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Huh?  Reinforced structure is competitive with both those armors- some designs even use both (Osteon w/FLA).  If you think Reinforced is not useful, run out the latest Mongoose.

Reinforced internal structure is simply not competitive with hardened armor and ferro-lamellor armor as a mech survivability technology.  You can argue that the rules for it are more intrinsically interesting, or that they allow for more flavorful designs, but the math says it's straight worse.

Standard internal structure is 10% of the weight of a mech.  Maximum armor with standard armor is usually around 20%, slightly higher as a percent for the lightest chasses and slightly lower for the largest due to the discrepancy in how maximum head armor is calculated relative to everything else.

So, with standard armor and standard internals, armor and internals give roughly the same number of hit points per ton.  However, the the quality of these hit points is not equivalent.  A hit against armor normally has a 2.78% chance of inflicting a critical at all, while against exposed internal structure a critical hit roll is automatic.

Reinforced internal structure doubles the weight and doubles the hitpoints of the internal structure, so the hit points per ton of the internal structure stays exactly the same; about the same as standard armor.  The -1 modifier to critical hit checks is actually a big deal, since it brings down the chance of something bad happening to 27.78% from 41.67%, so a one third reduction in the chances of something bad happening, and a complete elimination of the possibility of the catastrophic events in the "12" column of the table occurring at all.

Hardened armor doubles the number of hits each point of armor can take and it has half the number of points per ton.  Under Tacops rules there isn't any rounding for odd-numbered amounts of damage, so hardened armor is strictly weight-neutral in terms of armor points per ton relative to standard armor.  It also grants immunity to special rules from AP autocannon rounds, tandem charge missiles, and tasers.  It also greatly reduces the threat posed by through-armor-criticals of any sort, that -2 modifier reducing the chances of the critical doing anything whatsoever to a mere 16.67%.

So, both reinforced internal structure and hardened armor add the same number of hitpoints per ton to a mech as standard armor and standard internals, and they have very close to the same number of additional hitpoints per ton as each other (as we have already established that internal structure and armor have about the same hitpoints per ton).  However, as before, the quality of the hitpoints differs.  Reinforced internal structure is still rolling a critical hit check for each hit it takes, and even with the modifier the odds of things going badly for the mech are still worse than with armor being hit.  To put it another way, if a mech has about half its maximum armor points and standard armor, you are always better off maxing out its armor rather than switching to reinforced internal structure, even though both options weigh about the same amount and add about the same number of hit points.  Reinforced internal structure is only advantageous after the armor points are maxed out, because for the same weight armor is providing better quality hitpoints.  This comparison tilts even further in favor of armor if the armor in question is ferro-fibrous.

Hardened armor, on the other hand, allows an increase in the total number of armor hitpoints while being weight-neutral with standard armor.  Not only that, it provides a much higher increase in hitpoints in absolute terms than reinforced internal structure does.  On slower units the hit in run MP is quite bad, and with low piloting skill the PSR modifier can be annoying.   
Outside of situations where these problems are prohibitive though, you're simply getting better survivability increases for the tonnage with hardened armor.

The standout star is ferro-lamellar armor though.  In an absolutely worst-case scenario where the enemy only uses weapons that inflict even multiples of five points of damage, each ton of ferro-lamellar armor provides 14 points of protection, but only takes 80% damage which means it has an effective 17.5 points of armor per ton, while also allowing a 25% increase in effective armor points.  Take that in; for two less crits than IS ferro-fibrous, it's within spitting distance of having the same improvement in protection per ton while also using two less crits, the same negation of exotic armor-piercing effects as hardened armor and...

there was one other things, I forget...


The number of armor points on a given location is double the number of internal structure points.  Therefore, ferro-lamellor armor taking the most conservative possible estimate of a 25% increase in the effective number of armor points is increasing total location hitpoints by 16%, vice the 33% of reinforced structure, but again, armor points are better than structure points if they're actually getting hit.  It's also adding that survivability at a ~14% increase to the mass of the armor rather than a 100% increase in the mass of the structure, which is much, much lighter.  Again, in terms of marginal utility it is far superior and the only reason to take reinforced internal structure is if the armor is already maxed out and you still need more toughness.
BattleMechs / Re: Build a Trainer.
« Last post by Elmoth on Today at 23:18:39 »
Osnt that what the shadow hawk (weapons, no heat issues) and the chameleon (heat, no weapon issues) are for?
I honestly doubt we'll get anything other than Inner Sphere Standard, though. Maybe if we'd gotten, I dunno, a Gnome or something with CI, I might have given GD Standard decent odds, but hey.
IDK, a Gnome is pretty factionally specific v/s Elementals that are super generic.  So only Elementals makes sense.

The IS-Standard is the IS version of Elementals so that also makes sense, but, this is a Mercenaries based KS theme, so I'd hope there is at least a small chance at seeing a GDL suit.
Especially since, IIRC, the GDL Standard Suit "image" from TRO3058 never got a mass production mini in a box of many or even a MWDA version that I recall anyway.
I think the only one I might have is a single purchased model from IWM.
Eww, IDK.
For every person that wants to field entire lances of a single unit or wants to paint up a wasp for every faction, there are probably loads of people that are just happing having 1-2 of some mechs to play with.

I think the most likely "Company" we see is what we already saw the AGoAC box + beginner box as a "Mechs Only" option so that people don't have to keep rebuying a full game box.

Or if we are lucky, the new AS box & NEW beginner box like I mentioned up thread.  But given are both new, I doubt we see that this KS.
Off Topic / Re: Leaving wargaming
« Last post by Garrand on Today at 22:45:56 »
Since I moved to Ecuador, I do pretty much 100% of my wargaming solo. So I never lose, & all luck is in my favor!

For Battletech, because it is such a diverse & rich background, you could still participate by keeping up with the fiction & the sourcebooks, become a collector rather than a wargamer. I've done this several times in my life, where I haven't been able to game for whatever reason. And when I could, I transitioned back into an active gamer. But I always kept my toe in Battletech, & never sold off my collection of books.

The Inner Sphere / Re: How do planetary militias work?
« Last post by Hellraiser on Today at 22:36:31 »
ATGMs are the answer to the scenario as framed.  We don't really have those in BT, though...  ^-^
Tandem-Charged LRMs, if they existed, might be "close" to ATGMs, in terms of effect on MBTs
The Inner Sphere / Re: Which Kind of Mercenarry is better?
« Last post by Decoy on Today at 22:31:34 »
The answer to this is obviously...Velite.
Fan Fiction / Re: The glow of a worm inside a child's eye...
« Last post by DOC_Agren on Today at 22:14:42 »
4 year old Liz is so cute...   :thumbsup:
Ground Combat / Re: IS vs Clan
« Last post by AlphaMirage on Today at 22:10:42 »
There are several other things you can do as well if all rules are on the table. Any mech with two hands over 40 tons can carry an SRM6 loaded with smoke. This is mathematically the best smoke thrower. Cover your advance with these or a Javelin/Commando loaded with them. Effective use of infernos also helps once you close, most Clan mechs run hot normally so extra heat is a triple threat, mechs slow down, can't fire as much, and suffer targeting penalties. To make that even force a shutdown or ammo explosion
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