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Fan Articles / Re: 'Mech of the Week: War Crow
« Last post by Scotty on Today at 00:20:41 »
In terms of BV, most of these configurations are excellent.  The only one that sticks out as problematic is the A, and even then only because its Supercharger pushes it into the +4 TMM bracket for defensive BV mods but it's unable to consistently get a straight line of 10 uninterrupted hexes to ever achieve that.  That makes it the only config over 3000 BV (3030; the next highest is the Prime at 2835), which is a tough pill to swallow when compared directly to the other mostly heat-neutral all-range designs in the Prime and B where you're saving 200-250 BV for most of the same result.

It's a good looking 'Mech and I plan on getting at least one.
Limits seem to be the only real solution other than banning the units outright. Honestly, I'd set more aggressive limits (only 2 AS for every 4 or 5 mechs, etc). Fast hovers and arty are just a pain unless people agree to be good sports. Otherwise your game of stompy robots becomes a game of 9PV vehicles and Arrow IV rain.
Alpha Strike / Question: Artillery and Aerospace limitations
« Last post by MechWarriorFox on Today at 00:10:37 »
So, my Battletech group has been playing with Alpha Strike for a few months now (and I introduced everyone else to the 'fun' that is aerospace fighters on ground targets) and cheese has started to creep up on us for our eventual Jihad campaign.

Now, the situation we've started to have is that some players have been spamming on field artillery and aerospace assets in their unit lists. One list had something on the order of 14 cheap fighters and another had an actual artillery battery on the field. Due to the annoyance of the former and the devastation of the latter, it turns the games unfun, especially if the local meta becomes 'tank, artillery, and aerospace spam'.

So, our leader -who is an attorney- has started placing limitations on what we can field on-board.
  • You can bring your entire squadron of aerospace assets into a game if you can pay for it, but you can't have more than four on-board at a time.
  • On-field artillery can't use pre-sighted artillery zones.
  • You can only bring two (or four, dealing with a cold at the time of this posting) artillery pieces onto the board, at all.
  • Artillery and aerospace assets can't get a target roll better than 6. Ever.
Have any of you been having this problem and how did you solve it?
Fan Designs and Rules / Re: Primitive aerospace missile variants
« Last post by DevianID on Today at 00:06:52 »
These are 'bomb munition' variants not arrow artillery munition variants.  The light air to air missile (LAA) is a 3057ish weapon that takes up 2 bomb slots when loaded, but weighs .5 tons when packed up in a shipping crate.  .5 tons of shipping weight corresponds to about the size of a real world Phoenix missile at 450kg.  Thus my primitive LAA missile would be available already in 2300 but have greatly reduced damage compared to the 3057 version.

For smaller missiles than the 2 slot Phoenix, we can just fluff them as variations on the primitive RL10 with its 1 bomb slot and higher damage, but the smaller weapons dont have the range or accuracy of the larger missiles like the LAA or air to air arrow.
BattleMechs / Re: Reinforced structure OmniMech
« Last post by Natasha Kerensky on Today at 00:00:51 »

Canonically, the Osteon is an Omni assault with reinforced structure, but it’s Society Clantech and you may have meant Spheroidtech.

This cranks the Osteon up to 100 tons, drops the Nova CEWS Society tech and exchanges its torso-mounted weirdness for more conventional defensive measures:

Iron Rhino —>

Fan Fiction / Re: Fate Can Be Cruel (Part Two)
« Last post by 2ndAcr on 24 January 2021, 23:39:37 »
19 January 3019
Thazi (Hegemony)

 A low whistle followed by laughter "Man, talk about a serious butt kicking. Sis, I think you set a record for the quickest defeat ever." Christina said between giggles as they watched the holo display showing the exercise casualties.

