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BattleTech Miniatures / Re: Camo Com Guards
« Last post by gyedid on Today at 17:43:14 »
That is a Nightstar.

Thanks for all the nice comments folks!

Is that a new sculpt?  Looks more angular than what I remember.  I actually thought it was a new-look Marauder!


Fan Fiction / Re: Unforeseen Consequences
« Last post by Daryk on Today at 17:40:51 »
I can't see "collaborator" ever gaining a positive connotation, personally.  I accept how screwed up the clanners are, but that's just a little too far for me.
BattleMechs / Re: St Bernard (25-ton Quad Rescue IndustrialMech)
« Last post by RifleMech on Today at 17:39:44 »
Main issue I had were that I could not find a good 2-person cockpit so the pilot could carry an EMT in the jump seat to take care of the rescuee.
And THAT was why I made up the Rumble Seat Quirk they, apparently, just deleted recently. *grumble*

- Herb
Eh.  It's in the fiction so I just assume any cockpit that isn't "small" has one.

It's the official ruling. All Mechs have Rumble Seats.
Fan Fiction / Re: Aries Games & Miniatures Technical Readout
« Last post by Daryk on Today at 17:36:10 »
Notifications have been less than functional for years.
Very nice. :thumbsup:
Yeah, I see you dropped the Clan Cav star but I will end up buying 1 of everything but the only thing I think I might buy more than 1 of would be the Clan stars (doubtful though) and more definite on the tank & missile carrier pack.
Yeah, sadly, I have every one of those mechs, some multiples, so as nice as they are, it's just not a major demand for me.
That does make a fine white!  :thumbsup:
Yes, but I think that second tier of containers need be touching each other too...
Thank you both for the responses,

I have both of the listed books, the contract sheet in the Field Manual: Mercenaries is great for game rules and cost/payment calculations and is a easy to follow the The Mercenaries Handbook is a small bit closer to what I am looking for. However what I am seeking would be a much more purposefully complicated document like we would see in business contracts that would be a faux of something used in legal proceedings and would likely be user created.

Rough example

The work to be performed under this contract ("Services") shall be as set forth in Draconis Combine Statements of Work Section 3.2

Provider will exercise its best effort to complete the Services in a professional and diligent manner, on the schedule and at at the price stated in each Statement of work. Provider shall supply, at Providers sole expense, all necessary equipment, tools, materials, and/or supplies, if any, to perform the Services.

If the Draconis Combine (further to be refereed to as "Client") provides any equipment, tools and/or materials it will be exclusively for Client related Projects and will be returned at the conclusion of work described in the Agreement. No subcontractors or consultants shall be engaged to carry out any part of the Service without prior written permission of the Client. Client shall have the right at any time to request the immediate replacement of Provider's personnel.

The Term of this Agreement is for 1 year from the date of its execution by the Provider or until completion of the work described in any Statements of Work, whichever is later.

CWIE-C-W-C-SLDF: "Clan Wolf-In_Exile" -Requesting Permission from Grand C...

Clan Wolf In Exile.
Clan Wolf / &(In-Exile) Echo Galaxy's Galaxy Commander Rin Kerensky Champion-Stand-In Turgin Karack Blackstone:

To whom it may concern:
"To whit, Clan Wolf In Exile and Clan Wolf hereby submit Letters of Challenge and Abstention for the Right To Declare A Hegire/Hegira on, and both on and upon the Inner Sphere."

"The Faith AEternia declared, long ago, "Either fight for freedom or die as if Death never could have chased you from behind."

Hegira: "Clan term: Deems a claim of potential challenge, right, dishonor, or slight against a person to be true and requesting no loss of face. Assumed, legally, to mean, "I claim Justice in the name of a Greater One Than I."

Clan Wolf-In_Exile is hereby requesting permission to from and form the Grand Council of the Iclans/IClans to restore the Star League Proper.
House Cameron / Elton / elton / rhos.Rho.Rothshi.Roch.Rothschild, otherwise known as the House of Windsor, bought it's Nobility.

The Red Hand of the House of Elton...
Is bought from the Fair Trade use of the Dutch East India Trading Company.

Please allow House Elton to be House Winsdor...
By the Old Terran / Earthian Legal Clause: "Doing Business As,"

As you were.
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