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Fan Fiction / Re: Fate Can be Cruel (Part Three)
« Last post by 2ndAcr on Today at 16:01:11 »

 Had other plans for him already. Plus, I am not sure he would really fit in with the Hegemony's advanced tech.

 The C-Bill is still being used. Nothing has changed on that point. Guess I should have maybe covered that some.

 Oh, there will be quite a bit on the new FRR military. Not sure about the warship gig, right now, the Hegemony is wary enough about just opening that pandora box too wide.
Fan Fiction / Re: Fate Can be Cruel (Part Three)
« Last post by 2ndAcr on Today at 15:56:48 »
24 September 3034
Terra (Terran Hegemony)

 "So General Mitchell, have you decided on what role I can be of service in?" Anastasius Focht asked

 "Actually, there are two options. The first option, if you so choose, is to take command of the VI Corps, former Com Guard troops. though this is not critical, as the exisitng troops have completed our training program. The second one, and I have spoken to the man in charge before offering, is to take command of the new Free Rasalhague Republic military. Problem is, it will be a rough start as we are getting reports of quite a few Combine commands flat out refusing to leave and even openly, for lack of a better word, rebelling against their orders." Commanding General Michelle Mitchell said

 "Have you discussed this with Archon Katrina Steiner? She might have some serious concerns with me commanding a military right next door to the Lyran Commonwealth." Anastasius Focht replied

 "I have. It actually did not go quite as bad as I thought. Her exact words were "As long as he stays out of my way and does not cause trouble, he can do what he wants." She actually called Elected Prince Magnusson and vouched for your experience and skill for the task. Though I did provide her with a copy of our cover story for you, which you have read already." Commanding General Michelle Mitchell said

 "Well then, if Katrina has no objections, then I accept the second option." Anastasius Focht said with a smile

 "Thought you would. Elected Prince Magnusson will await your arrival to the Jump Point." Commanding General Michelle Mitchell replied, reaching out and shaking his hand.
Fan Designs and Rules / Re: An Inner Sphere Triad force?
« Last post by Lagrange on Today at 15:52:01 »
Interesting comments, let's work through them.

My defense against this Triad would be (relatively) inexpensive underground, mountainous, or underwater bunkers to protect and conceal my defensive force. This would be a major adaptation if I knew my opponent had created such a formation. I would be interested in what kind of ratio you'd use the Triad in comparison to more 'conventional' forces to take a recalcitrant enemy that denies you an open field battle.
Mountainous terrain seems not-to-challenging, since the LAMs can climb fairly effectively.

Using underground/underwater bunkers seems inherently expensive because there is an x5 multiplier?  For a 100 CF building, that ends up being 10M/hex/level, right?  Anyways, against a dug-in opponent, the general plan is to send in the marines who are more adept at close combat.  For an underwater opponent, this may not work well, so some specialized force may be required.

Still, winning all territory except for underwater seems like a victory state most of the time because the high cost of underwater construction makes underwater-only civilizations difficult to justify.

Additionally while capable of covering a large area they cannot be everywhere particularly since they are so reliant on one another for support. So how many would you deploy to attack say, a battalion of Battlemechs armed with ARADs (to seek out Mantis) and Anti-Air Arrow IVs (for the Workhorses)?
For a battalion of Battlemechs, I'd guess that 6 Triads (i.e. 24 Workhorse + 12 LAMs) is sufficient, although it might be only 4 (i.e. 16 Workhorse + 8 LAMs)---we'd have to play with it a bit.  The Anti-Air Arrow-IVs are potent if they hit, but they are short ranged compared to homing missiles, and thus not very relevant.  ARADs are fine, but the -1 bonus to hit is modest in light of a +5 (minimum) to +8 (move 25+ hexes, while airborne, with the compact/low profile quirk) penalty to hit.  There's also a bit of an issue because the LAMs want to be at range 5, where both SRMs and IS LRMs suffer an effectively-medium hit penalty.  And, of course, the ARAD bonus can be turned off at will by shutting down electronics if that is desirable.
Also I don't think you even need a MASH to support such a small formation.
I agree, but I wanted to support independent operations, for example your scenario in the other thread where the dropship is needed to chase down an enemy dropship.  Even given that, it's clearly overkill as one MASH per 2 triads is basically always adequate and one per 4 triads is probably much more reasonable.  I'm not sure how to support independent operations without overkill though.  It would be nice if we could use the 'extra time' rules with a med team of size 1 to cancel out the penalty and only treat 6 instead of 25.   It's not clear to me that's legal since the extra time rules are associated with repair/replacement.  On the other hand, the penalties for having an undersize med team also are listed under repair/replacement/maintenance.
I think bond on thanksgiving is always a thing, not so much advertising.

