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Fan Fiction / Re: Operation Armageddon 3014
« Last post by Daryk on Today at 19:30:16 »
That sounds much more like this ComStar...   ^-^
Off Topic / Re: Time for a new PC
« Last post by Bedwyr on Today at 19:23:32 »
That's a good question given current GPU prices. Without further investigation, I'd say don't exclude a pre-built from a reputable company like FalconNW automatically since they have better resources to source GPUs. And your system probably needs to be built around a graphics card in this moment because of the shortages rather than a combination of things. Games, with the exception of flight simulation, are so rarely CPU bound that you could reach back a few generations to get a decent Zen or iX processor.

And while a boutique gaming PC vendor is not a bad idea, I *would* avoid certain marginally reputable companies like iBuyPower (I think they've been in the news for shenanigans recently).

Maybe start with Linus Tech Tips or Gamers Nexus on YouTube and branch out your investigation from there?
Off Topic / Re: Naval Pictures VIII: From Japan with love
« Last post by Daryk on Today at 19:19:32 »
Length to beam is all about speed.  Hydrodynamics are pretty clear on that point...
A Time of War / Re: AToW "2nd edition" or MechWarrior 6th edition.
« Last post by Daryk on Today at 19:16:28 »
The purpose of the "partial" experience values is to suggest those skills/traits/attributes.  If you accrue enough suggestions, you gain the level.  Otherwise, you can choose to take it or not.  The choice is the point.  If something never occurs to you (e.g., under point buy), there's no choice.  If you're exposed to a skill or whatever in the optimization process, you may consider it again.  Optimization almost always makes me reconsider things when I'm building characters.  As evidence, I refer you to the two characters I've made so far for Cannonshop in his most recent fan fiction story.  Mike Hogarth in particular has a lot more "under the hood" than I expected.  I'm quite serious when I say the Life Module system adds more depth to characters than you'd expect.  The process is the point.
Combat Vehicles / K-Verse Blakist and Society Blue Water Vessels
« Last post by AlphaMirage on Today at 19:13:09 »
Cetus VS-3 Small Missile Submarine
Mass: 200 tons
Movement Type: Submarine
Power Plant: HHI 370 XL Fusion
Cruising Speed: 21.6 kph
Maximum Speed: 32.4 kph
Armor: Krupp Stealth
     1 Cruise Missile/50
Manufacturer: Bluefin Technologies
     Primary Factory: Ulsan, Korean Territory
Communication System: Hyundai Sub-Nautical
Targeting & Tracking System: Hyundai Smart-Trak
Introduction Year: 3068
Tech Rating/Availability: E/X-X-F-E
Cost: 110,616,667 C-bills

Background – The Word of Blake Militia units sent to punish Archon-Princess Katherine Steiner-Davion for her withdrawal from the Star League were on the receiving end of too many missiles from the TSDF during the First Battle of Tharkad in 3067. Precentor Martial Cameron St Jamais, humiliated by the defeat, mobilized Terran and the League’s industries to create weapons that could protect what would become the Sol Protectorate. They were also to be easily deployable from the Triumphs already modified by the Word of Blake for super-heavy vehicles in development, most of which were scrapped to free up assets for the war effect.

Bluefin Technologies was the first to respond and had seen brisk business with its Baleena class of super-heavy submersible in the 3060s. They delivered a design that while as expensive as a light dropship could eliminate potentially two dropships at little danger to itself.

Concealed by the vastness of the ocean and utilizing the stealth coatings then in development by the Bolla program the Cetus can deliver a pair of Cruise Missiles up to 25 kilometers away with only slightly more than a minute of warning. By the time they impacted their targets, typically dropships, other naval vessels, or large fixed installations, the eight-man crew could dive, concealing themselves from counterattack, and stay underwater for a moderate amount of time until they could rendezvous at a resupply point.

Although incapable of protecting itself the difficulty in interdicting these vessels with anything other than your own hunter-killers and their limited ammunition load ensured that many of them escaped Coalition forces. Occupying forces instead were tasked with interdicting their logistics and did so using much lighter cutters, hover tanks, or helicopters. However, many formerly occupied worlds are still threatened by Blakist remnant forces using these machines as transports to bases concealed on remote islands, often near a world’s poles, that escaped detection.

Code: [Select]
Type: Cetus
Technology Base: Inner Sphere (Experimental)
Movement Type: Submarine
Tonnage: 200
Battle Value: 1,140

Equipment                                          Mass
Internal Structure                                   20
Engine                        370 XL                 28
Cruising MP: 2
Flank MP: 3
Heat Sinks:                   10                      0
Control Equipment:                                 10.0
Lift Equipment:                                    20.0
Power Amplifier:                                    0.0
Armor Factor (Vehicular Stealth)176                    11

                          Internal   Armor   
                          Structure  Value   
     Front                   20        53   
     R/L Side              20/20     44/44   
     Rear                    20        35   

and Ammo                     Location    Tonnage   
Cruise Missile/50             Right        55.0   
Cruise Missile/50 Ammo (2)     Body        50.0   
ECM Suite                      Body        1.5     
Cargo                          Body        4.5
Challenges and Gatherings / Re: Battletech Long Island III
« Last post by Bleusman on Today at 19:06:17 »
The Phoenix Dao will be represented by our illustrious commander Zhong-shao Ching Shi piloting her mighty WHM-6L Warhammer. She will be seconded by Sang-wei Lai Choi San in a CPLT-C1 Catapult. They will be supported by a Myrmidon tank and hover APC containing a squad of Grey Death Standard (flamer).
Fan Designs and Rules / Re: Tech Retcon List?
« Last post by Daryk on Today at 19:05:01 »
And that's in the rules where?  ???
Thanks for the comments. I will resize it and rename as Battalion.
Yeah I know.  It's pretty sub optimal but the idea is it is an upgrade that can be done on a podunk little world but is still an upgrade.  Ideally yeas I would use Endo instead and slap some CASE in there too for full measure and make it truly terrifying.  Maybe even get the 1G's rear lasers and SRM back.

