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Non-Canon Units / Re: Wieczorek's Archers mercenary unit
« Last post by ANS Kamas P81 on Today at 04:57:56 »
It's fun trying to cut things down to fit under budgets, and I've been doing that with Kampfgruppe Wieczorek.  I'm building it as a snapshot of the group post-Battle of Pandora, when they start their garrison contract on the planet and going from there.  I nipped the two Rifleman IICs since they'd enter the unit later, as well as the clan tech upgrades to the rest of my force - I'm still going to do them, I'm just going to leave it as a future plan after the current contract ends and I can put my 'Mechs and tanks into their repair bays for a few weeks.  It also gives me time to save up some C-bills to pay the Sea Foxes...always an important thing, that.

And then there's Wieczorek's Archers, the original mercenary group.  I ended up with cutting two Archers out of the command lance, so it's just a two-element formation; this let me stock up on ammunition and boy freakin' howdy do ARC-2Ss go through LRM ammo.  198 tons is only enough for two full reloads for my BattleMech forces.  I'm also thinking of scrapping the artillery Archers, and just rolling with a mixed battalion of Archers and Rommels.  It would fit with the background I wrote for Mirage; she'd gotten the idea for artillery-equipped Archers from watching the Clans try to deal with arty during the Battle of Tharkad rather than from something her grandaunt did.  Alternatively, I could keep four of them as a single short battery, stock up on a logistics battalion, and have Mirage take the idea from her namesake after all...

And then there's the idea of mixing in more Rommels with the Archers, doing three companies where it's six mechs and eight tanks.  Just can't shake the mental image of the tanks rolling past the Archers is in my head, for some reason.

Next unit I make is all energy, I swear.  Ammo is expensive.
Fan Fiction / Re: "Steal, buy, or Build?" (a Ngoverse piece.)
« Last post by Artifex on Today at 04:41:26 »
Mmm  ^-^

I reckon, that's the point where Victor decides to get his best mate out of the frying pan that is Crazy Kat: Galen Cox. ^-^
So normally I'm all for designs being removed from production and becoming obsolete in universe. This time however I'm not. A well designed trainer like the Chameleon leaving the universe doesn't actually make sense. Now if someone was producing an upgrade version which left the weapons and heat sinks alone while also carrying all the advanced tech most pilots will have to deal with at some point, then yeah, I understand it then, but not as things stand.
RG 27


Patton (XL)

Page 11 lists Artemis IV attached to the MML5
Page 32 does not list the MML5 as having an attached Artemis module (while the Axel IICs both have their Artemis listed)

I wouldn’t have noticed unless the ammo was listed as Artemis compatible
Epona Rhi  8) She's a hot one to handle ;D
Fan Fiction / Re: "Steal, buy, or Build?" (a Ngoverse piece.)
« Last post by Cannonshop on Today at 04:16:49 »
Victor took her aside at the reception... an office just off the ballroom, guarded by grim looking men in uniforms.

"okay, Liz...Winter, and what happened there?" he asked.

"I only know what my people tell me." she answered.

"I'm aware, but they tell you things I doubt they would include in official reports."

she tilted her head, curiously, "What makes you say that?" she asked.

"My grandmother warned me about you...or rather, your family." he said.  "So spill."

"may I?" she gestured to the drinks cabinet.

"Yeah serve yourself there." he nodded.

Elizabeth examined the collection of booze, and selected a dusty bottle from the back.  "My grandfather must've given it to your parents...or your Grandmother." she said, holding up the bottle critically, "Ijero Liqueur...and it hasn't been opened."  she crisply drew out two small tumblers and dropped two 'ice moons', one in each, before pouring.  "one for you, and one for" she brought the drinks to the desk, and handed one to Victor.


"Winter was a Rattenfick that we got lucky." she pronounced.  "Half an hour either way and the First Patrol would've had to burn in newtonian, and gotten there in time to see the pirates leave.  The local detection grid missed them, the sole and only reason Vu Dao was even looking the right way, was because she wanted to present a case for additional detection on the main bodies in the system, but that's not what JoBeth contracted Die Kanzlei for, and we don't have enough lines to produce them if she did...but Li and Vu Dao have both been on my ass since for detection grid equipment and licenses-which I'm going to have to pay Maggie Doons a shit-ton of money to get...because they're right."

