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Would anyone have a link to Project: Dark Phoenix?
I only have the listing for the TRO on the wiki.  I have been looking at the stuff i was given to add to the wiki (I'm still adding things, I'm not terribly fast.) The Dark Phoenix was copied over years ago when Sarna purged fandom off.  Its listed but no links.  I am trying currently find it for you and for the wiki for everyone. 

MegaMek Games / Re: Map: Isthmus 1 (64x68)
« Last post by Simon Landmine on Today at 06:02:52 »
Can I ask how long it takes to make one of these? I spent some time with the editor but my results were bland.
Also thanks for posting these and I look forward to more.

Cheers! As to how long it takes, I'm afraid I'm not sure - I usually just potter about with them while I'm listening to podcasts, so I'm not paying a huge amount of attention to the time involved, I just keep doodling on with them until I'm happy with them. And then have to close them before I keep fiddling with them, and add too many trees.  :)

I've usually got a rough plan in advance, either in my head, or scribbled on a piece of paper, for vaguely what the layout will be (e.g. on this one, I had an idea of the width and length of the isthmus in terms of mapsheets, and knew I wanted a valley at each end of it, with a rough idea of the height of the hills and some vague ideas like the small island on the upper right.
General BattleTech Discussion / Re: The Price of Duty
« Last post by Wrangler on Today at 05:48:24 »
One thing GDL was good at was improvising and modifying their own equipment.
Aerospace Combat / Re: Aerotech Record Sheets
« Last post by CapricornNoble on Today at 05:45:48 »
but there is an Alpha Strike free .pdf of Warships and Jumpships in the CGL store! ...

Well it was news to me! Thanks for bringing it to my attention, very useful find.
General BattleTech Discussion / Re: The Price of Duty
« Last post by Starfury on Today at 05:05:40 »
I'm surprised there hasn't been an LB-20X variant of the Karnov until now.  Anyway, I enjoyed the novel, and hopefully we'll get more of both the old GDL (novelizations of their conflicts from 3028 to the Clan War in 3052), and the new GDL in the future.
Off Topic / Re: Naval Pictures VIII: From Japan with love
« Last post by kato on Today at 04:08:40 »
Offhand, I can't recall any other surface ships that use two separated hangars for their helo complement
Hangars are separate on all German frigate classes since F123 for fire protection / damage control reasons. The separation is about 2.5m wide. The centerline space in these has an elevated "control tower"  to the rear for the flight deck and generally a RAM launcher sitting on top. It's otherwise used mostly for access and storage.
Now that sounded like something to see

 Every playthrough so far has thrown a surprise at me. I went down the path to try and make a regime change with the zabis and uh..failed heh. But it was just before 79 and I had some gundams and feeling cocky. Loum happens and I lose most of my fleet. (you can change how much and I went for most) Side 5 enters the atmosphere and I'm all o.o. spend the first 6 months that of the war holding down a few sides by constantly sending my only 6 divisions of gundams. One year into the war we've finally accepted newtypes after the children of miracles incident! Then old char as quattro shows up as a general,guess he decided to go a different route against the zabi's! l put him in charge of the gundams and take Solomon,Yay!! Only to have a 7 divisions of goufs immediately hit and retake most of Solomon while char was finishing off the first group of defenders.
 It's almost Christmas in a war we said would only last a year
Fan Designs and Rules / Re: Small Arms Ammunition
« Last post by Daryk on Today at 03:24:53 »
What I outlined above are basically that, yes.  The only numbers that go straight into the formula are Burst and Shots (which you enter), and AP and BD (which are just part of the table).

Splash and Incendiary characteristics add numbers to multipliers (Incendiary a +2 to AP in the Penetration Factor, Splash a +1 to the term that multiplies BD for the Damage Factor).  Type tells the sheet which Reload Factor formula to use.
What I tend to expect VS warships in the wrong place . Two waves of aerospace fighters the first wave seeded with robotic fighters with 400 fusion engines and booby traps the second with assaut fighters . They come in burning fuel and fast . The cap tends to get one shot to take down the robot fighters exsposing themselves to the piloted fighter escourt . Those that get through both the CAP and the warship weapons are on the receiving end of 40 point capital scale hits followed by Assault fighter with targeting computers shooting 2 CPPC + Capacitors  and however many anti ship missiles it can carry . An Avenger CV can generally  take out light cruusers or less in on pass . . The Jihad created units whoes only purpose is to destroy warships .

The wrong place are few and far between but do exist . A Thera CVs CAP or a battleship requires quite a bit more than a single CV dropship compliment applied but the results are the same . Alot of tech came out of the Jihad era never went away .  Nothing less than a warship is worth the above effort . The Jihad reduced warship into into an expensive target worth the outlay of that kind of reasource. Warships in the Dark Age are so few it is not worth setting up the above scenario  . If the numbers greatly expand so does the former WoB counter for them .

Yes that combination would work against any jumpship and dropship combo but any jumpship carrying 2 heavy CV dropship could make the the strategic loss even  in space better to leave the jump ship alone and hit the dropship at the space atmosphere interface in the hopes of getting a lucky hit to get as cheap a mission kill as possible  . That is why I expect so little new warships are constructed. 

I still think most nations will build a flotilla of warships for national pride reasons . Just think they would deploy them with care .
MegaMek Games / Re: How Big Of A unit can you make On Mega mek HQ
« Last post by Cambo on Today at 02:41:43 »
The biggest one I heard of, and iirc tried to load, was the Wolf Clan Touman from sometime in 3050-3060 timeframe.  Yes, the entire Wolf Clan ground and aerospace force.

I don't recall if there were any assets bigger than an ASF or lighter than BA, but it had everything in between.

Edit:  Just looked and I still have all 45 megs of it, and it threw up errors loading dropships, jumpships and warships.  Not surprising really, as the file I have is dated from 2013 and wont run on modern MHQ.
I was the author of that file.

The way MekHQ loaded saves changed, I talked to a dev and they fixed it for me.  It briefly was part of the dev releases, but at 50+ megs it was considered too big for the release package (I think it may have pushed for the gz compressed file format to be developed though).

Anyways here's the fixed version.  It's not been updated in quite a while, and some of the data here has since been invalidated by the lastest Tukayyid book. 

I was thinking about updating the icons, but it's a lot of work.  Anyways here ya go.
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