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Fan Designs and Rules / Re: Rifle Cannons: What have you done?
« Last post by RifleMech on Today at 00:50:48 »
The problem with reducing the damage to 0 is that .5 damage rounds up to 1. So you get a LRC doing 0 damage while an Auto-Rifle does 1 point of damage.

I also don't have a problem with BAR. I'm not sure what you mean by BAR5 being the next step down from BAR10. Unless you're talking about Mechs. Back then though Mechs could get away with Support BAR armors. Even with just the 2 BAR levels for Mechs, I don't see why AC/5s wouldn't be cutting edge for their time.

When AC/5s, and Medium Lasers, were first introduced, the only Mechs were the occasional prototype WorkMech. Most of the AC/5's targets were ground vehicles. The AC/5 is still going to get penetrating critical hit roles against BAR2-4 armors. By the time the AC/5 was introduced armor was up to BAR7, it doesn't get that extra roll, which is okay.  So the MRC gets better penetration at BAR5. The AC/5 has better range and more than twice the ammo. The AC/5 can also rapid fire and split it's fire between multiple targets. That's a lot of advancement even if it doesn't quite have the penetrating power of the MRC.

I do agree that just using TM alone, you can't get too close to WWII vehicles. You have to have TOs Rifle Cannons and even then you can only get close. You need XTRO:1945 or Herb's formula to be more accurate. I also agree that Rifles should have other types of ammunition.

I also don't mind the single BAR rating on units. There's Patchwork Armor if I want a more real life feel.

That should be it, for now.

Let me know if you have any questions, comments, or criticisms.

I plan on putting this to use this weekend with the RoBattleTech Card-free sheets.

I'll post my thoughts on the system afterward.

Optional Rules
But, these are already optional rules by being in the fan boards.  How can there be options to what is already optional?

Weapon Penetration Values
One of the things I'm not playing around with, yet, but could come into play is a weapon's penetration value.  For this, we can look at the BAR system from the Support Vehicle construction rules.  More specifically, the fact that BattleTech weapons are fully effective against what is BAR 10 armor.  They effectively have a BAP value of 10.  This can be used to handle unnecessarily high crit targets.

For other eras and lesser weapons, you could assign a different BAP to fit.  Suddenly the Tac Ops Rifled Cannons have a different application to the APFSDS standard munitions.  While they may not do appreciable damage against BattleTech's advanced Semi-Ablative armor, they can have a higher chance of scoring a crit with a high effect value against pure Deflective Armor. 

This is an optional rule because it's an added complication, adding in more math.  With that kind of interaction, you might need to balance it against whatever point/tonnage you've decided on. 

Destructive Weaponry
It is safe to say that BattleTech attacks are meant to be highly destructive.  The term anti-material would certainly apply.  Even though Deflective Armor is slow to lose integrity or ablate, it still does.

To reflect this, all standard BattleTech Weapons are considered Destructive.  Anything that is customized for the era or setting you're putting your deflective armor into will have to have such a distinction made when it's assigned. 

Any time deflective armor is hit by destructive weapons, the value for the location or item struck is reduced by one.

Off Topic / Re: Hi, how ya DUNE? (Spoilers! Beware!)
« Last post by worktroll on Today at 00:32:32 »
Strangely, i remember a lot from Lynch's Dune which i do like overall, but i cannot remember anything about its Baron.

I'll try reminding you by the name of the soundtrack track during his big scene: The Floating Fat Man.
Novel and Sourcebook Reviews / Re: ELH Fiction
« Last post by Marveryn on Today at 00:29:03 »
well finish the latest of the stories, view from the ground.  Like all the light horse stories this one feature a slice of life moment of a new mech lance just reform and the hope and dream of its mechwarriors on the new star league.  Hindsight being what it is we , the reader know how it turns out but for the people on the ground it was about the uncertainly if the experiment will work.  The event of the story seem to take place right after Operation Serpent and right to the change of the new elected  first lord Theodore. 

it was short and sweet and i found myself intrigue a bit on the characters but like all these story just too sure to get completely invested just enough to hold your attention.  It was also the first time i seen a battlehawk being use in fictions that am aware of.  So yeah for that
Assigning Deflective Armor to Locations
Deflective Armor is going to usually assigned by points.

So far, I don't have a hard limit on the point-per-ton range.  However, Primitive armor only grants (I believe) 8 points per ton, and that's still semi-ablative, if I'm right.

Deflective Armor can be looked at as more Archaic than Primitive.

So, capping Deflective to 7 points per ton makes sense, but that's not a hard rule.  I'm actually inclined to cap it at 10, actually.  But, that would be advanced armor for advanced cultures outside of the Inner Sphere. 