 "I think she cheats or the simulation is rigged. No way 5 Armor Regiments are going to hold the line that long against 3 Battlemech Regiments. Much less inflict the casualties that they did." Sarah hissed in disgust at her performance

 "Sis, mom had 3 Regiments of Alacorn on that line. Your first Regiment died before it even reached their lines yet you threw your other 2 Regiments straight in. All the while, Mom had sent a Battlemech Battalion way around the lines and took out your supply, support and captured your Dropships. You had all your conventional troops swinging wide, but not moving fast enough. You got defeated in detail." Christina replied

 "What hurts the most is she did not wait around for the end of the simulation. Just said "Better luck next time" as she walked out of the room. Where is she anyway?" Sarah asked

 "In her office going over her message traffic. What did you expect, you did not even try to listen to what she said yesterday. You wanted to prove that the Battlemech is the king and nothing can defeat them. That was plain the moment your forces landed and you plowed them directly at her defensive lines. I think you hurt her by that action more than she did you by leaving the simulation." Christina said

 "Your right, I let her down. I will do the dishes tonight before she even asks for help, try to make some amends. Where's Anastasia?" Sarah replied

 "In our room studying, says she has a big test tomorrow and has to focus." Christina said

 "How about you and me run another simulation. You play mom's side, your better than me anyway. I have a week before I take her on again, I want to impress her, so I need to work on using my conventional troops better." Sarah replied

 "Okay, but you better focus and I will try to help you out, but you better listen." Christina said as she started resetting the simulation.

 In her office, Commanding General Michelle Mitchell could both see and hear what was transpiring in the "war room" as everyone called it when she had ordered it built. She smiled at the conversation, she was proud of all her girls, even when they failed, she was proud of them. She returned to looking over the current unit reports. Everything was coming along right on schedule. She focused on V Corps 541st Battle Regiment, which had been activated way ahead of schedule.

 The core of the Regiment was formed around the command brought in from the Tortuga Dominions. They had all undergone almost 2 years of remedial training, bringing them up to speed on Hegemony standards. Brigadier General Frank Baxter commanding. With the expanded structure of the Independent Regiments, she had brought the rank of Brigadier General out of a long retirement. Colonel Jillian Mathews was his XO and they had aced their recent readiness exam.

 The 541st Battle Regiment consisted of a Battlemech Regiment, Infantry Regiment (2 Nighthawk Batt, 1 Ferret Batt) and a Aerospace Group. Fully staffed and equipped with state of the art Hegemony equipment. She smiled inwardly at the memory of her first meeting with the new comers and their awed excitement at their new equipment, followed by their frowns when she said they were all going back to school. But they had all performed well in their training.
General BattleTech Discussion / Re: Hour of the Wolf Discussion - SPOILERS
« Last post by rebs on 24 January 2021, 23:38:33 »
Magistracy needs some love!

So do the Sea Foxes. 

Maybe once we solidify things in the FWL, we could work on making contacts (and contracts) in the Magistracy.  Then the Canopians can unhook themselves from the Cappies.
General BattleTech Discussion / Re: How did wolf dragoons get to Luthien?
« Last post by dgorsman on 24 January 2021, 23:23:22 »
I was looking at total chaos recently and that had some questionable timing. I might just be underestimating how frequent jumpship switching is when any ship will do.

That's one of my theories on the undocumented BT universe - shipping isn't all one JumpShip taking its DropShips all the way from point A to B and back again.  At some points they may have otherwise open collars due to ships running late, or just have some unassigned to pick up whoever pays the most at busy ports.  ComStar keeps records of shipping routes and usually available collars, and for a nominal fee allows calculation of optimal routing for longer trips and reserves JumpShip collars if possible.
Pg. 12 Battle of Tukayyid Supplemental

Medium Mechs.
Is the duplicate Centurion CN9-A listed between the Wyvern WVE-9N and Crab CBR-27, supposed to be a Crab CBR-20?
Off Topic / Re: NFL 2020-Hopefully starting on time
« Last post by rebs on 24 January 2021, 23:20:57 »
KC has one hell of a team.  The goat has his work cut out for him, even if he is at home. 

Soooo...  Chiefs 41 Bucs 28
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