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General BattleTech Discussion / Re: Inner sphere Artillery mechs
« Last post by Frabby on Today at 23:45:56 »
Surprised BattleTechnology's venetable Huntress wasn't mentioned yet.

Also, if Mechs are hard to come by, why use them for artillery?
Only 'Mechs can be combat-dropped into a theater for immediate use, or into rough terrain. If you want your arty where your 'Mechs are at any time, you need to have it 'Mech mounted.
in very limited circumstances. we ran into the timing problem that the interest expressed in the recguides for the Iron Cheetah wouldn't have seen delivery until after the conquest of terra. there may yet be more added (eg we who do the lists are not privy to the future of the jags). we'll all have to wait and see together

we only know slightly more than the public. we await the shape of things moving into the mid 3150s as eagerly as everyone else
I have a mostly complete unseen/reseen/new art classic ready to go as soon as the last four pieces of art drop.

The GoAC/Kickstarter art and Rec Guide originals will see some kind of compellation depending on how CGL chooses to package it in the print version of the recguies
Iron Cheetah seems to have ilClan availability. not sure if thats meant to be seen yet.
MUL has been updated, the Rime Otter comes out pretty good due to the conversions. this seems like an alpha strike mech more than a classic
Ok, was just thinking of getting some of these going for my planetary Garrison mooks. Very glad to see such a solid set together!
 Anyone ever given a run at the fancier cross-slot stands ala AGOAC?
with the notable exception of the Outworlds-Raven Alliance. having a live-in Clan has benefits, even if they do tend to be the tail wagging the dog sometimes in terms of interstellar politics.

I kinda got an odd question. Lets set the timeline at just before the SLDF kicked the crap outta the Periphery nations.

Most warships of the time didn't mount much in the way of Point Defense (the SLDF it is said relied on its aerospace fighters to screen their ships).
So, does that mean that the aerospace fighters deployed alongside the warships (or dropships or whatever) can intercept incoming Capital Missiles and shoot them down before they can hit a target? To do that do they use their entire warload or can they only engage missiles with their own 'point defense' weaponry?

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