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Off Topic / Re: Armored Fighting Vehicles VI: Eye of the Tiger
« Last post by Garrand on Today at 08:14:39 »
Fun fact: around 27 of East Germany's T-72M1s were actually hybrids. They were ordered from Czechoslovakia. At the time, the Czechs could not create large turret castings, so they were ordered from the Soviet Union. When East Germany{s order came in, the Czechs had no -M1 turrets in stock, so substituted M turrets instead. So there were a handful of East German T-72s kicking around with the enhanced hull armor of the -M1, but with the older & slightly inferior M turret.

For those that build models, the Tamiya T-72 actually represents one of these hybrids.

Coming in late but FWIW I liked it but I didn't love it.  Tamar Rising set the bar so high that it would be hard to match.

It seems that a lot of those left in shock by this sourcebook have not been reading the fiction leading into this (as recommended on page 13.) Agree with an earlier commenter that the groundwork for the RD/CGB internal conflict was laid in A Question of Survival.

Did not agree with the characterization of Julian as "ruthless" or "being off on adventures" in Lyran space.  He was effectively exiled by Caleb.  If this section was meant to be one written from the perspective of a pro-Erik propagandist, that contextual note was not apparent.  The Damocles Sanction did a great job with his character, the motivation behind his decisions, and his efforts to keep that thread from breaking.

Speaking of Julian - it's been said before but I'm not a fan of the style used for his profile picture. Please let this be the last time this style is used.

Glad to see the universe continuing to move forward and thanks to all at Catalyst for making it happen.

Hopefully TPTB take away something from this thisness, and any other sidelined (for a lack of a better term) factions get more support to establish things before a sudden dump of stuff and a major change (unless it's intentional for a faction or factions that are intentionally out, such as the homeworld clans, the clans at the start and the WoB remnants) but hey it's a learning experience, but it's something they've done right before with the reconsolidation of the FWL.

As for novels being the first tier of canon, well personally I think that's not the best move, and as shown it can course issues, personally I think it should be 1) sourcebook, to establish guide lines 2) Novels and TRO entries to show more unique differences and characters, that way novel writers can have cool idea's but source book writers don't have to worry as much about trying to make them make sense with the rest of the lore beyond a single unit or character, but that's just how my messed up brain thinks it should work ymmv.

Likewise. As disappointing as it was that the Dominion didn't end the book ascending to the heights of power, it was still an interesting story and I'm looking forward to seeing how the war with the Combine pans out. It might have helped that I didn't read Trial by Chaos back in the day. Plus I could accept that the Freeminders and Motstand's smaller-than-expected role was due to the fact that they'd been shipped off to  Vega or reduced to irrelevance by 3152, leaving room for other factions to spring up.

Re the Bear and the Dragon Round 3, Hopefully the bear succeeds where the felines failed. It would certainly be an interesting plot point if a House capital actually fell to a Clan; not like the in-and-out hit on Tharkad but a real fall and occupation. Icing on the cake if that happens to be Luthien.

I don't think I want us to reach the height of power, I'd just like to see us succeed at something, with it's own costs, if we take a chunk out of the Combine, I want us to lose units in doings so, then it means we earned it and it honours the Combine fans who deserve more than a "And the Bears just win because" fans of both factions should come away with a feeling of respect for each others factions effort, if not the faction.
Do you mind if I ask you a practical question?

What do you do with IlClan? Do you use the board game to refight the battles as written? Do you use it as a resource for your own campaigns or RPGs?

I admit part of my grumpiness is because I read it and think to myself - what am I meant to do with this? What is the point of all this detail? Who is it for?

*takes mod hat off for just a second*

I’m not the guy you replied to, but I have to admit to preferring to get my Battletech lore from sourcebooks rather than from novels. There something very immersive about having all the imaginary intricacies of a major imaginary conflict laid out as though it were a thing that actually happened. It’s also nice for those of us (I assume there’s more than just me) who like a birds eye view of events.

I get that it is definitely not for everyone, though, and I have some limits for how much minutia I can handle. I’ve enjoyed the ilClan-era sourcebooks but, by comparison, I was never a fan of the old Wolf and Falcon books that detail whole toumans right down to the individual mechs. That’s just… a lot.
Big Mac going to work for the Kuritas. I guess someone has to replace the Wolf Dragoons.
I’ve heard about this Touring the Stars Alshain but haven’t seen it anywhere and Google isn’t showing any such title. Is it in a Shrapnel volume? scroll down to the Dark Ages section, there's touring the stars combined pdf
Been playing Puyo Puyo Tetris 2. Been wanting to play that series for years; now I can. I play as Sonic, mainly. Not entirely sure why he's there; he's not actually a character associated with that series, despite the one two-off crossovers where Puyo Puyo was branded as a Sonic game; Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine, and the boss of Chemical Plant Act 2 in Sonic Mania + the game's "Mean Bean Machine" mode.

Speaking as a Tetris player, though, I forget how absolutely violent other Tetris players can be. ;D Admittedly, a good Puyo Puyo player can be just as violent if not more so, but Tetris just comes across as absolutely destructive because of how fast some people can get their Tetriminos into place. I'm nowhere near that fast yet.
I’ve heard about this Touring the Stars Alshain but haven’t seen it anywhere and Google isn’t showing any such title. Is it in a Shrapnel volume?
Plural.  'Refits', not 'Refit'
There nothing on that page that just say's Refit *singular*, it's refits plural.
Solitiare again
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