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I second using booby trap drones as loitering munitions.  I have a few airborne designs I want to post later that people might enjoy, especially if the exploitation of FASAnomics is involved  ;D
Well with Q3 coming to a close soon its now a case of

But I can't wait for news about the kickstarter regardless :D
BattleMechs / Re: Filling in the Syberian AutoMechs (Open Thread)
« Last post by Wrangler on Today at 05:37:25 »
While Syberia itself can make any sort of snow fall, there are other planets / moons out there. 
Not breathable but they do have conditions to allow for snow like conditions. Such as ice spewing from a moon's inner reservoir of water. Heck it doesn't even need to be water, such as methane or other types of liquid like substances.

Remember there a lot of world options for say a ultralight snowmobile mech be cruise around to do harassing attacks or deploying minimechs.
BattleMechs / Re: Design Challenge: It's time for [tonnage] munchkin!!
« Last post by Daryk on Today at 05:31:02 »
Ferrets are the best for RSDs, really...  8)
Fan Designs and Rules / Re: MechWarrior Second Edition Optional rule.
« Last post by Daryk on Today at 05:23:35 »
Looks good to me!  :thumbsup:
Fan Fiction / Re: The glow of a worm inside a child's eye...
« Last post by Daryk on Today at 05:20:22 »
The Mark I Sampan I designed has 500 crew-days of consumables standard, plus another 1,142 tons of cargo...  ^-^
Fan Fiction / Re: What Could Go Wrong
« Last post by Daryk on Today at 05:10:14 »
48 Holly-2 SRM-4 Launcher, Crated, New (3,000,000)

Holly-2s are SRM-4s? ???
Fan Fiction / Re: Hegemon
« Last post by Daryk on Today at 05:04:07 »
Dark age is well past my preferred era.  Succession Wars?  All day long...  8)
Challenges and Gatherings / Anyone around pocatello, id?
« Last post by Geckocalypse on Today at 05:03:59 »
Been wanting to get into it but don't know anyone personally or if there's anyone around who actually plays. There was a post from like 6 years ago but the account doesn't look active.
Got one in planning, pending on whether I could buy the box. (CGL, your overseas shipping are atrocious)

I have a dude that only plays 15k BV and fields an entire company of Lyran Scouts in 3055.

By 3055 I mean Devastator, Thunderhawk, and the usual Lyran assaults (Battlemaster, Awesome, King Crab, etc).

So I plan to field: 2 full companies of UM-R63 with 4/5 pilots, 3 LRM carriers with 3/5 drivers (or more pending on how many I get from the Kickstarter), and some supports depending on my mood.
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