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It depends on several factors, such as desired era, tech level, and general access. 

Of course, the CLPS works with the Null Signature System, too, which makes hitting them at range a royal pain.  A factor that Stealth Armor doesn't work with.

1. Heat. I needed the heat coming from SA
2. Destroy one CLPS equipped area and you knock out the whole system. This doesn´t happen with SA
I think the Thor II (Grand Summoner) C had its medium and short ranges flopped.

It has no weapons with a minimum range or weapons with variable damage that would make short less than medium. It does however have a flamer which doesn’t reach to medium but still counts for heat at that range.

The mordel site agrees with me.
Aerospace Combat / Re: How much to kill a WarShip
« Last post by Col Toda on Today at 05:40:55 »
Tactics acceptable in previous ERAs is not in the Dark Age . As the opposition is not The WoB or you are playing the WoB . Carriers with robot drones with booby trap systems is the most quickly efficient means then .

Pocket Warships with sub capital Auto Cannons and Higher numbers of sub capital missles . Fighters with Thunderbolt 10s and 20s is more in line with the Dark Age. 

Far more tedious and time consuming.   Just 2 large CV dropships with something like 80 Trangressers loaded with many rocketlaunchers if you want to go using stock units .
Fan Fiction / Re: "Steal, buy, or Build?" (a Ngoverse piece.)
« Last post by Cannonshop on Today at 05:36:09 »
Werner Siegfield...

...had enjoyed his relationship with Hopper Morrison.  He'd enjoyed the privileges he'd gotten on his visits, the special treats the Pirate King gave to his most effective business partner, and the access things forbidden in his normal duties as a Comstar Acolyte.

Especially the tasty morsels his intel granted him from Morrison's captures.

"Werner Siegfried, Adept, are bound by law."  The young man standing at his door wasn't with ROM.  "How did you get in-"

"We were admitted after providing evidence to your superior. you are bound by law, your writ of immunity has been suspended by your superior on Tharkad, and confirmed by the First Circuit.  You are to be arrested, and brought to trial for..." the young man raised a Padd, "Sixty four counts of gross perversion with a minor, one hundred twenty counts of sexual assault against adults, and one hundred eighty four counts of first degree murder.  You have the right to remain silent, you have the right to request an attorney at your arraignment, you have the right to legal counsel, and the right to spiritual counsel upon your conviction, do you understand these rights as I have read them to you?"


"We're also going to charge you with conspiracy and espionage, along with providing aid and comfort to enemies of the human race." the young man commented, "you can resist, if you think it'll work, because I really would like to just beat the hell out of you all day, and all night...but procedure dictates I'm required to give you the option of coming along quietly, you sick ******. You disgrace the human race by existing."

Werner apparently decided that he might be able to take a man twenty years his junior in supreme, conditioned health.

It did not go according to his plan.

Sargeant Lee Moskoski managed to keep from killing the perp...barely, though he did decide that preventing an escape when the man came to consciousness was a priority in his mission, so he used his bayonet to cut the pervert's hamstrings and the tendons in the pervert's arms, making for a slightly overweight bundle of screams and groans as he and his fireteam carried the disgraced Acolyte from his quarters and out to a waiting Fennec class armored rover car.

"Hope they let us stake this ****** after the trial." Lee said.  "Stand him up as an example to the rest..."

To Sgt. Moskoski's chagrin, there would be no impaling the fallen adept-Comstar insisted on Extradition after the trial to face a Comstar court for related offenses, and the Archon Prince signed off permitting it.
Ground Combat / Re: Mechanized Infantry weights
« Last post by RifleMech on Today at 05:14:18 »
nope. i'm looking right at it both in print and PDF. it's 32 tons. (.1 + 1.9) * 16. the construction rules in TO:AUE are clear it's 2 tons per trooper for the micro-copter

The scuba is (.1 + .9) * 20.

those are the correct calculations. the additional weight per trooper is added to a dude (.1). Anything else is going to give you the wrong numbers.


Did they change that? Mine says the transport weight for VTOL Infantry is 34 tons.

Is TacOps even using the right weights? The weights in TM for infantry units by type changed. I think they're still using 1st editions TM weights.

The Weights table on page 155 of 1st Ed TM
Foot 0.1 ton
Motorized 0.21 ton
Jump 0.18 ton

The weights in 4th Ed TM
Foot 0.085 ton
Motorized 0.195 ton
Jump 0.165 ton

That's going to give different results in weight. We can see that in the example on page 154 of TO.

The Added Tons value establishes additional weight over and above the infantry unit’s Motive Type (see p. 155, TM). For Combat Engineers and Marines, the base per trooper weight varies with the Motive Type chosen (0.1 ton for Foot, 0.21 for Motorized, 0.18 for Jump, 1 for Hover/Tracked/Wheeled Mechanized, 1.5 for Microlite VTOL and 2 for Microcopter VTOL), while other specializations presume a base weight of 0.1 ton per trooper.

Please note the old TM weights.

For example, a Motorized Marine Combat Engineer has a per-trooper weight of 0.21 (Motorized) + 0 (Marine) + 0.1 (Combat Engineer) tons, or 0.31 tons for each trooper.

Using 4th Ed TM we get different numbers.
Weight of 0.195 ton (Motorized) + 0 (Marine) + 0.1 (Combat Engineer) tons, or .295 tons for each trooper. 