"Mmm-kay...and the actual combat?"

"Being as I saw their reports before I forwarded them, to the best of my knowledge, you got the combat reports and they're accurate." she pronounced, "One Union unsalvageable, two crippled and brought under tow, and an Invader class Jumpship whose last owner was a Federated Suns military contractor that went under sometime in the forties.  Per Salvage Law, and because it was in Winter's space, we're going to hold the Auction in September with proceeds split between the Von Schrakenbergs and my crews."

"None for you?"

"none for me, I didn't order it, authorize it, or participate." she held up her glass at eye level, meeting his gaze, "So prize law says I don't get a cut."

"change the law and you could."

"Then it's not a law." she stated.  "Duchess complies with the Ducal laws, period, or they're worthless...besides, all of that wasn't the biggest score."

He sat forward.  "What was?"

"The part you're wondering about-what I didn't forward and wouldn't speak of in public.  We recovered prisoners...not Pirates, but the prisoners OF the pirates, and one of them is a navigator, who was working with a bomb in her neck and a needle in her arm to keep her under control-a slave, that knows where Morrison keeps his stuff, where he keeps house."

"and you were going to tell me this when?" Victor asked.

"Telling you now." she asserted, "You're right, I'm my grandpapa's girl, and we don't trust Comstar or Terrans or foreigners, not with material like this-there must be a reason why multiple RCT's and Mercenary units have failed to nail down Hopper Morrison's bolthole or catch him firmly enough to keep him from escaping, and the best explanation is that he's got an informant or few dozen, feeding him intel on military movements. Being that the only way that informant could get info to and from him fast enough for his record to match? it's in the phone company, or they have someone who can spoof Comstar's security well enough, or they have a guy in every Ducal and baronial house along the border to inform them-any way you slice it, announcing what we picked up is a dumb damn idea.  I keep it down-low and compartmentalized, and maybe we catch the slaving son of a bitch with his pants around his ankles for a change."

"Presumably not so that you can lead a proper FedCom RCT to his location." Victor said sourly.

"Uh, yeah, that IS the endgame-leading them right to where we found them." she said, "Why wouldn't it be?"

"Your nuclear stockpile." he said, "has not grown in six months, and I know you went ahead and produced them permissions or not."

"training shot and mining shot." she assured him, "Where do you think I'm getting all the exotic elements we need for the foundries? I can't pay Langenecker's prices with the production rate we're pushing."

"Um, 'training shot'?"

"Truce Line." she asserted, "Here on Tharkad, you're safe from the Clanners until sixty-seven, about twelve more years, but they can still show up in MY system with their warships without breaking the truce at any time.  I do not intend to let them leave or live if they do that.  Thus, my people get trained on the single most effective antishipping weapon known to man, because my dinky little cutters up against a Cameron or McKenna? leaves a slightly scorched paint job on the Battlecruiser and a bunch of dead cutters...unless we have an equalizer."

"How many have you got?"

"Nukes you know." she said.

"NO, how many trained operators?"

she sipped her drink, and watched him for a breath.  "Six thousand so far." she said, waiting until he'd swallowed the drink before speaking.


"If you can't afford to lose something, you can't afford to use it-my Grandfather was explicit about that, and Tran Truk Ngo's war diary from the destruction of the Rimjobs also touched on the need to have a reserve that doesn't rely on something easily disabled.  I need to have enough nuke-qualified gunner's mates to staff the cutters, because I might lose some.  Ordnance techs also, because again, we might lose some, so make sure we have enough we can afford to lose them."

"Liz, there were only thirty thousand qualified nuclear ordnance techs in the entire AFFC!!"

"now there's thirty six." she shrugged, "If you include ours as reserves which your order set up explicitly is the case. It's not enough, but I have ongoing training going on in the outer belts and oort, so we should be able to handle losses and drafts...where I can't is getting enough talents for the Navigation role.  I'm not in a position to compete with AFFC's recruiting department for candidates, and the testing is kinda high-end for the kind of thinker that can plot manual jumps Folk style."

