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Aaaand ordered, and saved. 
Decided to watch another oldie.

For me it was,A League of their own.
Or that's how they like to present themselves, anyway.
I’m not sure about everything else but the Wolfs Dragoons pack had the Prime and the T for the Timberwolf as opposed to a Prime/A combo of the Clan Invasion box.
Alpha Strike / Alpha strike cards, variants not in force packs?
« Last post by Aberdokki on Today at 01:04:09 »

Curious if I own all the force packs, if there is any reason to consider any of the supplimental alphastrike card packs like the innersphere or clan invasion ones? 
Are they all exactly the same cards or will they be different variations?

Also, what about the new mercenary force packs that are re-releases of different poses (or were they dif variants?) of older released mechs.  Will the alpha strike cards in those force packs be different then the ones we got with the base mechs in other previous force packs?

I know, MUL is the go to, but curious if its something to consider or not.

Hobby Tips and Tricks / Re: Anything offical
« Last post by Oriffel on Today at 01:00:30 »
Raven Alliance exists in the Dark Age section. No clue on possible RD addition. Yes, FPG is the only official source; demand for BT decals isn't exactly something that has required competition. Unfortunately, it is something caught in a sort of purgatory - what was all fine and good before is less so as things change, demand changes, and the guy who handles the art side takes on a whole lot more responsibility (ie now the line developer).

Can you send me a link? I honestly can't find it anywhere.
If you are skilled living in a Yakuza Clan can have it's perks as the Yakuza's aren't simple thugs but more like criminals with style
Oh I do have my store credit sitting around too.
Can I get an F in chat?
Thank you for your time and dedication in answering our questions.

Decided to watch another oldie.

12 chairs here
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