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Favorite one out of this bunch has to be the Spector. Yea, it can get a little warm - but you can always jump away for a cooling turn.   :thumbsup:
Any chance for record sheets for the 3150 New Texh, New upgrades? Seems like some of these New units are "skipping" over them. Orion C 2 when we don't have the Orion C, Devastator 11 when we don't have the Devastator 10...

I've even done most of the hard work and will send my fan made 3150NTNU in just so yall can publish it lol.
Which to you, was the good season, which was the 'ok' season, and which was the 'out of ideas' seasons?

They're arranged chronologically.
Oh, I will kitbash a heavy gauss Stormfuer now.  ^-^

There already is a mini:

*Note that the image of the mini appears to be misassembled, with the heavy gauss barrel stuck under the turret instead of attached to the tank's front.
Off Topic / Re: Transformers: Rise of the Beasts trailer
« Last post by garhkal on Today at 17:06:31 »
You mean ex-wife, right?

(Not actually joking here, that's a massive breach of trust on her part.)

Unfortunately, no.  HE did not divorce her, that i know of at least.. 
Knew one guy, who's wife did that to HIS comic collection (all first issue DC comics) AND YES that guy did divorce her..

There was a show with one good season, one okay season, and two seasons where it was obvious that the writers had completely run out of ideas.

Which to you, was the good season, which was the 'ok' season, and which was the 'out of ideas' seasons?

What were you expecting?

Maybe finding out that the virus was no longer active??

Tinstar Battle Armor
Warrior VTOL
Whirlwind Scout Hover Tank
Mobile Long Tom
Definitely I can see myself using a Whirlwind scout hover tank, especially the AAA variant.
Fan Fiction / Re: "Steal, buy, or Build?" (a Ngoverse piece.)
« Last post by Ramblefire on Today at 16:56:30 »
I'm considering taking a break for a while from this.  I may put a pin in it for later.

If writing this timeline is getting un-fun or uninteresting for whatever reason, that may be a good idea.
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