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How I see it, having the biggest fleet is good, a no brainer (Capital Assets), take systems by simply deploying and occupying Jump points, and kill anything that comes near, from the Planet, or another system. The Raven's could develop more support stuff, especially Protomech and thier modified dropships, there is some stroy dev there I reckon, and also if Bear does make a good stab at Luithen, Raven's could make a good link up in a back stab.

With their navy size as its un-oppossed, as part of the new SLDF, they could even "hold open" entire systems for more realistic Trials of Position
where on earth is this idea the ghost bears where "meant to be offed" from? I've been involved in battletech for a good 25 years now, have talked with numerous people involved in writing the fluff and thats the first I've heard of this?

Heabas (During the monthly AMA's) and Ray (during a video AMA on something that chances are never meant to have anything to do with the clans at all, or it could have been a question over how far back the ilClan story was planned or something), I think, have both covered FASA's original plans for the clans, the OG plan was for the Wolves and Falcons to eat the other clans on the way to Sol and then fight it out over being ilClan, it was dropped at some point possibly because the other Clans got followers, but this was a long time ago and they could have said it as a joke or a partial truth or i'm misremembering.
I thought only the Jaguars were introduced with the intention of being killed off? That's why the Jaguars were depicted as so awful early on - they were always the Clan that was going to be destroyed in order to make an example.
The Periphery / Re: Taking the Bull By the Horns: Taurus Rising
« Last post by BrianDavion on Today at 05:35:12 »
Yep! Quite pleased to see nothing terrible happened to the Bulls (or rather, that they didn't do anything terrible to themselves again) for once. I'd definitely like to see something that explains what exactly transpired between Hadji Doru taking off to the Magistracy and Kaff Doru becoming Protector.

I know we're fans of, well, peripheral factions in the setting, but it'd be nice to get some filling in on the Fronc Reaches and Filtvelt as well as the TC/CP.

yeah the Taurians had kind of become a bit of a one note joke for years, it's nice to see thats changing 
Clan Chatterweb / Re: Best Clan Infantry support weapons by era
« Last post by JAMES_PRYDE on Today at 05:29:31 »
Good read your link, I will research it in more depth when it comes time for me to get into the nitty gritty details of Conventional Infantry for my mod
Novel and Sourcebook Reviews / Re: Damocles . . .
« Last post by BrianDavion on Today at 05:24:17 »
My pet theory is Gavin is working for Alaric probably in exchange for a major role in the Ilklan Star League . If he were working to protect the Suns he would have been more proactive in curtailing Eric especially considering he controls Eric`s closest companion giving him a complete look into his inner council. But by playing Eric and Julian against each other he can slow down reconstruction efforts and cause discord and possible conflict ,weakening a potential adversary for the Ilklan . Steiner is a dumpster fire , Marik is still trying to get there legs under them as unified nation again .So that leaves Liao and Kurita as the 2 biggest threats to Alaric`s ambitions . as long as The Suns rebuilding is a long process they can be safely ignored for later or possibly invited to join if another Civil War kicks off with an offer of aid . And with Dominion Divided Yori will have her hands full for a bit . I`m Seeing a Daoshen v Alaric slugfest in the future with everyone else busy with there own issues .

except that we see Gavin's internal monologue is he wants to strengthen the fedsuns.

I've got a few theories...

1: Gavin, much like his great aunt belives the nation will be better off under him, and he'll destroy the nation to ensure he gets the nation if nesscary, Julian and Erik are his greatest compeition so he'll set them against each other in the hopes they destroy each other.

2: Gavin isn't intreasted in Julian job but wants ERIKS job. The position of Prince's Champion has a LOT of power to it, a lot of unoffical "soft power" too. anyone who wants to impliment an agenda in the fedsuns would be VERY well served by having said position. If we simply accept Gavin's words without any catches etc and he genuinly wants whats best for the fedsuns, he may wish that position for himself, and desire to accelerate Erik's fall from grace (because it's coming)

3: Gavin is hoping by manipulating an inevitable conflict he can ensure that it doesn't blow up. and instead simply is kept at a simmer through Julian's reign.
General BattleTech Discussion / Re: OpenAI and BT
« Last post by Daryk on Today at 05:21:52 »
College Humor, in one of their "If Google was a Guy" videos had Google get in an argument with Siri... it was HILARIOUS!  :D
General BattleTech Discussion / Re: longevity and life span of weapons
« Last post by Daryk on Today at 05:15:50 »
I know them.  It doesn't take very long to take something from Mothballed to operational in BT.
But it does take time.  It's not straight from the Cosmoline into battle.  Even the video game had a few hours of going over things before the Taurians showed up.
where on earth is this idea the ghost bears where "meant to be offed" from? I've been involved in battletech for a good 25 years now, have talked with numerous people involved in writing the fluff and thats the first I've heard of this?
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