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Fan Fiction / Re: "Steal, buy, or Build?" (a Ngoverse piece.)
« Last post by Cannonshop on Today at 00:18:05 »
'First, we get them... commit." Elizabeth explained, "They might be referencing SLDF manuals, but they're moving on Kowloon when the smart move, is to go for the Boojum yards first."

The "Ducal Command Center" was on the U-One, a 22,000 ton submarine armed with banks of torps fore and aft, and a double row of capital grade missile launchers loaded with Santa Annas along the spine.

"Once they're Committed? we'll have control of the dance." she added.

Colonel Lucien Carmichael of the Kowloon Mainstreet March Militia wasn't native, he'd been assigned to handle Kowloon's battlemech contingent, which were all drawn from offworld.  Technically, this was his operation, but even Mount Asgard knew better when a former Secretary of the Navy in a system that feeds that navy is also the Duke of that system.


Liz turned to her main Military advisor, Flottenkapitan Mai Huyn, who answered for her.

"Dance.  Clanners prefer straight fights, in controlled conditions that favor their range and heat sinking advantages and general superior mobility for the firepower they bring.  We're not going to play their game, but we ARE going to play it enough to get them mired in the landing fights, and then in surface combat.  Your role, is to show up just often enough to keep the cannister bastards  interested, then melt away and let the wet-naval units drop shell on them, or air strikes to cover your retreat.  MY job is to keep them from being able to keep or rely on air superiority."

"So, your plan is 'get chewed on until we're relieved'?"

"Something like that.  I want to get their warships pinned over Kowloon, in ground support mode." Liz said, "They can't maneuver and they won't be able to evade or defend themselves adequately if they're hanging low over the horizon.  The Black-Water units can then engage them on something like an equal footing, especially with some of the tricks we evolved driving off the Rimjobs...and the refinements we've worked out since." she pointed up toward the ceiling, implying a distance well outside the atmosphere, and added, "that many capital ships is a serious commitment, it's also a serious benefit if we can destroy them here instead of having to face them out there.  Victor's been working on the counter-offensive for years, every enemy warship we can bring down is one that won't be destroying allied forces somewhere else."

Just assembled the Eris, I like it.  I really want to replace the claw fist with an actual fist though.
Fan Fiction / Re: "Steal, buy, or Build?" (a Ngoverse piece.)
« Last post by Cannonshop on 02 December 2022, 23:35:47 »
In a sense, everyone is on the learning curve...

...which should be more surprising than it is.

The Jade Falcon warship group was sticking firmly to SLDF doctrine, the escorts covering their larger, major firepower cruisers, fighter screens were actually well laid out and running a rational cycle, maintaining an englobing formation, protecting the ground forces dropships as they burned into the system at one gee, the rational way you do it, as if someone actually opened their SLDF Naval manuals and read them for context.

NOT normal.  Nicole Minh chewed her lip, watching the enemy doing the intelligent thing, instead of what she'd been seeing since her first tour commanding a Cutter on interdiction duty.

"Someone's advising them." she decided.


"I said, someone is advising them.  We hit how many convoys of Steel Vipers last year?  and we were chewing the dogsnot out of their convoys from their homeworlds too, these guys, the Wolves...diamond sharks?  so someone on the other side got serious."

Her Patrol was supposed to be in Kowloon space on a stand-down and cadre cycle, training the next crews for the next sortie and doing light defensive operations with plenty of off-time for rest and refit.

NOT having to try to run a guerilla campaign while maintaining a sort-of fleet-in-being in the system against an enemy that had suddenly decided to be competent.

"Mum, incoming from Squadron lead."

"read it." she said.

"Patrols Two and Three to withdraw to Snark orbit, Break.
Patrols one and Squadron one-three Patrol One are to withdraw to secure position Boojum/spider Moon L1, Break.
Orders direct from Planetary Assembly, Break.
Vote Two Fifty Nine to One Ninety one, ten abstain, Break.
Orders from Duchess:

Stand By forces, avoid contact with Jade Falcon Naval Units until reinforcements arrive, Break.
We're Playing this by Rules. Break
Signature Duchess Ngo, Elizabeth Anne, Message End."

"She's telling us not to attack?" Seether was astonished.

"No, she's telling us to hold back because we can't win with what we've got, and she can't afford to lose us." Nicole speculated, "Also, there seems to be an issue with the civil government."

"Shit...your orders mum?"

"We follow orders." Nicole said seriously, "All hands, all hands, stand by for Local Jump transit, all crew to secure stations, CAG, get my birds secured in their slips."

"Ayeh mum."

Nicole glanced at her XO.  "I think I have an inkling what she's up to.  That formation is textbook SLDF, it's optimized to repel missile based nuclear attack, and it's likely they have also recovered the concept of bracket fire against fighter squadrons.  Her Grace must have a plan to neutralize that, or at least make it less comfortable, but she wants a hole we follow orders until she's not giving the orders, or until we have enough forces to actually manage a wall of battle scenario with some means of surviving."

"Hope you're right and this isn't just bad strategy folding the sail in." Seether observed.

show confidence to your subordinates, it's the most important job an officer has.

"Relax xo, mi pensa mi keng keting im's doing unte im's da semówt plan." she said it in Sol-Belta dialect. "You Sabby?"

"mi Sabby." Seether nodded, "All stations report secured, smallcraft locked down, fighters locked down."

Nicole finished the drive equations and picked her point.  "Standby for jump in ten minutes, forty seconds."

On the telescopic, a group of Omnifighters began a breaking off and started an interception run as detectors on the other end picked up the drive plume from their cutter, the black sails reefed, it was visible.

"Enemy interception in eleven mikes." Seether noted, "they're not gonna be happy."

"Their loss." Nicole stated.

The enemy fighters were burning for all they were worth...throwing fuel out the back end to make an intercept they would be denied.

"they're going to need refuel when they get here at that burn rate." Seether idly commented.

"I'm sure someone on the other side thought of that...keep an eye on them, Seether, they might have another surprise for us."

"Ayeh Mum."

The first pinprick hits were registering right as Nicole hit the switch.

MWO's problem is not modeling or animation, its netcode. Even with Host State Rewind to try and balance wild variations in ping, odds of actually hitting with a hatchet let alone having the visual line up is slim. MW5 being largely a solo game doesn't have to worry about that.

Now that is making me wonder, I haven't play co-op since before melee was introduced, I wonder how it ends up working out...
Funny thing. I don't really play (Unless Instant Action game) unless I'm playing with my friends once in while. It's game to share/play with.  Mods make it more playable.
MechWarrior Hall / Re: Word Association 34 ~ I've Got Somethin' To Say!
« Last post by Wrangler on 02 December 2022, 23:26:17 »
Fan Art / Re: That's not a cannon. THIS is a cannon!
« Last post by Daryk on 02 December 2022, 23:00:36 »
Ah, makes sense!  :thumbsup:
Aerospace / Re: Scout-class Primitive Warship
« Last post by Daryk on 02 December 2022, 22:59:51 »
That MIGHT be enough....  ^-^
Off Topic / Re: Squad LMG?
« Last post by Daryk on 02 December 2022, 22:58:27 »
Heh... the cadre were more like "It snows here??"  ;D
Non-Canon Units / Re: Wieczorek's Archers mercenary unit
« Last post by Daryk on 02 December 2022, 22:57:39 »
Works for me then!  :thumbsup:
Off Topic / Re: Transformers: Rise of the Beasts trailer
« Last post by Wrangler on 02 December 2022, 22:55:29 »
MoneyLovinOgre4Hire & ActionButler was my inspiration.

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