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Off Topic / Re: For Those That Rock: The Totally Rockin' 20's
« Last post by Mecha82 on Today at 13:37:34 »
Sabaton - Father
With 8 in a vehicle box, that means the price is still $5 per.
I’d love to see some plastic Celestials.  :D

We should be very careful when discussing about prices for future force packs. Just because someone thinks $40 is an ok, it doesn't mean that others share that opinion.

There are/were people willing to pay $100 ebay prices for the Legendary Mechwarriors pack, that doesn't make it a right price. Yes, those are scalper prices, and yes everything costs more than this time last year.

$40 is not justified at this time, if at all, in my eyes. I personally would have a good sit-down and think it through if this price is OK for the current quality of BT miniatures we are getting, when compared to other miniature lines out there. Especially considering that I have to import everything for Battletech, while I can buy GW stuff at GW EU store prices without shipping, customs, etc. at my convenience.

General BattleTech Discussion / Re: Quick WoBM question
« Last post by idea weenie on Today at 13:18:37 »
From the Comstar military page:
Iota - A level 4 is composed of 112 Mechs, 22 vehicles, 43 infantry 'platoons', 39 Aerospace, for a total of 216 units

From there, I'd design the infantry as a 50-50 split off-hand, but allow for flexibility.

So the 43 infantry units might be anywhere from 19-24 infantry or BA units. (I picked 24 because that is evenly divisible by 6)

Design the vessel to contain 24 of each:
24*36 = 432 infantry.  Since each Infantry Bay can handle up to 30 people, toss in 15 infantry bays.  Making them all Motorized means 7 tons per bay, for a total of 105 tons.
24 BA units of 6 BA each = 12 tons per BA bay, or 288 tons

So your Dropship would need to carry:
- 112 Mechs = 16,800 tons
- 22 Vehicles = 2200 tons
- 15 Motorized Infantry Bays = 105 tons
- 24 BA Bays = 288 tons
- 39 ASF = 5850 tons

Total capacity needed is 25,243 tons, not counting additional cargo tonnage for Life Support, spare parts, ammo, repair materials, etc.

To give an idea, for Life Support needs you should plan to support:
- 112 Mechs @ 2/ = 224 people
- 22 Vehicles @ 8/ = 176 people
- 15 Motorized Infantry Bays @ 30/ = 450 people
- 24 BA Bays @ 6/ = 144 people
- 39 ASF @ 2/ = 78 people

Total is 1072 people, and at 1 ton per day per 20 people that is 54 tons per day for Life Support.  Assuming only 30 days of Life Support, you will need 1620 tons of Life support.

A Mule Dropship can carry ~8500 tons of cargo, which is only enough to carry the bays alone.  Figure 4 Mule Dropships, with the force being split up among them but rounded up:
- 112 Mechs -> 28/
- 22 Vehicles -> 6/
- 15 Motorized Infantry Bays -> 4/
- 24 BA Bays -> 6/
- 39 ASF -> 10/

Total bay weight is now 6400 tons in each Mule, not counting 405 tons of Life support in each.  You also have enough room to recover a total of 2 vehicles, ~30 people, and 1 ASF.
Very nice. :thumbsup:
Challenges and Gatherings / Re: San Diego Alpha Strike Association
« Last post by Valkerie on Today at 12:38:34 »
Howdy everyone.  Next game is scheduled for October 29th at Pair of Dice Games in Vista.  Game time will be 11:00 and it will be Alpha Strike.
The Periphery / Re: languages of the periphery
« Last post by wanderer25 on Today at 12:32:03 »
The Arano Confederation adds in Spabish, English, probably Portugese, Dutch, and Oceanic languages of various types, since it's a combination of the Carribean and Micronesia, Polynesia, and so on.  I'm still trying to figure out where all the Australians and Canadians went during the Diaspora, along with the African countries, because they seem to have disappeared anonst the inhabitants of BT space.

LC's Coventry province all the way down to  the FWL Circinian/MH/periphery border area. Basing this on the various planet names and the Conventry (the planet)
settlement history in Handbook house Steiner.
First KS was nominally $5/mech - $25 for a star, or for a lance pack + salvage box. Which made the C* boxes a good deal, if only more of the 'Mechs had wider use in different eras.  Would love to see this again; budgeting at base $30/box at the moment, with $40 for vehicle packs.
That makes a lot of sense but a lot of the vehicles look overall smaller than most mechs. And by smaller I am allowing for the vehicles being shorter in height but maybe wider and/or longer. I guess more compact is what I am trying to say. So I am hoping that the vehicle packs are cheaper than $40 - maybe not as cheap as a Lance but hopefully around the cost of a Star or maybe Comstar Level II.
Everyone is talking about the 3025 or CI versions. Me, I want the civil war or early jihad lineups.
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