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General BattleTech Discussion / Re: The Last Phoenix Hawk LAM?
« Last post by Lazarus Sinn on Today at 21:09:07 »
You couldn't forge his authoriztion?

We did not need to. If we asked for it, we typically got it. Our CO had a cup of coffee with us every morning at 0700 in our shop, which was located one deck below his state room. We had a secret level classified safe/file cabinet that we used to store things we did not want anyone to have access to besides us. We actually had no classified materials. The top drawer was filled with one-pound bags of fresh gourmet coffee beans, a battery power coffee grinder, a 12-cup carafe and a reusable filter. Each morning my job was to make a fresh pot of fresh ground coffee. You would be amazed to find out what you can get approved over a cup of great tasting coffee that is made by someone who cares about how it tastes.

Also, I was normally able to order whatever I wanted without worry because my access to the US Navy's SNAP II supply system had been set up for someone able to order at the department level without approval. When I went to have my account set up, he told me to just use his account since he never used it anyway. It was the rare item I had to have actually approved and then it was by the CO because my access automatically approved anything else.
BattleTech Miniatures / Re: Com Guards First Division
« Last post by avon1985 on Today at 20:57:23 »
Sweet! :thumbsup:
That is a map quality and size consideration.  The Clan player should not be able to keep the range open indefinitely; the Inner Sphere player should not be able to maintain stationary units without ceding the position game.  The grasslands battlemats are generally good at preventing both due to size and density and I strongly recommend them.
somewhere I have a plastic Aircraft carrier, that was same style as the trucks and tanks

Add in a few I think they were Matchbox Landing craft

and a few Helicopters

So had the Navy covered
Jellyyyyy! I always wanted the aircraft carrier sets as a kid!
Clan Chatterweb / Re: Clan Protectorate
« Last post by BrianDavion on Today at 20:47:18 »
I saw a picture of maps on Facebook the Clan Protectorate was bigger in the second map and shaded differetly to the FWL (shade was a mix of wolf colour and marik colour stripes)

and thus did Marik learn the dark age lesson of "NEVER TRUST A CLANNER"

Off Topic / Re: Creating an army for a fictional nation, revisited
« Last post by Failure16 on Today at 20:42:02 »
Naw, the guys whose UAVs are down will probably just capture the working ones and somehow reprogram them to work with their controllers.
Huh... and here I always thought it was only Marines involved there... I learn something new every day!  :)

Tut, tut, old friend. This is an official Army portrait of my alma mater, 2-14 INF (back then, 2/14), taking the Forbidden City. The Calvin P. Titus Bowl--made from silver bullion given by the Chinese government and named for the bugler who first scaled the wall to secure a rope for following troopers--currently resides in the battalion headquarters. We weren't called "Golden Dragons" for nothing!

TurretTech is not a fast way to play but its shortcomings are masked when the pilots are accurate enough that the chip damage adds up faster than a given player's boredom.

Curiously for me 4 gunners descend into turret tech. A Clan pilot having to maintain mobility at range to overcome the armor deficit values the accuracy. The IS forces can turret up relying on having more armor to protect them and greater number of weapons and lack of movement to overcome the 4 gunnery.
A third class ride is always better than a first class walk.

Which certain folks on certain ships in certain places at certain times probably vehemently disagreed with.

Such as the survivors aboard the Sammy B.* from about 0730 on, starting from 25 October until they were rescued over two days later.

*Not in any way to make light of that ship which was crewed by heroes in a destroyer screen and task force that was full of them. I am glad that the ship was found, and have a special reverence for them and their fellows in all navies in the dual-crucible of the wars in the Atlantic and Pacific.
Off Topic / Re: Creating an army for a fictional nation, revisited
« Last post by chanman on Today at 20:18:16 »
I eagerly await the hot-washes and AARs from the company and platoon commanders and senior NCOs to see how all those slice elements/force-multipliers are controlled in not only an active combat scenario but on a month-long deployment in the field/extended FTX. I bet the order-group is fun because you'd have twenty troopers standing around looking at each other vice four or five. Talk about a party...

I mean, I am a life-long proponent of US Army cav troops and squadron structures, but that company MTOE/task-org is getting...expansive.

You're going to need a line of UAV succession for priority of whose UAVs will be cannibalized to support other UAVs or replaced someone else's crashed/lost/damaged UAVs  :D
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