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Keep fighting the good fight Cubby.   

Cheers. :beer:

I posted a new thread on the mech fan designs board last night, and the system gave the post an “Awaiting Approval” label in the title and the post itself has a pink background and similar note “This message is awaiting approval by a moderator.”  I’m not sure anyone else can see the thread (only a handful of views), but here’s the link:

Did I miss something and new threads now require mod approval?

Or did I accidentally click something I shouldn’t have?

Or is the system just screwy and I need to get a mod/admin to fix?

Thx for any insight.
Cubby, had anyone been in contact with Barnes & Noble to see why Legend of the Jade Phoenix still isn't available? Still not on the website...

I'll add it to my list of things to ask about.
Cubby, had anyone been in contact with Barnes & Noble to see why Legend of the Jade Phoenix still isn't available? Still not on the website...
Remember, accepting a BattleMech, which becomes a physical embodiment of title, in exchange for becoming a retainer for a lord is a serious commitment. Future generations might not accept the same terms, and MechWarriors can renounce their fealty in BattleTech, just as it happened in real life.
Well, one factor to add to your argument is that house armies are not the only ones with mechs. Planetary militias can have mechs too, not many planets will, but some, and that adds more. Also not every single mech owner serves in the military, ...

Again, I was just presenting hand-waving numbers to be safe, but I the numbers I proposed allowed for 90% people capable of piloting a 'Mech in combat to be non-House military, including trainees, retired veterans (mercenaries and planetary militias draw from this pool a lot), test pilots, families with a BattleMech, etc. Maybe that number is a little low, but not by an order of magnitude (i.e., more than 1% of all MechWarriors are House MechWarriors). Then invoking baseball, being able to pilot a 'Mech in combat of any skill level is rarer than hitting or pitching the average ~90 mph (~140 kph) fastball with movement/deception in MLB. Add in training leagues, etc (or related games like cricket, etc.), and being a current/former professional baseball player in any league way more common than being a MechWarrior.

If those numbers are "in the same ballpark" ( ;) ), at least not off by 1+ orders of magnitude, a MechWarrior of any skill level (even a 7/7 trainee) is approximately as rare as being a starter in the major leagues. I am not physically capable of playing baseball. Personally, I can pitch about ~40 mph (~60 kph), and I can sprint 90 feet to 1st base in over 9 seconds (where I have to catch my breath). I am slower than the slowest catcher, a slower runner than even Tom Brady, and likely would be thrown out on an MLB-average basehit to right field. I don't have years of training, but I doubt with any amount of training I would have made the majors. This is how I view the rare skill of being a MechWarrior.

But thats the matter with the initial lore, that it is pretty vague on those items, and quick enough, when the House sourcebooks came out, it became irrelevant, as the armies were presented no more as feudal forces but full modern military. The first source I ever had was the Mechwarrior Rpg 1e, and even there, with all the calling to feudal units, you get the section where the houses are described and the regiments are presented as a modern thing, not a feudal thing. So it is clear that it wasn't well thought, and discarded the more the game advanced.

I think the notion of title can be nebulous, and this is a problem, and FASA being vague about how neo-feudalism worked did not help. "MechWarrior Susy Markov" is title in the feudal sense, equivalent to "Dame Susy Markov". Maybe this entitles you to a small part of a continent of Karachi II. This is still a worthy title in the feudal/neo-feudal sense.

Moreover, just because you were born with a title or earned a title does not mean you are incapable of being a professional in a modern military. Even in the 21st Century, soldiers are still knighted, although the title is not what it was in the 11th Century. For instance, the most recent military knighthood bestowed by the United Kingdom was given to Gen. Joseph Dunford, US Joint Chief of Staff in 2020. It is nonheriditary, and I really don't know what privileges, money, etc. the title includes.

The Inner Sphere is a big place, and some echelons of power in the Inner Sphere have a lot of power. Is it not possible that Gen. Dunford's knighthood, if conferred for being able to pilot a BattleMech in the 30th Century, could also come with some land, money, or a 'Mech (so he could serve ably as a retainer)?

And if an family own a BattleMech, why is this a problem? A future generation might have the talent to pilot a 'Mech in combat, great, no problem. But even if they do not have the talent to pilot a 'Mech, they can still participate in the local militia, scare off some pirates, for instance. Is every member of the militia equally able to hit the target at 180 meters? We know from the Field Report series there are a scattering of 'Mechs in planetary militias, but it does not mean they are piloted by 4/5 House regular MechWarriors.
Ask the Lead Developers / Re: New WD and GDL
« Last post by Cubby on Today at 10:20:02 »
Anymore new stuff in the works on the rebuilding Wolf's Dragoons or the early GDL?

If by "rebuilding Wolf's Dragoons" you mean the unit as depicted in "Redemption Rites," they'll certainly be a part of plans going forward, but we don't have a specific product related to them to announce at this time.

If by "early GDL" you mean more Grayson-era Bill Keith books like "A Rock and A Hard Place," I'm not aware of any immediate plans for more, but I'm sure we'd be interested if Bill has ideas. There's quite a bit of territory in the GDL history post-"Price of Glory," pre-Clan Invasion to explore.
Ask the Writers / Re: "Clan-ish" novels and stories in Dark Age ?
« Last post by Cubby on Today at 10:14:32 »
I'm not sure what you've read so far of the Dark Age, but I'd suggest that starting with "Surrender"--if you haven't already read it--is probably not advisable.

If you haven't already read them and are willing to go back a bit, I'd suggest starting with "Flight of the Falcon" and "Blood of the Isle," as good DA Clan stories, and go from there.
I'm just catching up on these reviews. Great stuff.

I do think the Raven 5L is underrated at C-. A reliable TMM4 plus stealth, and the fact that both of it's fire support tools are effective at mid range makes it an excellent spotter.

Also don't sleep on explosive pods for the iNarc. It's basically an improved LAC5 (better damage, no heat, similar range) that helps make the Raven a more dangerous backstabber than it's weapons make it appear. It's not unlikely to cause a PSR when you include the NARC in an alpha strike.
An update would indeed be nice.

I need to get with John and see what's in the pipeline. A general overhaul of Coming Releases is overdue, it just hasn't been a priority among my many other tasks.

IIRC there was mention of a Hell's Horses-focused novel (can't remember the exact source, a Tamar Rising-related video?).

One more Elements of Treason title is in the pipeline, not sure if it's been announced which Hinterlands faction this one will deal with.

These are the same thing. The third Elements novella is the Horses.

There is one announced novel still to be released: "The Damocles Sanction." Hopefully we'll see it before Dominions Divided - major characters being killed off or other earth-shaking events are better first read via novel form IMHO.

This may end up being the case, but again, not sure because I need to connect with John to see if there's a release date for Damocles.
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