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Scowly is a tired man, he knows nothing but his mercenary job, but if his family is taken care of, then he would be willing to settle down in the reservations.
BattleMechs / Re: Raven Alliance Militia Refits
« Last post by Daryk on Today at 07:56:34 »
The Dervish at least really needs to be refit with DHS.  IS ones would fit, and that particular refit is easier than it used to be.
MechWarrior Hall / Re: Word Association 31: A War of Words
« Last post by Agathos on Today at 07:47:41 »
Fan Designs and Rules / Re: Factory Units
« Last post by Daryk on Today at 07:18:22 »
I hope MapMaster takes crack at Wörth... that would be one hell of a map!  :o
Fan Designs and Rules / Re: Factory Units
« Last post by kato on Today at 07:06:34 »
Supply and Demand a major car manufacturer might push 250,000 units a year.
As an example for a real-life major factory, take Mercedes-Benz truck factory Wörth. One-third of all commercial trucks between 6.5 and 16 tons currently running on streets in the European Union were manufactured at this plant. Wörth is (supposedly) the largest singular truck factory on Earth, and trucks from Wörth run in 150 countries on this planet.

The usual output of this factory is somewhere around one million tons of Tech Level B vehicles per year (plus 10% as kits for assembly elsewhere). Various models and sizes, but in general that's where it's at in abstract numbers.

The factory itself is spread over the Battletech equivalent of 12 mapsheets, with somewhere around 850 hexes filled with buildings and a bit over 10,000 people working in there. It's basically the maximum single-terrain industrial complex game you can fit on a table for playing. Nearby satellite factories producing components would easily triple these numbers, but should count separately as you'd be driving up to an hour to get there anyway.

If we take numbers from Revanche's handbook based on laborers, output, and occupied area the factory very nicely fits in as a Tech Level B factory 72 blocks in size on about every metric. If you transitioned it to Tech Level D based on product cost it could output probably somewhere around 300 Savannah Masters per week. Or a company of Demolishers. Or, as a battlemech factory, one assault mech per week.
BattleTech Miniatures / Re: 25mm Liao figs -- Improved pics!
« Last post by abou on Today at 07:06:27 »
I see what you mean. I might be trying to take pictures of too many miniatures at once for my camera phone to focus.
Aerospace / Re: M-10 SDS Drone
« Last post by Maingunnery on Today at 06:56:07 »

I saw this post in the MUL feedback thread:

Should this mean that the M-10 should be based upon the older art or use a prototype/later hull that might have lead to the Clan Titans?
I'm wondering what the ship crews are going to say when they find out.  Personally, I'd think the DropShip crew would radio the JumpShip crew with something like "run for Terra!".
General BattleTech Discussion / Re: Campaign rules for omnis
« Last post by BATTLEMASTER on Today at 05:59:36 »
I've recently started to allow custom omni designs regardless of pilot skill or rank.  This is especially important if MekHQ assigns random SPAs that would benefit such modifications, like weapon specialist or cluster hitter.

IMO the TRO configurations are what's commonly observed on the battlefield and are an easy way to generate an omni opfor.  I think "custom" omni configurations are more common than typically thought.  In the end, though, it's whatever works for your game.
Popskull would ask for a job, given fighting's all he really knows. Failing that, he'd ask for resettlement somewhere with the caveat that he be allowed to keep Quigley. Also, he'd ask for three days and free-run of the local distillery so he can epically drunk at the deaths of everyone he'd ever known before.

Depending on where he ended up, he'd either be a Merc, a Bartender, or he'd fall back on his childhood, turn Pirate again, and likely die at the end of a rope.
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