BattleMaster BLR-1D MacIntyre

Mass: 85 tons
Chassis: Hollis Mark X
Power Plant: VOX 340
Cruising Speed: 43.2 kph
Maximum Speed: 64.8 kph
Jump Jets: None
     Jump Capacity: 0 meters
Armor: StarGuard IV
     1 PPC
     4 Medium Laser
     2 Machine Gun
     1 AC/20
Manufacturer: Unknown
     Primary Factory: Unknown
Communication System: HarfordCo COM 4000
Targeting & Tracking System: HarfordCo XKZ 1
Introduction Year: 3050
Tech Rating/Availability: E/X-X-D-D
Cost: 9,027,568 C-bills

 A storied and well-regarded assault 'Mech, the BattleMaster is likely one of the most recognizable command vehicles to be found in the armies of the Inner Sphere. Durable and reliable, the design has served in many key line regiments since its inception in 2633. Though nearly every MechWarrior is familiar with its abilities, few are able to use their knowledge to their advantage when facing this formidable BattleMech.

 The BattleMaster's combination of long-ranged, short-ranged, and anti-infantry firepower give it an intimidating and flexible damage profile. Even flankers have to take care, as the BattleMaster is one of the rare designs to mount rear-facing lasers on the base variant. Additionally, the large cockpit lends itself well to the needs of commanding officers. Spacious and well-equipped, it is often modified into a dedicated command console, though the large viewport makes the head slightly more vulnerable to enemy fire than other more armored designs.

 Although never produced in great numbers, the BattleMaster remains common due to the efforts of commands to keep each machine functional. Due to their production lines, Houses Steiner and Marik fielded the greatest concentrations of the design during the Succession Wars, though every Great House could lay claim to more than a few. House Davion, having no native manufacturing plant for the design, modified their BattleMaster to the BLR-1D specifications. Increased armor and the removal of the volatile SRM ammunition make this variant tougher than most, though these changes never proved common beyond traditional Federated Suns borders.

Type: BattleMaster
Technology Base: Inner Sphere (Standard)
Tonnage: 85
Battle Value: 1,708

Equipment                                          Mass
Internal Structure                                  8.5
Engine                        340 Fusion             27
   Walking MP: 4
   Running MP: 6
   Jumping MP: 0
Double Heat Sink              10 [20]                 0
Gyro                                                  4
Cockpit                                               3
Armor Factor (Ferro)          248                    14

                          Internal   Armor   
                          Structure  Value   
     Head                    3         9     
     Center Torso            27        40   
     Center Torso (rear)               11   
     R/L Torso               18        28   
     R/L Torso (rear)                  8     
     R/L Arm                 14        27   
     R/L Leg                 18        31   

Right Arm Actuators: Shoulder, Upper Arm, Lower Arm, Hand
Left Arm Actuators: Shoulder, Upper Arm, Lower Arm, Hand

and Ammo                      Location  Critical   Heat    Tonnage   
Half Machine Gun Ammo (100)      CT        1        -       0.5   
2 Medium Laser                   RT        2        3       2.0   
AC/20                            RT        10       7       14.0 
2 Machine Gun                    LA        2        0       1.0   
2 Medium Laser                   LT        2        3       2.0   
AC/20 Ammo (10)                  LT        2        -       2.0   
PPC                              RA        3        10      7.0   
Features the following design quirks: Command 'Mech, Weak Head Armor (1)
Off Topic / Re: So where does your State stand vrs D&D?
« Last post by Kentares on Today at 18:55:51 »
Subclasses aren't exactly the same thing.  For one thing, you're required to take a subclass when you hit a specific level of your class.  They always augment your class features, they never override or remove any.  And they're all class-specific: you have to be a wizard to be a bladesinger, whereas in 3rd Edition you could take a prestige class regardless of your class/multiclass combos so long as you met the prerequisites.  So you could be a bladesinger if you were a wizard, a sorcerer, or even a bard with enough levels.

And it also comes much earlier than you could qualify for the prestige class, especially from back in the old 3rd edition days. Now, it’s more akin to the kits of the 2nd edition.

It also makes it much easier to create certain character ideas; or at least so far for me.


Because of all that I dont like subclasses and all that nonsense. Prestige classes were more elegant and interesting in working to get them. Now is just get a few levels and done. Reminds me of a toon upgrade in a platform computer game. Not interesting IMO.

An example of requirements of a Prestige Class I played in a campaign in the 3rd edition:

"To become an assassin, the character must be of an evil alignment. He must also be skilled at disguising himself, moving silently and hiding from his targets. The final step is to prove his worth by hunting down and killing a target in cold blood, for no other reason than to prove his worthiness of the title."
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