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For advice on Inner Sphere Omnis I'd go with make them faster. The problem with the canon Omnis is that most of them are heavyweights and slow. One of the strongest things an Omnimech can be is a battle armor carrier and the Clans that exploit this do it well. Since they are more expensive slugging it out with a heavier mech is just wasteful when you could field something like a Strider or Preta, drop off a bunch of heavy armor and support them in their mission.

Leave the slugging it out to cheaper SFE Battlemechs, and flanking to the XL equipped fast cavalry units. They may not be as fast to repair in the field but they are more easily replaced.

Part of the probelm in Canon, is that IS tech tends to weigh more, so to get the same flexibility of function, you have to go with heavier chassis, which in turn angles toward heavier weight classes to get the same (or slightly inferior, but not catastrophically) firepower or payload.

when you look at the early (3055) omnis turned out by Inner Sphere producers, most tend to be on the heavier side for a reason-to have enough combined carry weight and space to be worth (more than) a standard 'mech.

Clan Nova/Blackhawk: 50 tons
Blackhawk-KU: 60 tons to get the same movement profile and inferior range and damage in the prime configuration.  (Just as a 'for example' example).

Now, if you're 'clean sheeting' it, and NOT trying to copy what the Clans already fielded against you, there are a lot more options for layout and weapons load-out, for any given chassis weight and design style...but you're likely to gravitate toward the Heavy end of the spectrum if you want it to be viable in more than a single specialist config.  That's just the limits of IS tech.
No kidding.  The first season was fun but the second was terrible.
No LFE, so fast units pretty much have to chose between good payload and being able to take significant damage.

No ERML or LPPC. Getting decent range with a small payload is hard. :(
 If the Foxes refused to broker contracts for a Successor State, other powers would grow leery of them. It is not like Comstar with the HPG system.
 Remember that there have been a great deal of instances where people embraced brutal forms of authoritarianism and totalitarianism wholeheartedly. We try to tell ourselves otherwise, or excuse it somehow, but it is a realistic phenomenon. I would do best to avoid specific examples, other than to perhaps mention an Arab proverb "Better a thousand years of tyranny than a single day of anarchy." I do not subscribe to this way of thought. Nor am I saying that the Horses brought anarchy.
No worries, just a matter of filing in the backstory more and more as time goes on.

Basically if it was a Omni that existed at the time and the config uses tech that was available at that time and not something later . . . then it existed.  See Gargoyle D vs Gargoyle G . . . G has the APGRs, so it is out even if a LB-20X Garg would have been great- which is why before a lot of these one of the MM servers swapped AC types for more diversity.

Some of these also just came out with the RecGuides, especially ones doing riffs on video game versions- I want to say the Timber Wolf got 2? new configs paying homage to old video games.

Personally I think the Gargoyle D, Stooping Hawk C (never say die, a 'Black Knight' config), and Vapor Eagle are the gems of the list.
Finished my pledge finally ^_^;;, cant wait for that grizzly! How bad of looks would yall give me if I said I wanted to paint a Pillager in GB camo?

Well we are importing/ making Stealth Armor now…. Pillager 4Z -> C variant?
Off Topic / Re: Quebec Wildfires
« Last post by MarauderD on Today at 09:03:17 »
As a witness to brutal firefighting seasons out here in NorCal, I hope the fire fighting teams have luck and weather as the season progresses.  My wife has Asthma and I remember being worried about her for like 5 consecutive summers from 17-22.  Hope everyone gets through it.
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