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Play tested a scenario yesterday using forces created using FP build system, but balanced the scenario using PV. Played a Breakthrough scenario at 33% of total PV for both sides. Balanced by PV in this method both Clan Jade Falcon and Comstar had an equal number of 10 units. We played with Desert 1 and Desert 2 maps side by side then faced off on the shorter side so the Clan units had to traverse the open desert and CS defending the canyons. This is more constrained than an actual play area for a force of this size in the campaign, so engagement area was condensed.

The opening rounds the JF units really put a hurt on the CS forces with their longer range damage (we play multiple attack optional rule). We haven't used the BSP yet, and artillery and aero could have had an impact in this early phase. I used the JF "Wrath" ability to challenge the CS mechs into dueling with my Assaults and Heavies, while the JF Med/Lights made a run for the defenders edge of the board. As my opponent did not give me the +1 to hit for refusing my challenges, this worked well enough that while my heavy units eventually fell to the CS forces, it was a near thing on the last turn as one of my lights I was hoping to get off board was taken out, and I had to get a lagging, but jump capable Summoner off board while still maintaining his honor duel. Had CS taken out the Summoner, JF would have been defeated.

Overall the scenario ended up feeling pretty balanced, but I think my Comstar opponent felt like he was at a disadvantage early on, constantly pummeled by Clan units. I rolled something like 6 or 7 natural 12's on top of that, though converted less than half of them into an actual crit. But a very lucky roll near the end where I rolled a 12 to crit and followed it up with snake eyes to fell a mostly unharmed Flashman, that very likely could have stopped my Summoner from escaping swung the final result in my favor. But the last die rolls of the game could have gone either way, and the clans might have been stopped. So on the whole, I felt the scenario was balanced.

Had we balanced the scenario on FPs then CS would have had a few more mechs than the JF, and might have felt more like a fair fight for CS initially, and it would have slowed down my advance significantly as it would have tied up more of my units even with Challenges. I'll probably suggest we do that for our next play.

Even though the JF won the first mission, if this was an actual campaign, I would now need to repair/replace 5 mechs, plus repairs on the mechs that got off board. Only two were untouched meaning nearly 2/5ths of my entire force would be unavailable for next track. Comstar on the other hand would have a much larger pool of reserves to pull from for the next tracks, despite having a similar number of damages units. And I could see this attrition being the deciding factor across the entire campaign. And we didn't even use BSPs yet for CS.

In general, I'm feeling a little better about the balance. Its definitely in Comstar's favor and it will be a tough task for the Clans to win their campaigns, but seems like it could be fun challenge. If you wanted something slightly more balanced, then using strictly PV instead of FP might make more sense, or use the adjusted FP numbers mentioned above.
Clan Chatterweb / Re: Invasion era Question: General Strike
« Last post by Scotty on Today at 21:34:37 »
The "pragmatic" solution in Clan terms for the governor who (correctly) recognizes that there is no difference between work not being done due to a strike and work not being done due to dead workers is to execute a striking worker publicly at a rate of about 1/minute until the rest either lose their will to strike or they're all dead.  Same result, and the governor gave them about a hundred thousand opportunities to cease this idiocy.

No world in the Invasion Corridor prior to Tukayyid was expected to be productive.  That's when the Clans essentially switched from viewing them as stepping stones and started viewing them as assets.
The Inner Sphere / Re: The Old Guard?
« Last post by Scotty on Today at 21:26:52 »
If the Old Guard was a unit of any repute whatsoever they'd have been in either FM:3145 or Shattered Fortress.  A "storied" unit doesn't spontaneously come into existence after 3145 but before 3150 and never be mentioned anywhere ever before.
And that's where all the Calderon Star Daggers and other aerospace units are needed, to protect these trade convoys.

The Brotherhood seems to have a well rounded force. Mechs, ASFs, and IIRC, in FM:3145 it is mentioned BA training.
Well, the Fiefdom seems to have some very well oiled trade and diplomatic relations with the Calderon Protectorate and the Filtvelt Coalition, and Randis is the source of raw materials. They even trade military material among themselves.

