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Fan Fiction / Re: Unforeseen Consequences
« Last post by monbvol on Today at 11:02:50 »
[Author]  Time to get a little evil.  [/Author]

Denise's room
Collins house hold
8 September 3050
3:34 AM

Denise sat up in bed covered in a cold sweat.

Why was she having nightmares about what she had seen now?  Why not at the base?  It would have made sense there, not here.

Oliver's mangled face was refusing to leave her mind's eye.

That must be it.  I'm home and now I'm torturing myself with reminders of how all this started.

The revelation caused her heart to sink.

Denise got up and decided to get changed.  It was still very early and dark out but she knew going back to sleep was not an option.

As soon as she got outside she started running.

The gentle rain coming down felt refreshing.

There was no ground car traffic for her to worry about so she just kept running.

The sun was starting to come up and the rain ceased.

She hadn't even really planned on it but once she saw where she was it made all too much sense.

The militia base.  I really ran that far haven't I?  What am I doing?

Denise felt compelled to continue on to the training field.  The gate guard recognized her and just waved her through.

Militia Commander's office
about two hours later

Denise studied the new garrison commander.  He was not one of those freaks she had learned were called Elementals.  He was much more, well not normal, but certainly less extreme.  A Mechwarrior.  Had to be.

"I am Star Captain Desmond Tseng.  When I had learned you had returned I knew we should speak."  Desmond's voice was much more soothing than Torrin's.

"Yes sir.  I know I really should not be here."  Denise answered.

"Do not be ridiculous.  I think you are beginning to realize you can be no where else."  Desmond shook his head.

"I...."  Denise was at a lose for words.

Could he be right?  I don't want to be away from my family but it is hard to explain the nightmares as anything other than a message that I can't be with them either.

"You are troubled by what you saw in your battle are you not?  Contrary to what many of my fellow Warriors would have you believe we are not mindless brutes that can wade through the carnage of battle without it effecting us.  Tell me."  Desmond offered.

"I was only home for one night and I had nightmares.  The one I can still clearly remember is the face of Oliver.  The boy I bullied that became a Mechwarrior.  He was the last person I rendered aide to before the surrender.  I am certain he was lying to me and telling me what I wanted to hear because I was saving his life. Still it is hard to give any other meaning to these nightmares than that I do not believe myself worthy of being home."  Denise could only look at the floor.

"There are those that would take issue with me saying that I understand but I do.  It is clear.  You have no stake in our crusade and feel you must redeem yourself.  That is why you stayed.  Yet staying is bringing you guilt."  Desmond nodded.

"Yes.  Now I do not know what to do."  Denise looked into Desmond's eyes.

"Part of that is simple.  We would have came and invaded your world even if you had not bullied this Oliver.  It is my understanding that even before you had commited this act that you were a noted athlete.  Exactly the kind of person that I am told the Inner Sphere would press into service anyway.  Thus it is most likely you would have seen what you had seen no matter what.  Except that you would have had no choice but to actually fight.  That could have had far more consequences to it if that had come to pass.  Yet by taking the path you did you have acquitted yourself in such a way that you have garnered much respect from those that would have otherwise dismissed you for being a freeborn.  That you have a tie to our founding Khan on top of that has ensured we will not forget."  Desmond did not break eye contact.

"So I am just supposed to get over it?  That simple?"  Denise almost scoffed.

"Yes.  A wise man once told me something once that seems to apply here though.  Just because it is simple does not make it easy."  Desmond answered.

"Thank you.  I should get home."  Denise nodded.

"Think about what I have said and you are welcome here any time."  Desmond waved her out of his office.
Gaming Terrain / Re: Space Burgers!
« Last post by Wolf72 on Today at 10:26:31 »
I don't come down here often enough,

"Can I get a 1st-Lord sized meal?"
Fan Fiction / Re: What Could Go Wrong
« Last post by Taron Storm on Today at 10:22:10 »
Think of it as the opportunity to cross train people to help with engineering and archaeology.
But by that point, you're arguing for front-liners to take what is generally considered Solahma gear. As I recall, the Clans consider many alt munitions dezgra, and consider most others a superfluous waste of resources. Many of the more situational munitions really died out on the resource-thin Kerensky Cluster in favor of producing more stock Clan LRMs, Streak SRMs, etc.

You need to turn that thought around.  It's not that Clanners would be using Special Munitions, but Spheroids using Clan equipment WOULD be installing that ammo in their bays, if they could get their hands on both together.

However, the Protomech AC says your theory on this is overblown.  It depends on how inter-dependent the ammunition is.  Clanners are less likely to use Semi-Guided due to its interdependence on a TAG they probably do not have equipped, however, Swarm LRMs?  Acid SRMs?  Those are likely ones to be used.
Clan Chatterweb / Re: Kooken's Pleasure Pit garrison 3066
« Last post by Colt Ward on Today at 10:00:33 »
From what I understood he was talking about the first production runs of Clan Omnis off the Inner Sphere production lines on Sudeten.  Yeah, I could see Clan warriors being dubious about the quality control of what is made.

But IIRC, they were making Spirits, Pinions, and other garrison mechs at the time.
BattleMechs / Re: Filling in the Syberian AutoMechs (Open Thread)
« Last post by Daryk on Today at 09:48:04 »
Right... I thought you were looking for the rules that exist.
Fan Fiction / Re: What Could Go Wrong
« Last post by 2ndAcr on Today at 09:44:33 »
 No message other than a quick test has be sent. Allard is still in the dark
Clan Chatterweb / Re: Kooken's Pleasure Pit garrison 3066
« Last post by Natasha Kerensky on Today at 09:38:10 »
Or maybe a "test / dumping ground" for IS made Omni Mechs. For example Clan warriors at first disliked a Sudenten-made Omni Mech (made by Olivetti) so maybe those units get shuffled to second line units as well to save the "pure" Clan-made Omnis for the frontline units.

The 75th Striker is 100% Clantech and 0% Star League tech.  Maybe there’s some Spheroid omnis, but they’d have outfitted with Clantech weapons to match the figures in FM: U (assuming you care to match).
TSM doesn't affect your modifiers for physical attacks.  Industrial TSM does, but that's found only on a few Industrialmechs so not a big consideration.
BattleMechs / Re: Filling in the Syberian AutoMechs (Open Thread)
« Last post by HABeas2 on Today at 09:34:49 »
Props are in the Support Vehicle rules (in Tech Manual), if I remember right...

As a chassis modification, sure, but not a quirk.

- Herb
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