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The Inner Sphere / Re: GDL question. How did Tracy Maxwell Kent die?
« Last post by bugman on Today at 19:59:52 »
Well, this is interesting, because I think in one of the books before Blood/Day of Heroes she left the Legion,  In the RecGuide for notable Phoenix Hawk pilots Tracy 8s reported to have died on Glengarry, but she's nowhere in the Legion's TO&E in Day of Heroes or HTP Glengarry. I wonder if she came in with the Legion's 3rd Battalion and Carlyle's hired Northwind Highlanders to finish the Second Skye rebellion and perhaps died in the fighting at the end...
The 3 books before Blood/Day of Heroes were the 3 that dealt with the GDL creation and the Helm computer core. I wonder if TPTB killed her off instead of WK jr or AK?
Galtor, Mallory’s World, Misery, 3039: Vega, Orbisonia, and Tyfing all are suitable for intro level play. The last two have some advanced mechs in the tables but you can replace them with their non-advanced variants. Death to Mercenaries provides a longer campaign
The size of those engines to push that flying-boat ship around were huge, way larger than 777 engines. If 2 engines can push 375 tons of 777-300er around, then that plane could easy be 1200 tons.

Sarna had nothing. It probably isn't IlClan era art because the Lancers headed to Tamar.
Huh, so it seems. Forgot that.
Of course, the Centauri Lancers could end up leaving Tamar service quickly...

Looks like before their Tamar contract, they seem to have been in the Lyran service, since 3130 at least. Post-Jihad, they were in FedSuns service, so art could take be from Victoria War but didn't find references to the Lancers in Wars of the Republic Era.

So, perhaps the art just depicts some Third Succession War battle/raid that happened to pit the Warrior House Imarra against the Lancers?

If so, a pity. Would've made a good basis for some force building. Still, gotta consider the House Imarra, the cover provides a good reference for painting.
Fan Designs and Rules / Re: Support Laser, Medium (IS)
« Last post by RifleMech on Today at 19:39:29 »
It might, but rules-wise it's just AC/20 ammo...

True but if it could work as a field gun, why not Chemical Lasers?

Well, now there's a duty that's worse than KP or latrine.

Of course, I can't really say much, I made a proposal for weaponizing a skin-contact psychodelic for fluid guns, missiles, and even A-Pods.

Lol :)

So the angry protesters become happy protesters.
I like the isea of Davion vs Kurita. I was thinking of getting one of the newer Turning Points.  Was looking at Turning Points Mallory’s World, Galtor or War of 3039: Vega. Any suggestions as to which of those would be best for new returning players?

'HTP: Galtor' is a pretty good summary of the old 'Galtor Campaign' book. A classic DC vs Davion dustup. I don't have the Vega TP, but the 'War of 3039' book is an excellent source of ideas

There's a lot of Kurita vs Davion shenanigans in the current era as well. It's covered in 'Shattered Fortress' and I think 'FM: 3145' and 'ER: 3145'.

Welcome back.
Thing is, there were a lot of things going on that didn't get the airtime they should have, the Ghost Bear / Combine fighting, for one thing.
We had the FedCom Civil War, and then everything dragged with the changes from FASA.
It's mentioned in several of the short stories that after ST. Jamais' idiocy at Tharkad, that Comstar was putting out that the WOB had nuked Tharkad.... despite evidence to the contrary. This makes Comstar just as culpable in the mess as anyone --- I can even see seizing the capitols to force negotiations, albeit with that backfiring. However, we really didn't get an idea of the scale of the Chaos March, and how much the AMC was stirring things up, to keep the profits flowing in. By this point, the Dragoons had started almost acting like a miniature house..... they were working to influence on a much wider scale than a mere mercenary outfit, and even Comstar still had issues with the fact that they had usurped the mercenary market. When you combine that with the fact that it was becoming open knowledge that they were linked, somehow, with the invader clans, the fight between them, and the heirs of Jerome Blake was inevitable.

The biggest thing that most people seem to complain about, though, is that "my favoritest character got killed off, etc"... and let's be honest, by this era, most of these characters should have been in retirement homes. It's battletech, not geriatric-tech. Plus, with the number of regiment sized mercenary units running around, you were going to get a major war, sooner or later. The cost of maintenance, alone would force them into it... and the houses had no choice except to continue employing them, so that their opposition didn't hire them.....

Plus, the truce for Tukayyid had ended in 3067, and all the clans had to do is decide to launch a new crusade --- the victory that Victor Davion had on Strana Mechty did refute the first one, but I am pretty sure the clans could have found a way to stage another one and still believe they had their honor. Among other things, they still considered the Second Star League a total sham....

I really think the other conflicts that happened, at the same time, need some airtime --- the Marches in Federated Suns more or less going rogue, really need more than just a footnote.... And I would love to know more about the fighting between Kurita Loyalists, and the Black Dragon.....

As for WOB, they never were the "big bad" -- they weren't big enough to take on even one house... and outside of a few initial surprise attacks, they were on the defensive almost from the get go -- it's almost as if the Comstar Propaganda that was making them out to be bad guys, got sucked down by all the players, as well as the people in universe.

Even the "dreaded" C3i was likely to be less effective than hoped --- the Clans had already fought Kurita, and their C3 units..... Zellbrigen was already being abandoned as the IS had been labeled Dezgra ... which meant that to take on the Clans, the WOB needed the houses. And everyone was already figuring out how to deal with the advanced electronics, already.

I, honestly, see the Jihad as the culmination of the Brush Wars already happening in the Chaos March, just with more people getting involved, which was likely to have happened, anyways..... the only difference was Comstar Propaganda making their rivals for HPG profits the scape-goat for everything.


Fan Designs and Rules / Re: Support Laser, Medium (IS)
« Last post by Charistoph on Today at 19:13:19 »
That's what I would think. Chem Lasers shouldn't be more dangerous to use on field guns than on other unit types. It's the reloading, and repairs after an ammo explosion, presuming anything is left, that I think would be dangerous.

Well, now there's a duty that's worse than KP or latrine.

Of course, I can't really say much, I made a proposal for weaponizing a skin-contact psychodelic for fluid guns, missiles, and even A-Pods.
General BattleTech Discussion / Re: 'Mech-only or combined arms?
« Last post by Empyrus on Today at 19:10:21 »
Gotta comment on the BV calculator that it seems to be extremely accurate for most part. It doesn't account for certain additional adjustments, whether due to special effects like plasma weapons, or otherwise such as VPSL that appear to get BV discount.
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