Does a 20 trooper Motorized Combat Engineer Platoon weigh 6.2 tons or 5.9 tons?  ???

Also the base weight of 1.5 and 2 for VTOL infantry is listed specifically for Combat Engineers and Marines. Other Specialized Infantry end up being the same though. But what about non specialized infantry? Do we use TM base weights +1.4 or +1.9 to create VTOL Infantry? If so, do we use Foot or Motorized Infantry weights?

Right now, I'm thinking it'd be easier if VTOL just started at 1.4 and 1.9 tons. Forget the +. Make those the base and then add to them. So a Micro-Copter Combat Engineering Platoon would weight, 1.9 tons + .1 tons x 20 troopers = 40 tons while a regular 16 trooper Micro-Copter Platoon would weight 1.9 tons per trooper = 30.4 (31) tons. I would also change the .1 for other Specialized Infantry to the .085 tons of Foot Infantry.

The Infantry might need a checking over too. If they haven't already. Besides VTOL Infantry weighing 34 tons, my TRO:3085 has HALO Paratroopers and SpecOps Paratroopers having 21 men in their platoons. TO limits Paratrooper Platoons to a max of 20 troopers. Those platoons have 1 trooper too many. That extra trooper also raises their transport weight 1 ton. They weigh 4 tons but 20 Paratroopers should only weight 3 tons.
Fan Fiction / Re: "Steal, buy, or Build?" (a Ngoverse piece.)
« Last post by Cannonshop on Today at 04:56:29 »
In the north highlands of the Ia Drang plateau...

...Elizabeth Ngo knelt and bowed her head. one of the many hidden tasks a Duke of Kowloon must observe, is attending the Elbar memorials held here on Kowloon, and the best one for a Duke to attend, is held at the Kahanist Synagogue overlooking New Tel Aviv.  The place wasn't even open to gentiles most of the year, but on Elbar Day, it was open to any and all native Kowloonese, and thousands made the trip up Highway Two through Hue and Brigham City, across the almost-arcology of Ia Drang Canyon city itself, into the high country where so many Elbar survivors came as refugees after the liberation centuries ago, to attend and pay honors and respects. 

Not to the soldiers who died in the fighting to liberate Running Deer Mountain and discover the atrocity within, but to honor those who died before they could be saved.

Her father hated it, but her Grandfather instilled it in her that this was important to her soul before she learned to read, and so, she honored it now as she always did, and at the end of the benediction, she, like so many others, repeated the final words.

"Never Again."  and for a moment, she could feel it in her bones, in her soul, the Promise, the oath, all too often forgotten.

No more holocausts.

Her own study of her world's history showed that Colonel Tranh Truk Ngo's oldest son died with the rest of the 171st trying to reach Kentares in the First Succession War, trying to honor that promise when the Lyrans refused to move because it was a 'davion problem' and her ancestor Marjorie had been unable to persuade the archon of that time to do more than permit the transit.

Their ships had been destroyed by the DCMS two jumps short of their goal, a forgotten footnote.

but she felt the weight of that promise today, especially.

A patrol of the Coast Guard would be in Elbar's system, the first time in centuries, and she hoped Captain Deen would stop and render honors, that Tradition was strong enough...

Because Kowloon would need all the luck they could get, sooner rather than later.

She could feel it.
BattleMechs / Re: The Blazin' Charger
« Last post by CVB on Today at 04:53:55 »
Darn, I came here looking for a Blazer Cannon...  :D
I knew ;D
Off Topic / Re: Squad LMG?
« Last post by CVB on Today at 04:49:08 »
@F16, Daryk, DOC_agren: I mentioned Carlos Hathcock in post #28 already. Was this eaten by the iNet monsters?
Fan Fiction / Re: "Steal, buy, or Build?" (a Ngoverse piece.)
« Last post by Cannonshop on Today at 04:39:26 »
Naomi got up early...

... and wandered to the mess-deck of the KCG Lady Maria.  They'd decorated the mess deck with banners and a small menorah near the starboard bulkhead.

"what's going on, Chief?" she asked, "Why the decorations?"

"We're charging in the Elbar system." the CPO told her, as if that explained everything.

"I...I don't understand."

"History." he said, "Don't worry ma'am, we'll be back on schedule after this, but first the Honor Detail has to go down to the Planet."

Honor Detail?  "You mean there's a landing party?"

"Not so much. Just a select detail." he told her, "Here to render respect to the fallen, Mum. It's the first time in over two hundred years, but honors must be rendered."

Her mind raced, disconnected bits of history classes and..."Elbar, you said?"

"Ayeh Ma'am." he said firmly.

the picture clarified in her mind's eye.  "Running Deer Mountain-the Battle for Elbar! the Liberation!"

"Aye Ma'am." he nodded. 

Breakfast began with a prayer in Hebrew, for the millions murdered for their parts by the Amaris Empire.  fourteen million people carved up for spares before Kerensky's armies put an end to, before KOWLOON's volunteers put an end to it-and crucified the perpetrators. her memory reminded her. 

They weren't here to honor the soldiers, they were here to honor the victims their ancestors couldn't save in time.

it was far different from  the almost perfunctory mentions in her military history classes-one more atrocity by Amaris was dwarfed by Kentares, after all...but it meant something to these people.

The benediction ended with the ship's company repeating the last words, and then, the food for this shift was served.
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