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Aerospace / Re: A New Weapon of War
« Last post by Daryk on Today at 08:31:37 »
That would work too... it's the Extreme Range Bracket you gain.
Aerospace / Re: A New Weapon of War
« Last post by monbvol on Today at 08:28:04 »
No good source/salvage for 45s.  I can go all the way to 55s from M5 salvage.
Ground Combat / Re: Force building challenge: Support the support
« Last post by Hammerhead on Today at 08:16:00 »
I always want a Paramour or Engineering Vehicle of some kind to haul Ammo for reloading in the field.

Other than that, mostly consumables; Ammo, Armor plate, some replacement weapons used commonly across multiple units (Medium Lasers, etc).

Prolly a Long Tom and MASH truck.

Then food and stuff.  ;D
Ground Combat / Re: Force building challenge: Support the support
« Last post by Daryk on Today at 08:14:06 »
To be a little clearer, StratOps (AAR), page 146 says:
On spacecraft, 1 ton of food and water covers the needs of 200 people for 1 day if they are assigned to quarters. Bay personnel (including infantry bay personnel) who do not receive separate quarters have simpler life support and facilities, and thus use 1 ton of consumables (food, water, air, and so on) per 20 people for 1 day. Personnel transported in cargo bays use 1 ton of consumables per 5 people per day.

So your math is right excluding the consumable requirements of the crew.  You could also claw some back if your Light Vehicles have less than four crew each (i.e., they're 45 tons or less), and more by using less than 30 personnel per platoon.  That said, planning for the worst case is usually best.  As long as you're raiding a planet that has a breathable atmosphere and water freely available, replenishing most of the consumables won't be a problem.  Food is still a consideration, of course, but I think you could get away with 500 tons of consumables for a round number.

For my other 500 tons, I'd spend 90 tons on 6 Thumpers in Field Artillery configuration, 100 tons of various ammo types (to include the Thumpers), and 310 tons on Armor and other spare parts.  At least for an initial swag without knowing what the actual force consists of (ASFs, e.g.?).
Gaming Terrain / Re: City Scenario Terrain (Work In Progress)
« Last post by mikecj on Today at 07:57:36 »
FWIW, this is a real world phenomenon. Armies want the same platform to perform different roles to have commonality of platform, easing logistics. See Leopard/Gepard; Bradley, M113, and HMMWV variants; the FV101 (Scorpion) family; etc.

There's also the IRL thing in cars where it's just the same car with a few changed panels and extras as standard if you're lucky and a different companies badge and model name, it's just more cost effective to produce one chassis and put in other stuff.
Forum Technical Support / Sent Items Not Populating
« Last post by paladin2019 on Today at 07:21:36 »
I have checked the check box under Preferences -> Change Settings -> Save a copy of each personal message in my sent items by default. However, when I select Messages --> Sent Items, I get

Database Error
Please try again. If you come back to this error screen, report the error to an administrator.

So, I'm trying to report the error to an administrator.
The DC used nuclear weapons to destroy the clan's genetic repository. Even if this clan was abjured. That alone is enough. Alaric doesn't care about Nova Cats. Just like everyone else in the universe. But he can rally the clans on a convenient occasion. After all, it will be extremely ironic if Nova Cats will be avenged by Bears who despise them.

Came to despise them, but how much of that was the Cats going 2nd SL and how much was Black Dragon shenanigans? part of me can see some Bears wanting to go at the DC for turning casual friends into enemies or for destroying a Clan in such a dishonourable way, i.e. using the Bears to do their dirty work.

Side question; Has anyone gone through out MUL in and figured out what unit rolls we have a lot of? Skirmisher vs Sniper vs Scout ect. it would be interesting to me at least to see how our Touman has evolved over the era's and extrapolate how we are mostly fighting going in to the ilClan era.
Fan Designs and Rules / Re: Rations
« Last post by Grand_dm on Today at 07:05:48 »
I'm pretty sure I'm still digesting MREs I ate in 1993 at Ft. Knox.  But I will give those Star League ones a go!
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