I finally found my remote and binged the hell out of Ted Lasso. I really enjoyed it, even if it’s worst of all the footballs
Fan Fiction / Re: Fate Can be Cruel (Part Three)
« Last post by Seydlitz on Today at 15:31:44 »
Looks like the Hegemony may have found it's next Commanding General, one who unlike the vast majority of the Hegemony Officer Corps, has a couple decades of first hand combat experience.

I just realized something, wouldn't the disbanding of ComStar cause financial chaos throughout the Inner Sphere since the C-Bill is THE PRIMARY currency of interstellar trade and payment form for mercenaries while House currencies are used primarily for intrastellar trade by this point in Canon?

On the subject of trade, Rasalhague is a ripe target for the combat vehicle industry. Numerous planets to defend, but not large or wealthy enough for a large number of Mech regiments. The CC could make a lot selling the Po Heavy Tank, cheap, reliable and easily produced in large numbers. Then there are other tried and true designs like the Striker, Galleon, Manticore, Rommel/Patton, Brutus. And of course Aldis Industries I'm sure is salivating at no being held on ComStar's leash as they were in Canon. A mixed regiment of Demolishers and Schrek PPC Carriers dug into defensible terrain with AAA and infantry support is a tough nut to crack, even for a Clan Assault Cluster. No doubt NETC will be overjoyed to supply the Alacorn Mk VI to the FedCom and Rasalhague as they're no longer under ComStar's thumb considering in Canon at this point they were little more than a ComStar shell corporation.

As for those Whirlwind Destroyers, I suggest giving them back to the FedSuns as training/technical evaluation ships since they were originally Davion I-class ships to begin with. Hanse can start to get naval personnel trained while his engineers can study the ships themselves along with the Davion II specifications to eventually design their own Davion III, though may want to go with a less Davion centric name for PR purposes.
General BattleTech Discussion / Re: Customer Service
« Last post by glitterboy2098 on Today at 15:27:00 »
had asked mainly because i hadn't seen any updates about shipping/stocking issues. and wasn't sure if it was an error or just difficulties on their end.
just got an email about the rest of it shipping today.

update.. it has now been over 3 weeks since i got that email. no package with the salvage kit has arrived. and the tracking number sent in that email turned out to be the same one used for the stormcrow TC portion of my order.. which means it shows the product having arrived on the 4th, two days before the email was sent out.

somebody or somebodies in the catalyst online store's shipping department is evidently screwing up by the numbers

i have sent in a complaint via the "contact us" page on the store site, so i guess i'm back to waiting.

honestly it wouldn't be as bad except for the lack of any actual explanation..
Yeah there's a bit in that list I'm thinking "I know I have one, but I mean having another wouldn't hurt. Right?"  >:D

So far, I’ve only bought one repeat pack, and that was to reproduce one lance of my merc unit in the new plastics.

I’ve spent the weekend wrestling with not trying to do the same with my Ghost Bears since it would require buying two Stars if I want to have all of the necessary mechs in BOTH my Alpha Bears and in my General Clan pool.
Thanks; I appreciate the update.
Yeah there's a bit in that list I'm thinking "I know I have one, but I mean having another wouldn't hurt. Right?"  >:D
The Inner Sphere / Re: Liao mental instability
« Last post by Frabby on Today at 15:17:19 »
Actually, I'd argue that the main antagonist of the 4th Succession War Era was not the Capellans. Or even the Combine, and it was not the Free Worlds League either. It was always Comstar and eventually Primus Waterly who was the main antagonist of that era. Comstar used every faction to maintain the precious balance of power. Julian Tiepolo just didn't understand the nature of Hanse Davion, but to be fair to Primus Tiepolo, he was a more congenial Primus than his successor. However by Hanse upsetting the apple cart, it weakened Comstar's position. The only reason that it was the Capellans as oppose to the Combine that got the 4th Successor War was the fact that Max had to pull Operation Doppleganger, and that was a gamble on Max's part. And that gamble cost him everything.
That may be an argument in-universe, but it's not how the BattleTech universe was developed. ComStar wasn't even a thing in Battledroids or the earliest sourcebooks, and kinda-sorta came out of nowhere when the third Keith novel needed a super-villain that Ricol and Carlyle would have to join forces against.
And then Stackpole discovered them to be the super-villain who even plays the Houses against each other for the Warrior trilogy.
See also this thread: Comstar: good, bad or otherwise?
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