"this is where you ask me for a favor." he said, "I can see Maggie Doons' fingers in your mouth."

"yeah, but not the one she thinks." Liz said, "I checked court records.  our nation has approximately three hundred convicted Shipjackers, and another thousand or so convicted slicers in long-term incarceration-the Military wouldn't accept them and by the time they're released they won't be worth shit...but I can use those in the now."

"what do you need slicers for?"

"Electronic warfare games." she shot back, "I want them because they're already talented and their future is shit-which means my folks can train them our way, and nobody gets upset if a few of them die in training.  by the time we're done, they'll be reliable enough to use, and indentured to the Service of the Nation, instead of eating resources in Hogfield, Blackgate, and Nelson penitentiaries."

"and to get them out you need me to draft pardons." he said.

"yep." she nodded, "it's a resource the Realm isn't using or likely to WANT to use, which means I get to keep staff when, not if, your Marshall of the Armies decides they need to loot my Coast Guard for transport drivers in the regular navy...and look! it frees up space to house dirty ****** Clanners!"

"I'm going to want someone observing your 'coast guard militia' training methods and sites." he told her, "I don't see expediting hundreds of executions as a bonus."

"Of course. who do you want to send?"

"Someone reliable."
The epona is just awesome, it’s gotta be in there

For the other 4 sets (just to make it a clan star)


The Oro/Hachiman could be swapped to something else. Maybe something wheeled to get a bit more variety in there, but nothing else is particularly exciting to me.

A support pack with some Badgers and Bandits would be nice as well
Battletech math/numbers are near and dear to my heart.  So I enjoy looking at threads like these.

Off the bat, these arnt core rule changes but variant weapons.  The theme seems to be a stated goal to balance these weapons by tonnage.  I won't get into why balancing by tonnage is bad here, other then to say that you can't balance by both tonnage and BV.

HBS a.c. values made sense in that game because they balance by tonnage in that game.  Further, LOS is 12 hexes and maps also block a lot of LOS.  So you need spotters or a unit losing a turn to see further with sensors, and you only get 4 units.  So 6 tons on an ac that can't shoot far without help needed to do more damage in that game.  They also use % instead of the 2d6 curve so having better short range brackets basically change nothing on the to hit.  Anyway it didn't sound like you were changing any rules like this so the rebalanced ACs you suggest arnt needed.  The ac2 and ac5 honestly are fine weapons in a BV balanced game.  But if you hate them you hate them.

Same with the other missile launchers.  OS launchers suck, I agree.  But trying to fix them is a lost cause, as I think 3 units use them?  I don't think you will ever fix the OS quickdraw as its numerous flaws are kinda a defining feature.  Devoting energy to this dead end weapon isn't super productive.

Anyway, my tl;Dr is that instead of a retcon so far, these look more like "ilclan ac5" or "ilclan ac12".  Strict upgrades of old tech for upgrades sake.  Otherwise you just made the jagermech deal 26+ instead of 14 damage for nothing, meaning the flavor of the original is lost.  If you are diminishing the flavor of all the old units there needs to be a reason, at least in my opinion.  Unless these are ilclan or RISC weapons meant for a new timeline with new units.  If so that's much more palatable.
Fan Fiction / Re: "Steal, buy, or Build?" (a Ngoverse piece.)
« Last post by drakensis on Today at 03:11:24 »
So two interesting changes here:
1. Melissa was known to be standing down, so the claims that Victor was behind her death is going to have much less credibility
2. Victor is there for the funeral, and it's implied he wasn't off dealing with the Red Corsair. He's probably been getting training from his mother in rulership he didn't get in canon.
It's definitely a long shot of the highest order -- but if there was a stretch goal with a Clan vehicle pack in the next Kickstarter what would you like to see? I would be quite interested to see how a redesign / reimagining of these would go.

I assume the Epona is non-negotiable ...

2 x Epona
2 x ...
2 x ...
2 x ...
2 x ...
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