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Civ V, just as much of an electronic drug as IV.
Bit of Unrep . . .

To ME, the Floating Crits thing is an excuse for 'park at medium range and roll dice' type players, because it reduces the need for positioning and movement.

I've never heard of anyone using floating crits as a reason for parking and firing.  My experience has been that people who want to park and fire do it and people who don't want to park and fire don't and the floating crits has absolutely no impact on their decision.
BattleMechs / Re: NAGA II T
« Last post by Karack Blackstone on Today at 00:54:06 »

Worn Armor, I was thinking of the same thing!

I have a tribute Bushmaster C to design again for you!
BattleTech Miniatures / 1st Augustine Arquebusiers
« Last post by Joel47 on Today at 00:42:05 »
For this month I decided to paint up something entirely new -- a new unit from Shrapnel #8 from the Dark Age, the 1st Augustine Arquebusiers.

Light Lance: Locust IIC, Blade, Shadow Hawk IIC, Shadow Cat B
(The Shadow Cat B uses Catapult arms, and some little MGs from somewhere I can't remember.)

Heavy Lance: Albatross, Lament 2R, Vulture Mk IV, Centurion Omni

Assault Lance: Doloire, Atlas III, Battlemaster K4, Highlander IIC
(The BLR-K4 has had the SRM-6 removed, the left arm guns upgraded, four of the torso MLs removed, and jump jets grafted onto the back.)

Vehicle Lance: 2x Cizin, 2x Badger
Security Force: 3x Achileus, 6x Leonidas
I think it’s interesting because it’s more or less plots-Clan syncretic in nature, and that’s neat and fun. It’s why I like the New mini-states (and the Scorpion Empire of that matter)

I like how the Scorpions are going too
Clan Chatterweb / Re: Clan Fire Mandrill: Monkey Talk
« Last post by WONC on Today at 00:31:49 »
A lot of good answers, but I still want to add mine.  ;)

I think his treatment would vary depending on the Clan. The Blood Spirits, Diamond Sharks, Cloud Cobras, and maybe the Ice Hellions would probably treat him best right off the bat. The rest of the Clans would definitely keep an eye on him, because Crazy Flame Monkey reputation is a stigma that doesn't wash off easy. The only Clans that I think would treat him as an actual pariah are the Hell's Horses and Coyotes. There's just not much love lost there, though if he endured the special attention he'd get as a bondsman, I'm sure he'd be fine in the end.

As for motivation, never underestimate the power of good old personal hubris. He's a Bloodnamed warrior, he's been taken by another Clan, the best and only way he gets special exemption from his home Kindraa is if he proves how badass he is. Claw his way up the ranks. Build his codex through victory after victory. Take risks that his new Clansmates are hesitant to take. Build alliances with others, bringing them along with him as he rises. Eventually, the Sainzes will take note. How can they not? Maybe it takes a generation longer than normal for them to do so, but eventually our dear Bloodnamed bondsman's genetics will be used to further improve the Kindraa. It would be wasteful not to. Bottom line: for his immortality to be ensured in future decanted warriors (Fire Mandrill or not), he's got to be the most adaptable, ambitious, and clever Sainze warrior we've ever seen.
Fan Fiction / Re: "Steal, buy, or Build?" (a Ngoverse piece.)
« Last post by DOC_Agren on Today at 00:20:27 »
and this is the first time we don't see as the White Knight Warrior but some what more "Political" Warrior King but Kat has always seemed to have learned from Hanse more.  He is not perfect look at how badly he has mishandled things with Liz and Kowloon, because he has "the rule" as the King, he needs someone to soften his "royal degrees".  Had Morgan not found away out for him over taking in the Exiles, he came close to dividing the nation hardcore down to "civil war" level by Liz as the leader opposition humble herself for his pleasure.   
Hopefully they get the goods on Kat and she is put down quietly...
Just because I own the planet does not mean that there are not expenses involved. I pay the workers. I do not use slave labor.
General BattleTech Discussion / Re: Front View of a Galleon
« Last post by SteelRaven on Today at 00:10:18 »
I can see more than one gunner considering two sponsor far opposite firing arcs.   
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