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Thanks for the answer Greekfire it is a great task that you do
Iron Wind Metals News and Announcements / Re: Field Report 2765
« Last post by jwt708 on Today at 09:58:47 »
I support any ship projects!
BattleTech Miniatures / Re: COMSTAR Air support
« Last post by Mecha82 on Today at 09:54:42 »
Sweet! :thumbsup:
Ground Combat / Re: Best Slow Light Mech
« Last post by pokefan548 on Today at 09:52:15 »
None of which applies post 3050.
Hence why I specified until Guardian is recovered.
A 'Mech can be good without being good in every era.
General BattleTech Discussion / Re: Grand Melee Questions
« Last post by bugman on Today at 09:48:09 »
Oh I’m not scared of their light mechs… I just feel bad when my other friend takes his Executioner F and murders them turn two.

And if someone does choose a Black Python (or White Raven) I did make a list a couple months back of the cheesiest mechs with pulses for other players to look at.
Why feel bad, they chose to bring a knife to a gun fight. That's on them.

I would probably make a battle field with lots of terrain but has open spots also. So everyone needs to think about the terrain. If a nat kills a beast so be it. If the beast stomps the nat that's the way it goes. Have a beer and a laugh.
Clan Chatterweb / Re: The Clans and artillery.
« Last post by Colt Ward on Today at 09:47:33 »
On Apollo, for example, Falcon OmniMechs were ordered to be reconfigured with Arrow IV launchers to destroy a strongly fortified position. These used homing missiles to reduce civilian casualties. The Falcons were further said to use Arrow IV bombardments or strikes multiple times during Tukayyid, which didn't have any Falcon vehicles present---so clearly the ground-launched assaults must have come from Omnis.

Except we are told that at times the Clans do not include vehicles in their TO&E because they are considered 'spare' . . . be it artillery or the Svantovits moving a 'pure' Elemental bianry/trinary.

But the OP also forgets the Clans had access to other SLDF artillery vehicles, like the Marksmen, Padilla, etc that fired tube as well.  Or that what fought in the invasion were Omnis, all it would take is a word to the techs . . . and while the Kit Fox V might have been published much later after the invasion was written, it makes a excellent candidate for that sort of direction if no tech on it comes from after that period- I do not know it off the top of my head.
Ground Combat / Re: Best Slow Light Mech
« Last post by Colt Ward on Today at 09:38:32 »
UrbanJokes aside, the Urbie is a solid close-range budget option. The Raven RVN-1X is also... well it's basically your only ECM/Active Probe option outside of the rare SLDF Royal 'Mech until Guardian is recovered. It's a niche option with such a short range to use Ghost Targets and the lack of other complex electronic equipment with which to jam, but you never know when it'll be handy. If memory serves, some of the Davion combat-oriented variants also do a decent job of punching above their weight.

None of which applies post 3050.

We have not seen it yet, BUT I would expect to see something like the last Mongoose but with some advanced armor . . . we have not seen a 5/8 light mech with a ERPPC or even better a cERLL, stealth armor (or Hardened or FL) and most importantly- reinforced structure.

I think that is the paradigm shift we will need to see for a slow light to be viable . . . or mabye a 6/9 with E-LRMs.
1. Are the mech variants in them supposed to be the "standard" variants of the Ilclan era or are they just new/experimental stuff that only a few people are gonna be using?

Since 2 has been answered . . . what we get is in 3 categories- 1st, brand new mechs using the 'standard' tech rules of the period . . . best example is the Hammerhead, which just had a premium mini released that sold out.  The 2nd sort, is the gun port matching of GoAC & Clan Invasion KS art (which is why they slipped in the Elemental) . . . so your GoAC Wolverine mini with a AC, SRM6 and med laser port gets something with those same type weapons in those locations . . . the Timber Wolf Prime in the Clan Invasion box, has two large laser, two medium laser, two 15 port missile boxes, etc that matches using newer tech.  The point of this is to let you use the same mini for 3025 games as in 3150, giving you versatility in your purchase.  The 3rd sort, are 'proxy' builds . . . the Wolverine &Timber Wolf get updated with the new tech w/o concern for the gun ports, FREX we get a Timber Wolf with IIRC a UAC/20 and a Supercharger to make it go further.  Sure, you could kitbash one if you want but you can plop down one of the KS Timber Wolves as a generic standin like the like you were with Timber Wolf As, Bs, Cs, Ds, etc.
Mundo Nublar is Coreward Deep Periphery. In any case, the Blakists have at least one Newgrange for deep-space mobile servicing of their fleet
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