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Okay, I give; it's not a google-able term - what does MOD stand for?

I assume from context it's something to do with IndustrialMechs (miliatry/militarised something something I'd hazard), but I can't find a definition. (Of course, try searching for "MOD" in relation to BattleTech, even on Sarna, let alone google, and yeah... You can imagine.)

I believe [though I have no idea where I heard this] it would come from how a BattleMech computer interpreted seeing such a modified armed Industrialmech.

It sees say a Crosscut, identifies it as a Crosscut, but the silhouette is off [its been modified with guns] so it identifies it as the closest Crosscut it can match it to... and then appends a - MOD on the end to represent it throwing its hands up and going "This has been modified, I have no idea what it is, be warned"
MechWarrior Hall / Re: Word Association 32: What Say You?
« Last post by rebs on Today at 23:33:19 »
I don't have the deck in my possession, but I ordered two from the the store. Everyone I've seen play with them has had nothing but positive remarks. It's only increased my impatiance to get the cards in my hands.
But there are still problems with that approach, which units are you talking about?  Sure, we can have them talk about Warships to start with, but Warships are really really rare, but Dropships are ubiquitous.  So should we start there?  Even with that, ASF are as much a part of Battletech Space combat, that they should be considered as well.

Why, would you care what type of unit they are, we don't even know how they are going move yet? That is the point, your worrying about details well before you even know the basics. One of the first things you design in game development is the field that units are going to move on for example. Till you design that what the units are is fairly irrelevant. Your not going to know how a specific type of unit is going to move till you know how ALL units are going to move. Unless you want a disastrous mess where every unit might as well come with it's own rule book.
"Aw man, I only ride 'm.  I don't know what makes 'm work."
I think whether someone views Hocus Pocus as a classic or not depends on whether they saw it as a kid.  I didn't see it until I was in my 20s and wasn't impressed by it, while my girlfriend at the time was a huge fan because she'd first seen it when she was around 8.
MegaMek Games / Re: Coming Soon to MegaMek
« Last post by Windchild on Today at 23:14:57 »
Coming soon to MekHQ: Divorce Module and Random Divorce
BattleTech Miniatures / Re: Jagermech
« Last post by Empyrus on Today at 23:09:03 »
Looks great, like the shade of orange/tan (or whatever that is) and green, very nice camo!
Added a Monday night game for Monday November 8th @ 7:30pm
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