For minor variations in between whole numbers, you don't have to limit yourself to half-ton lots.  However, I do recommend you keep it to one decimal place.  (In otherwords, you could have an armor that assigns 1.6 points per ton, or 9.9, or 0.5.)

(Aside: I know that I like something closer to 2 points per ton for near 20th and 21st century metals and laminates, and that is where the Mega Force vehicles will land.)

The notion is that the lighter the armor, the more you can cram inside a vehicle or Mech in the freed-up tonnage.  But, that doesn't mean you can't abuse more advance metals to create something like 'True Armor' out of Battlefield Earth.

Remember that with deflective armors, the point allocation should be uneven, and that locations like turrets and limbs will have to assign values to additonal facings.  Turrets on Vehicles will have to generate values for four sides.  For units with critical item tables, it is best to assign values to each critical slot.  For AeroFighters and DropShips, it would require having the hit location table present on the sheet with the values next to the different critical items.

So, in many cases, you might not get the super hard nut that you were originally thinking.

MechWarrior Hall / Re: Word Association 32: What Say You?
« Last post by Akamia on Today at 00:22:12 »
Yeah!  And if they even look at you sideways, you WILL NUKE THEIR STUPID ASSES!
MechWarrior Hall / Re: Word Association 32: What Say You?
« Last post by rebs on Today at 00:15:57 »
Most of my time using them these days is using MegaMek, where I don't really have a choice, but for my own table, I'd probably just use the RS 3085 Print rules for AirMech movement.

And, yeah, I found the thread from Interstellar Operations Beta where LAMs got capped at a +3 defensive movement modifier:

Maybe if I ever get another PC I can try megamek again.

I don't mind most of the AirMech's movement rules. It's the Turn Modes and modifiers that bug me.

That Fireball is using both MASC and a Supercharger to pull that off though.  So even using it is a risk.  The LAM in the mean time rolls no such checks turn after turn in terrain that said Fireball may not even be able to exercise that option.  As such to me it is a very onion to apple comparison to make.

It also has an XXL Engine. Even without using the Supercharger or MASC, that Fireball is still plenty fast. I believe 16/24. It doesn't have to deal with turn modes either. AirMechs have to deal with Turn Modes and Side slipping. So the AirMech risks crashing just by moving, while the Fireball can turn on a dime.

Though looking through the VTOL and WiGE options we do have to compare to it's not like we have a lot of those getting much up over 20mp either.

So? My car isn't going to do 200mph. That doesn't mean we limit NASCAR races to highway speeds. VTOL's also don't lose speed when flying higher than Elevation 1.

Personally I think a better approach would have been jump MPx2 and calculate flank from that.  Could almost let them move like a VTOL with that with the exception of no reverse.  I'll have to look at some numbers but I feel reasonably confident the highest realistic jump mp you can get out of a LAM with tech constraints is 9 in mech mode.  18/27 would still be a very respectable speed and rules as written 27/41 does seem a bit much.

AirMechs couldn't function at 2xJMP. At the minimum a slow AirMech would only have 9MP. It takes 5MP just to take off and they have to move 5 hexes to stay airborne. At 2xJMP an AirMech could only hover. It simply wouldn't have enough MP to WiGE about, at elevation 1 much less get up to elevation 25.

Yes, most LAMs are going to be faster but if the rules don't work for the slowest units, they don't work. The additional +1 per hex at elevation 2+ slows AirMechs just fine. That 41MP quickly becomes 20. Even if a Mech is also slowed by terrain, the mech can use tech to compensate. It can even Sprint. AirMech's can't use Overdrive and only gain 1 MP for every 3 MP they descend. Which doesn't help all that much when descending from flying at higher elevations because they're still paying 2MP per hex.

Man that's an old thread. That cap was probably the worst decision along with turn modes. It was an obvious ploy to put the final nail in the coffin for using LAM's.

The stuff I came up with is pretty much what you did. I actually like WiGE movement for them, it totally makes sense and I love how they can move over hills, water, rough, with ease. Only difference is Jumping (now a maneuver instead of a regular jump to encourage BattleMech mode use) and there is no ability to change elevation like a VTOL (to encourage using Aerospace mode). No need for the +3 cap, turn modes, any of that garbage.


Also, worth noting that they can't move into woods or buildings. They're really only useful on clear terrain, which can be a problem for them if someone has artillery or cluster rounds.

Actually, AirMechs can increase their Elevation up to Elevation 25. It just costs 1MP change elevations and 2MP per hex above Elevation 1.

AirMechs can also go into woods and buildings but only if they crash or walk. Now we have ProtoMechs and BA which would be more effective but before them, AirMechs could walk into places other Mechs couldn't go into. AirMechs ability to fly over forests and other terrain is an advantage too. Expensive tech can help compensate but it's expensive. 

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