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Fan Fiction / Re: Survivor
« Last post by Daryk on Today at 03:27:10 »
At least 52 was wearing clothes!
The btech ships are too light, but thats because the ships are no longer tube shaped like in tro2750 but chubby blocky things with much more width and height in tro3057.  Also, the leviathian's armor weight is the issue, not the leviathians actual weight.  Like, at 2.5 million tons there is plenty of tonnage to put a big thick sheet of armor on the leviathan even at it's existing overblown dimensions, but while the structure is 360,000 tons, the armor is only 5300 tons thanks to the wonky construction rules.  So the armor is a mere .2% the mass while the structure is a respectable 15%.  Mech armor is up to 20% the mass of the mech, with another 10% structure, and can be 40% for hardened armor and 20% for strengthened internal structure.  Adding a zero to the warship's mass isnt going to fix anything, the armor would still be .2% when you multiply everything by 10... 10 sheets of paper for example instead of 1.  Gotta fix the dimensions--if you want bulky ships they need to be shorter, if you want long ships cause of the KF core they need to be thinner.

The K-F Core is fluffed to actually provide the ship's spine (It's 47.5% of the ship's weight and the ship is LITERALLY built around it) so a lot of that weight is structure of some sort.
BattleTech Miniatures / Re: Deckard_2049s Battletech stuff
« Last post by Elmoth on Today at 03:16:00 »
Those are amazing. Thank you for sharing!!!
The Periphery / Re: Pirates and Bandit Kingdoms circa 3150
« Last post by tassa_kay on Today at 01:39:13 »
One of the RecGuide entries references stuff from the Black Marauder story about the Raven Alliance and Brotherhood of Randis teaming up to conduct ops against Tortuga.
I think it's a little early to assume that, given that the trilogy will likely focus on the WoR itself and the Scorpion Abjuration happened afterwards.
We can also assume that the upcoming Wars of Reaving trilogy will entail additional information as to the Scorpions leaving the Homeworlds.
not quite BT level of cluster hits, but my love of Yahtzee and shaking dice died sometime in my late teens.  7-12 me? loved that loud plastic on plastic on shaking. (now it causes eye twitches)

Hardened leather is your friend for a dice cup. Plastic...hell no.
But leather would be an impossibility for a box of doom.
I do have one suggestion that could garner more interest in BattleTech Space Ships:

Dropship Carrying Cases.

Nothing like having portable gaming terrain with the added function of carrying your gaming miniatures.  Of course, if you're not playing open tabletop like in Alpha Strike, you might want to include a hexmap-scale template for if the ship is part of the scenario.  Using that enough times may get some people curious about the rest of interstellar transit and the foils and foibles of Void travels.

Hmmm.  It got mentioned on the boards.  Guess it's not gonna happen now. (Can someone tell me how this hasn't become a meme, please?)

That would be cool.

Now, that aside, and with me caught up in this thread, I'd like to tackle a scaling idea.

People keep talking about having space ships taking up multiple hexes.  That's fine.  But, does that mapping have to be by hex, for one? And why does the mapping of a ship have to translate to the combat map directly?

For point 1, there's the funky little thing in BattleTech that is currently unique to one combat unit: The crit location table.  But, it doesn't have to be unique to the BattleMech.  What's wrong with mapping out a ship's items that way?  Sure, I think space ships of most volumes that equate to a large building should have more than 4 or 6 locations.  Way more if they're whole sections of land.

I wouldn't mind something like that.

It would also be nice if all dropships and above were treated like multi-hex/multi-elevation structures. It'd greatly complicate construction but it would fix some of the breaks in aerotech.

Fan Fiction / Re: Hidden Hope (Golden Lion AU, Part 4)
« Last post by PsihoKekec on Today at 00:46:18 »
So Clans are using much larger numbers and are invading one Successor State at time. The amount of common sense they are using is scary.
The Thrust ratings and Fuel Consumption values already handle that inertia and fuel needs.  Unless you are saying that a Warship that accelerates at a Thrust of 4 in turn 1 does not actually start to move until turn 2?

For ISD vs MF, the ISD might just have a lower thrust rating.

Which accelerates faster, a motorcycle, a mid-size car, or a semi-truck? When traveling at the same speed, which turns faster?  I'm pretty sure it's the motorcycle as it has less mass and inertia for the engine to overcome. So why should a million ton warship accelerate and turn as fast as a fighter that's 10,000 times smaller?

Closest I can think of is the White Stars vs Shadomegas, where the Star Furies are firing on White Stars while the White Stars are passing by.  Not sure about damage inflicted by the Star Furies though.

The key for me in BT is that an ASF force that is 1% the mass of a Warship can engage it and be likely to win, even just punching through the armor.  To test this, make a 100 kton Warship, and put ten 100-ton ASF against it (or twenty 50-ton ASF, fifty 20-ton ASF, etc).

I don't remember either. It's been a while since I watched the show.

History has proven that a lucky hit from a plane can take out a warship. That said, most weapons mounted on fighters shouldn't do much to a warship. It should be things like Arrow Missiles and Bombs that do the most damage and the damage they do seems a bit light. AT1's bombs feel more right to me as they can do up to 10 points of damage to a warship.

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