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Regarding an IF attack and spotters, Commander's Edition page 41 reads:

Indirect fire attacks use the range and movement modifier of
the attacking unit, the movement modifiers of the target, and terrain
and movement modifiers based on the spotter’s LOS.

If I follow, this would mean if the shooting unit jumped, and the spotter also jumped, you would add two jump penalties?  If both were mechs, +2 and +2 again for their two movement modifiers, yes?

BattleTech Roleplaying / Re: Dumbest group you've GMed for
« Last post by garhkal on Today at 15:38:47 »
I'd have had the very next monster, be something that could paralyze him, and then watch as the other pcs just LEFT HIM in the doorway, while they escaped.
Charlie Sheen and Randy Quaid are probably the biggest names. Although the car that’s being talked about pretty much took a starring role as well. Came out in late ‘86.

Basically a supernatural thriller with a lot of small scale (and small town) car on car races. Only about 90 minutes long, great ‘80’s soundtrack.


May have to get it from the library, assuming they have it.
Alpha Strike / Re: How big an area do you play on?
« Last post by Elmoth on Today at 15:33:09 »
Looking quite empty to me, yeah.
Placing some of the hills in the middle of the board so that they break LOS would go a long way to make the game a more manoeuvre one.
Alpha Strike / Omni & MEC, Jumping - Commander's Edition
« Last post by Holland on Today at 15:30:16 »

Regarding an omni mech transporting battle armor infantry with the MEC special, let's say an Elemental Point and a Viper for this example, a number of questions:

1.  How close does the Elemental Point have to be to the Viper to mount it?  Base to base seems implied.

2.  When dismounting, is this also base to base?

3.  Can the Elemental Point use jump movement the turn it mounts/dismounts (I understand it would still count as having used ground movement after it dismounts)?

4.  Can the Viper use jump movement? 

5.  Is this a legal sequence?  During the movement phase the Elemental Point activates first, and jumps 4 inches to be in base contact with the Viper, the Viper then activates and the Elemental Point Pays 2 inches of (jump) movement to mount the mech.  The viper then jumps 16 inches and dismounts the Elemental, the Elemental is dismounted both in base contact with the Viper and also to an Enemy unit.  During shooting the Viper acts normally, the Elemental may make physical attacks (including anti-mech) only as it is in base contact with an enemy unit.

Shinn being such a whiny easily led edgelord is what ruined SEED Destiny to me as well as that they chose to bring back Kira instead giving Shinn character arc the he would had needed. I find him little more tolerable in manga version but it's mostly because I don't have to hear his voice. SEED Destiny is remake of Zeta is so it's logical to assume that Shinn was meant to be they take on Kamille without actually understanding what made Kamille good character. So basically Shinn is what edgy teen thinks Kamille to be like. I admit that I am not biggest fan of Wing but even if Heero is robotic it's still lesser evil for me than being annoying like Shinn is. 
 Yep!  StratOps page 23 refers.  :thumbsup:
The GDL couldn't get re-certified, yet the Highlanders survived long enough... to sit on their asses the whole Jihad after donated their dropships to the word.
Now that was some well-spent c-bills.
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