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I think a doubling by the time all is said and done is the safe bet.

I hope you are right but I don't think it is a safe bet.  As far as I could tell the Leviathans KS didn't include a doubling, and I don't think it was originally planned in the Clan Invasion KS.  I would love it if true, but I wouldn't count on it.
Bounty Hunter II.

Makes a Bounty Hunter force pack seem a lot more likely methinks.

Aff, especially since he did a similar tweak on the Marauder recently and with the Hel / Loki II concept art..

Here's the tweaked Marauder by the way..
Bounty Hunter II.

Makes a Bounty Hunter force pack seem a lot more likely methinks.
General BattleTech Discussion / Re: Bungletech Podcast
« Last post by Sttevan on Today at 04:12:38 »
Hey there. Someone pointed me to your podcast yesterday and I gave it a listen. Really good work. Great production values, too. As a note, your podcast is not listed in the app I use - Overcast. I have no idea how you fix that, but it's probably worth getting your pod listed wherever you can. I'm hoping to hear more episodes from you. Keep up the good work!
For keeping Serednya Slaviya small...what justifies their continued existence after WWII as an independent state?  A larger one I could see being kept as a buffer state between the Ukrainian SSR and the West, but little Serednya Slaviya seems too easy to gobble up and reunify with Ukraine.

A larger Sere-Slav also has a larger industry like Nightsarge mentions, letting me produce at least some IFVs and APCs locally. 
Not necessarily a physical release as such, but Anthony and his team continue to tinker/improve on the reseen designs.

Here's a tweaked Timber Wolf from his Patreon. Some slight modifications to proportions and.. it's a variant.

used by a certain individual
Fan Fiction / Re: What Could Go Wrong Book Two
« Last post by Daryk on Today at 03:44:28 »
Nathan is definitely on to something!  :)
Fan Fiction / Re: Strategos (A Great Captain Roberts Story)
« Last post by Daryk on Today at 03:41:33 »
Good thing I gave Amanda lots of Computer skill...  ::)
I'll admit that I never understood people's desire for a Battletech grand strategy sort of game. Sure, you've got big armies and such, and navies or whatever in some eras, but it just sounds so antithetical to what people generally appreciate about the franchise.

Yeah, seriously. The big draw is the BattleMechs themselves but you need to get down to the very small-end of tactics for their to be appreciable differences between them. The smaller, the better for that sort of thing. Once you're throwing battalions against battalions, who cares, since they're going to aggregates of combat power, modified by speed and survivability.

And even if that thorny problem were cracked, I have personally never played a 4X empire builder that had declining resources and tech scavenging rather than traditional R&D result in satisfying strategies. It is always some variation on turtling and fighting as little as possible while letting other factions burn themselves out by going to war and suffering (irreplaceable) losses.

I re-read this thread title and realised my first answer wasn't radically different, so here's an idea: engineering managment game, like those XYZ Simulator games. Lead a team of Mech Techs maintaining and repairing a unit's equipment, all while dealing with supply issues, parts issues, personnel management, dealing with "client-side" complaints (the MechWarriors unhappy that walking their Mech into close combat means they can't have it back in pristine condition for the next battle 3 days later, the Company quartermaster unable to procure the right weapon, so now you have the privilege of telling the merc commander that no his ER PPC is irretrievably broken for the foreseeable future, or if you're working for a House military, regimental HQ telling you that oops you're going to have to work in field workshop conditions for a month longer etc.)

That has a lot of potential to be thematically in-tune with the rest of BattleTech. Late 3rd SW, trying to keep a House unit or merc company mission capable, having to juggle priorities and keep plates spinning at the same time.
Combat Vehicles / Re: Stampede Attack Hovercraft
« Last post by Daryk on Today at 03:34:43 »
Since you're using Fractional Accounting anyway, don't forget it also applies to the Controls and Lift Equipment...  8)
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