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Dragoons, shmagoons.  Nobody cares about them.   ;)
All right, calm down, Alaric.
Fan Articles / Re: MotW Schedule Thread 2017
« Last post by BrianDavion on Today at 14:59:30 »
what what recguides mechs are open that haven't been taken?
This is an errata to the errata, and is really just for the purpose of removing any potential ambiguity.

ASC – Converting Heat Errata v1.2, p. 2, Minimal Damage

(before rounding)
Change to:
(after heat-modification and before final damage value rounding)
is there a mini for a Predator Tank Destroyer?  Anyone proxy?

Su-152. WW2 Soviet assault gun. in 1/200 scale, perfect fit. You can find STLs on Thingiverse for free, or get some excellent metal minis from Skytrex in the UK - their Action 200 line.
Tactical Operations / Re: (Answered) iNarc ECM/EECM pods per unit
« Last post by Welshman on Today at 14:42:04 »
Apologies, for the brain failure.

TacOps ECCM rules (p. 100 2nd Printing)
If the amount of friendly ECCM in a hex is equal to or greater
than the enemy ECM in that hex, ECM does not function in that
hex. For this purpose, the Angel ECM suite (see p. 279) counts
as two ECM or ECCM suites, or the player can choose to run the
Angel at 1 ECM and 1 ECCM.

Each ECCM pod is a single instance of ECCM, so they stack.
Favorite: Dr. B Banzai (of course)
Least Favorite: Any clan warrior that rejected that the Inner Sphere beat them on Huntress and continued with trying to conquer Terra. And I still don't think the Wolves did the job, since they are on a planet out-numbered 12,000,000,000 to 3,000.

Well, the Wolves may be outnumbered but they got the WMDs (i.e. Warships) and appear to have added the strength of all of the other IS clans (except maybe Hell's Horses).
I don't know about micromanagement, but Victor had a reputation for being good at direct action but not at grand-scale stuff.  There's a sidebar in the FCCW book from an AFFS general who says he'd love to have Victor as a Battalion commander because he's good at just smashing stuff and not so good at strategery.

yeah I remember when that sidebar came out,  it didn't make much sense given VSD has sucessfully lead plenty of strategic campaigns. but there where a few folks at CGL who where detirmined to push the "VSD sux!" narrative.
Fan Articles / Re: 'Mech of the Week MEGA ARTICLE: BNC-** Banshee
« Last post by Scotty on Today at 14:38:00 »
Probably not.  If I do that I also have to fix all of the Alpha Strike card links that broke, and frankly I don't feel like doing that.
In an adrenaline-fueled frenzy Morgana burst through the door to grab the growler keys and warm up the old truck before she rushed upstairs to Arne’s bedroom where he lay there comfortably dozing just where she had left him.

“Wake up! I need you.”

“That’s sweet Em maybe later.”

She grabbed his shoulders shaking the young man vigorously into the mattress. “Not in that way! I need your help.”

He lifted up halfway rubbing his eyes. “What is it?”

Immediately she had to figured out how to parse what she had seen. “The Word of Blake is going to attack the Starport from the Canal with an LP barge, some tanks, and who knows what else.”

“They’re not harmful unless you handle them incorrectly.”

“No! Not that kind of LP Arne.”
She ‘gently’ slapped him across the cheek to wake him up faster. “The explosive gas kind. I need to send a message to the HPG.”

Arne began to collect himself but was still in the mid-sleep phase. “Call them, WolfNet open twenty-four hours unlike my eyes.”

“I tried on my mobile, the landline, and even my handheld radio. Everything is jammed. I need a stronger transmitter than whatever is jamming us in order to send out the warning.

We are running out of time. We won’t make to the compound before it’s too late. What is the strongest transmitter within a ten-minute drive?”

Haste began to show in his actions as he woke up and began to reclaim control of his faculties. He held his left hand to his jaw. “The local Polizei precinct.”

“You remember everything from radio school quiaff?”

“Aff, why?”

She grabbed the pistol belt from her nightstand, strapped it around her pajamas, and checked the magazines inside. “Because you are going to need it. Put on your shoes and grab a coat. We need to leave now.”

Both of them scrambled downstairs and into the garage leaving the front door open to the cold as they sped across the frosty asphalt past houses that blended into the darkened hill-scape. After a few minutes of driving she ended up opposite the precinct eying the barriers and gate beyond.

Morgana kissed him on the cheek from across the console. “Arne, I don’t want you to take this the wrong way because I know you put a lot of work into this vehicle, but whatever Alexandria was going to pay you for this truck.” She revved the engine and watched the tachometer jump into the red zone. “Katherine will double it. So hold on tight.” The engine screamed as she put it into high gear and accelerated toward the barriers. “and I’m sorry.”
It's a known problem. (Or should I say, a "Known Glitch"?) The shipped-order information from our fulfillment center has to be manually reconciled into the web store, to generate the "on the way" e-mail. It's not Amazon, where everything is automated and scan-based. We're hoping to improve the process soon.

I figured as much.  Again, great job to the whole crew on the book.
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