And that's where all the Calderon Star Daggers and other aerospace units are needed, to protect these trade convoys.
The Inner Sphere / Re: The Old Guard?
« Last post by ArkRoyalRavager on Today at 21:01:06 »
When Anastasia invaded Terra was practically undefended. It was a loosely written scenario. I think she invaded with less than a Star as well.

Yeah. Where was the Old Guard during this and the Senate rebellion? It sounded like the Senate could win against the Republic on Terra before the 1st DG came to help.
The Inner Sphere / Re: Tamar and The Falcon OZ
« Last post by ArkRoyalRavager on Today at 20:58:04 »
UHM,YES.  The Suns has a more ingrained feudal system and less reliance on trade, so less need for transport and communication, plus they retained some of their production sites for that key infrastructure that separates an Island Nation from 'someone else's colony'-they can build ships and their yards are NOT on an immediate border with someone who is going to take them over-and thyey're not blessed with having a single vulnerable point of failure.

The Lyrans, on the other hand, don't have the ability to make up losses in their merchant shipping, and are a hell of a lot more vulnerable to the lack of communications and the size of their realm than the Suns is.  Building a token jumpship when you've got an integrated comstar network allowing messages (and orders, and bill payments) to travel FTL faster than your ships can arrive means you can still have an economy, and that holds a nation together.

They ain't got one now, and they don't have the shipping to make up for it, and even if they did when Mel did her 'Hammer ******', they still ain't got one, and they don't have the production capacity to make up losses from use, attrition, or people (Shippers) seeking better contracts in places that aren't being invaded by jade-green psychopaths.

The Lyrans have been set up to FALL.  It'll take a massive deus ex machina for them NOT to fall.

That's assuming the writing goes to such in-depth levels. BT has consistently shown a lack of economic knowledge, logistics, unit sizes nor the negative effects of long-term war exhaustion on populations(bar the Suns, which got hit by this post-FCCW and Jihad).

The Suns primary yards at Kathil and Delavan are all in the same situation as Gibbs. Only Panpour is safe. And the Capellans have been specifically targeting Kathil for conquest since the DA novels. So yes, the Suns would be in the same situation as the Lyrans, if not worst off.
Clan Chatterweb / Re: Invasion era Question: General Strike
« Last post by Vehrec on Today at 20:57:12 »
I have one question for the OP - how much transport capacity do I have access to?

I might not be able to feed a world with imported goods, but can I move enough people on to replace the ones on strike?

I'm pretty sure that a lot of Homeworld citizens who are used to pretty unpleasant conditions and who were raised with tales of the paradise worlds of the Inner Sphere would be more than happy to relocate to them.  If the people here are put out of work and then cut off from supplies because they were replaced, I'm not sure they'd continue. Especially if I threatened to move them back to the hell hole that many Clan homeworlds are supposed to be.
I mean, forced relocation of people is ethnic cleansing, but that's neither here nor there.

Let's say that there's no way in hell your boss would let you move Spheroids back to the Homeworlds, but that you can have properly lower-caste immigration in the next 4-year plan.  Which is to say, all the shuffling back and forth to the Homeworlds of bloodnamed warriors and warships and stuff has snarled the logistics badly, and don't leave a lot of room for lower tier projects like civilian transport.  Also, you'd need to import 5 million people to replace all the strikers.

