/6/15-6): 2.75
ER LL (Main Gun): 7.0
AP Gauss Rifle (20): 1.0

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Re: The Sekhmet Project (CSL Ultra ProtoMechs)
« Reply #1 on: 12 August 2011, 00:08:41 »
Looks good......that is a scary beast