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Off Topic / Re: Naval Pictures VIII: From Japan with love
« Last post by marauder648 on Today at 05:06:45 »
What I've never been able to determine is why Tiger ended up being a lone ship- the Renowns were more of an accident of circumstance, repurposing cancelled R-class dreadnoughts, so why did the British look at the new design for what became Tiger and say 'yeah, just one, thank you' rather than at least two, as they did with all other battllecruisers of the era?

Basically it boiled down to money and time and politics. The RN's battlecruisers were always a 'fast' version of that generations Dreadnoughts. The I class was the Dreadnought's battlecruiser, the Lions were basically a fast Orion (and the Queen Mary was a fast KGV) whilst the Tiger was a fast Iron Duke. But by the time that the Tiger was complete, war had broken out and the RN was already looking at the 15-inch gun for its future weapon, and that stopped the battlecruiser development whilst they waited to see what the gun would be like (seeing as it was being developed VERY quickly).

Once war broke out, there was various naval laws passed that put a greater emphasis on finishing what's complete NOW and then churning out escorts and cruisers. That's kinda how Fisher got the Courageous class made, he first said they were large light cruisers, and then used a cruisers machinery to save money. With the advent of the 15-inch gun and oil firing/fuel the RN didn't quite know what it wanted to do. The Revenge class of Dreadnought was suppose to be 8 strong, they were cheaper to produce than the Queen Elisabeth's due to their smaller machinery spaces, but Fisher used the victory at the Falklands and Helogland Bligh to basically point at the battlecruiser concept and go "It worked!" (And it did!) And so instead of having 3 slow battleships, that were not even laid down, Fisher said he wanted two fast battlecruisers that could be built fast. So the 3 R's got cancelled and the material for them used on the Renown class.

There was also disagreements on what ships should be built, Fisher pre war wanted more battlecruisers, Churchill wanted a more balanced approach and there was agreements/disagreements between them and of course the Treasury getting involved. One of these designs was a true fast battleship, although you could also call it a battlecruiser, that would have had 8 x 15-inch guns and a 10-inch thick belt but a max speed of about 28 knots. But they were large, and expensive so that was changed and at the time the Admiralty wanted more dreadnoughts, so they got the R's instead.

Really it's a mixup of things, there was the idea for a sistership to the Tiger (often called the Panther in history circles) but the Admiralty disagreeing on what they wanted, the advent of the 15-inch gun/oil firing, the outbreak of war and so on really threw any plans out the window. The Renowns got built really through a mixture of Fisher's brute force charm and ability to win people over, the success of the FAST battlecruisers at Falklands/Heogiland and him saying they'd be built quickly and built cheap. And they were built quick, but when they joined the fleet in 1916, Jutland had happened and those magnificent looking ships, and their 6-inch thick armour belts looked terrifyingly vulnerable. Hence them going right back into the docks for changes to be made (leading to the class getting the nickname of HMS Refit and HMS Repair). It wasn't until after the war that their armour belt was upgraded to a 9-inch belt that had been 'donated' by the battleship that would become the carrier HMS Eagle.

Off Topic / Re: Bad Batch Star Wars
« Last post by Ruger on Today at 04:47:27 »
I really thought it was going to be set just before Rebels in the timeline. Maybe 8-10bby

Already have the Solo movie for that, Rebels for a few years after that, the original trilogy, then Mandalorian, etc..

Showing the first steps as the Republic becomes the Empire is something not really shown before.

Amusing if true, but what's the source for this?
I'll have to look it up, but "brain-controlled movement" was pretty much the impression I got from the original CBT rulebook and MW1 RPG.
Guys, the worst the bits of the rocket that survive re-entry can do will be equivalent to one light airplane crash, scattered over potentially 100km. The ship will be fine. Containers? Mebbe.

And it's not like some of us weren't under the Skylab track at the time ...
The Inner Sphere / Re: The Palmyra Disaster
« Last post by Metallgewitter on Today at 03:40:19 »
  B/c Erik is NOT the Duke and is several branches removed from the ruling line. 

Wasn't Eric appointed Duke of the Draconis March? In the era 3145 report it was stated that the ducal title of Corwin Sandoval passed to Erik Sandoval who is content being a loyal servant to New Avalon (page 94 of the era report). I would assume that means that Erik is the current Duke of Robinson and Lord of the Draconis March. Or did that change when The Fedsuns liberated Robinson with the help of the Republic?

Oh and freeing New Avalon should be the top priority. not only as an important symbol but also for the industry still in place (unless the Combine went full scorched earth. Think about what Mechs are build on New Avalon: Centurion, Legionaire, Vulpes, Valkyrie etc. Some of the most staple Mechs of the Suns. Having them return to the roster files should do some wonders for morale.
I think the Gyro system is a supplement to actively adapting the 'Mech's stance, it would take a hell of a lot less computing power to just change the speed on one to two axis of a three axis gyro than to make minute millisecond to millisecond adjustments to a whole multi decotonne machine on the fly as it moves over uneven terrain,

What interest me the most about Mech gyro is where exactly that thing is located on mechs. On some designs it's really hard to see where that gyro could fit assuming it doesn't encompass the fusion reactor which would seem hard to do.

The gyro doesn't have to be where the record sheet says it is, or how we envision it, the record sheet is an abstraction, the gyro crit's could be just for it's control hardware/software and the physical gyros could be scattered around the machine, say each gyro crit is a self contained computer that handles only the input from the sensors on the gyro's and interprets commands from the neurohelmet sending them to the gyro's, You start of with three computers (of varying sizes; compact, normal, XL) in a subnetwork sending a average of all three's sensor input to the neurohelmet, because sensors aren't perfect and redundancy is good, and as gyro's are hit the system has less and less data to work with and things get harder... ok i need more caffeine and more time to wake up to figure out how to english what's in my brain  xp
General BattleTech Discussion / Re: Where else besides Tamar?
« Last post by nova_dew on Today at 03:02:53 »
If we ever get another TRO:VA I promise Scanias, Volvos, and Saabs.

Yes this, just this. Also add a industrial manufacturer based on Thule just called "Group"... or maybe don't, I don't know how bad the legal issues would be or if the game could handle that level of punning again  ::)
General BattleTech Discussion / Re: Where else besides Tamar?
« Last post by Foxx Ital on Today at 02:58:17 »
If we ever get another TRO:VA I promise Scanias, Volvos, and Saabs.
I'd trial for a kharmann ghia.  More on topic I'm looking forward to the plot going forward and seeing where all the pieces end up going.
Chapter Nineteen: Malvina of course manages to get upstaged by her prisoner. I'm just so sick of her and her psychopatic but kinda dumb mean girl routine that I was rooting for her to be out of commission just for a little while longer so I wouldn't have to read more of it yet.

Blah blah honor blah blah dead bear blah blah now it's serious blah blah. I feel like we're supposed to sympathize with Alaric here, maybe even agree with him? Certainly it's been hammered into us how shameful the headhunting attack was, but I just don't feel it. Oh no, you're angry because the guys you attacked who don't live under your ridiculous system didn't follow your rules. Suck it up princess. This is the real world. The people you attack don't owe you a ****** thing. You aren't entitled to define the rules of the wars you start.

(I see hardcore crusaders who get puffed up at dishonorable spheroids as petulant children is what I'm saying).

Since Anthony showed the Ostroc' concept art on his Patreon, I'm 100% sure it'll pop up in a Rec Guide.

And he just showed an Assassin sketch by Bishop Steiner as well... excellent
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