And as governor, the job is to make this planet at least *support* the invasion, or get it ready to support it?  Maybe our 'hero' is an overacheiver, who wants to overfulfil his quota and thought bullying and browbeating was the best way to achieve that, but didn't understand what 'union culture' meant.  This whole scenario came out of reading about both early-modern efforts towards conscript armies and the suffering the effort to get men into armies caused, and reading about the Holdomor and the soviet five-year plans.  Heck, it's partly a prelude/me toying with the idea of running a game where the players must collectively manage the bootstrapping of a planetary economy under Clan leadership.  It'll probably feature a lot of top-level decisions and bottom-level perspectives of what's actually happening.
Challenges and Gatherings / Re: Battletech Long Island III
« Last post by eilidhdawn on Today at 20:50:45 »
Konstantinovich Koichizoku

colors: red, yellow
kamon: longship at full sail
Delm: Ioann Konstantinovich
Matrona: Izabella Konstantinovich
Founders MP: Isaak Konstantinovich
Spokesperson: Violetta Oda Konstantinovich
Militia: Huskarlar {norse household troops}
Militia Commander: Zigfrids Konstantinovich - Koblya

Associate Member Families: Rurik, Koblya, Zadov, Zakharin, Mihailovich, Amlaf, Oda, Kochevnik, Ostrov 

Territory: [map b] (650 sq km) landhold on Constantine, an island in the Norse Eyja (a subartic archipelago in the north western hemisphere of Nejiro) - additional property includes the ownership of the isles of Constantine (2054 sq km), Rhos (544 sq km), and Kola (671 sq km) in the Norse Eyja, plus other assorted commercial, industrial, and residential properties planetary and stellar 

Sea Treasures - assets include separate wholesale and retail fish markets on Constantine, commercial fishing and processing fleets, branded frozen and canned seafood products

Skyr Collective - cooperative farms that raise cattle, aurochs, pigs, horses, dairy cows, sheep, alpaca, and goats, also barley and winter wheat, that processes meat and dairy products for wholesale, mills textiles and flour, and also cures and produces quality and luxury leathers

Cerulean Polya {sky blue fields} - plantation farms flax for food, oil, and fibers, has industrial and commercial textile and flour mills     

Drengr Mariners PMC {concept of a warrior that possesses physical bravery, nobility, magnanimity, a sense of fair play, a sense of personal honor, self control, and equanimity in the face of danger} - provides military escorts for maritime and stellar shipping, corporate resource exploration, and executive protection

Norna Gaefa {fate, luck} - planetary and stellar chain of digital, electronic, and physical gaming parlours 

Zadov Ski Resort - five star ski resort located on Kola

Silver Seas - exclusive, ultra luxury, all inclusive ocean, river, and fjord cruise ship fleet

Konstantinovich Shipyards - designs, builds, maintains and repairs maritime and stellar vessels from dinghy to small craft for military, commercial, industrial, and consumer markets that also has logistics, shipping, warehousing, distribution, marine architecture, stellar architecture, marine engineering, and stellar engineering divisions (currently the largest and most diverse shipyards in system)

Bloom - mines and refines bog iron, iron, gold, amber, silver, jet, carnelian, rock crystal, almandine, calcite, iolite, silica, feldspar, carbon, titanium, salts, copper, manganese, vanadium, chromium, tungsten, soapstone in planetary and stellar locations

Millifiore - venetian style glassworks that makes solid and mosaic pattern beads and visby style lenses

Filigree - silver and jewelry smith cooperative that designs and crafts brooches, neckbands, bracelets, armbands, rings, pendants, necklaces, amulets, figurines, rune stones and decorated weapons for retail through their small chain of boutiques

Sunstone - firm that engineers and manufactures navigation, communication, and sensor systems, equipment, and software for maritime and stellar vessels

Atgeir {mail piercer, halberd} - crafts and manufactures armor, munitions, missiles, grenades, mines, rockets, launch systems, combat vehicles, support weapons, field guns, and firearms

Drengr Gaefa - crafts and manufactures sax {short sword}, atgeir {halberd}, axes, and knives 

Constantine Athletics - owns the Medvedi Ice Hockey Club {the bears}, the Arsenal Association Football Club, and sponsors athletes and competitions in the sports of ice skating, gymnastics, mixed martial arts, tennis, and fencing 

Longship Exchange - stellar and interstellar Traders with mercantile and trade goods stores that does both wholesale and retail business, with warehouses, shops, and markets located in planetary and stellar locations 

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