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Off Topic / Re: Time for a new PC
« Last post by Sartris on Today at 02:17:39 »
They appear to be a company out of California that basically assembles systems. They’ve been around since 1997 so I suppose that counts for something
I'm not sure how increased speed would cause sensors to think that Legend Killer was heavier than it really was.

It's not like mech sensors routinely mistook the Dragon or Quickdraw as heavier mechs.
Yeah, it's a fantastic mini.
Off Topic / Re: Time for a new PC
« Last post by guardiandashi on Today at 01:55:51 »
My flight sim phase was in the early to mid 90s - Falcon 3.0 and Tornado, principally. Not really my cup of tea any more.

so I'm poking around various places and this guy was the first one that popped up in my budget and seemed to have reasonable specs
I would say from what you said it looks like a decient option

I googled the actual system and newegg has a few more details

which says its got
(1/2) PCI Express x 16
(1/2) PCI Express x 1
(0/1) M.2
plus the fact that it says all 4 of the internal drive bays, 2 3.5, 2 2.5 free leads me to say it looks like it is using a 1tb M.2 as its drive

the one thing I couldn't find is how many sata ports may be on the main board.
it looks like it has 4 ram slots and with it claiming supports up to 128 GB ram it likely supports up to 32gb/stick, and it comes with 2x 8gb sticks, so you could buy up to 2x 32's and drop in later before having to remove the ram that it ships with.

if you need storage you have the 4x hd bays so I hope there are at least 4 sata connectors. if there are more... I found a really cool thing off newegg a while back which was a 2,.5 to 3.5 bay adapter, which allows you to put up to 3x 2.5 drives in a 3.5 bay.

all things considered if you want a prebuilt it seems to be a not unreasonable option my main concern is I am really not sure how cyberpower  really stands up I did see 1 review that said the system died after ~10 days but from the sound of it, it was an issue with the cooling system, maybe the liquid cooling wasn't powered on?
I love this version of the Highlander.  So posable and can even do a very good superhero landing pose!

I come in praise of the most recent pre-KS highlander sculpts. What a fantastic mini. They're very parts-heavy - the 738 was 19! More than the Atlas III! But if you are ok with that, they're hugely customizable and posable (as long as you clip that pole in the back of the knee). I picked up a second one because each of the kits allow you to build the SL era HGN-732 as well.

I can be at the shop on Sunday. I have a couple of units I'd like to try as well, but I need to check the BVs first.
Off Topic / Re: Time for a new PC
« Last post by elf25s on Today at 01:46:57 »
pk if you want to get parts try pricegrabber or pricewatch( not sure if still around)
or go and look up pcpartpicker this will help you to not only build the pc you want but give you a ball park figure what parts will cost you

above are good for desktop or dedicated workstation
as for laptop/notebook or workstation i recommend hp brand or asus
i currently have ho 8770w workstations 2 units and they are  very reliable both have deducted vid cards...nvidia and newest model by hp is pretty much a demon and expensive as hell 3k + and it is a dedicated both engineering and graphics monster! despite being 2 years out. okder machines  give run for the money to new ones...around thanksgiving my friend wanted to show of his was beaten by both machines despite both being 6 years old.
Non-Canon Units / Re: Ronin Cat Avengers
« Last post by Taharqa on Today at 01:40:22 »
Somewhere in the Irece System
01 January 3143

It was several hours later when Arjun finally returned to the mech bay. The swelling on his forehead had gone down and he had finally spoken with his sister over tightbeam. It had been good to hear her voice and to have someone to share in his personal grief. As expected, she took the stoic approach, just like their father.

He returned to the mech bay ostensibly to check on the condition of his father’s Peacekeeper mech. However, another issue was tickling the back of his mind, almost forgotten in the recent rush of events. He needed to be sure.

As he looked down on the bay from the gantry, he saw that some minimal form of order had settled over the crowded refugees. Someone had found a variety of tarps and other coverings among the supplies and had fashioned makeshift tents and domiciles to help separate families. He could see that some people had taken leadership positions and were organizing teams to help gather up supplies and help the wounded. He saw others comforting those who had lost or been separated from their families during the chaotic exodus. For all of the tragedy behind it, there was also a resilient spirit about the refugees’ energy that made him smile just a little.

“Do you need me to look at that hand?”

The question was delivered at close range and, surprised, Arjun whirled to see a young, strikingly beautiful, red-haired woman standing on the gantry beside him. Two people stood behind her. She was looking at him quizzically.

“What? My Hand? Uhhh….”

As he turned, her eyes shot up to his forehead where the evidence of his unfortunate run-in with the the ship’s bridge remained. She grimaced a little. “Oooh, looks like some head trauma there.” She called back to her apparent assistants. “We should check him for a possible concussion or contusion.”

“What? Huh? I am not– Wait, who are you?”

She smiled lightly. “Oh sorry, I see now that you are one of the crew. My name is Britta. I appear to be the only doctor among the people brought on board. I have been doing the rounds and addressing people’s injuries as best as I can. But if you prefer the ship’s doctor, I fully understand.”

Arjun seemed to be having trouble pulling his lower jaw up. He should have said that they didn’t have a ship’s doctor, but instead he said “You seem a little young to be a doctor.”

Her smile disappeared and she drew herself up straighter. “Well, sir. Your injuries do not appear to be life threatening so I think we can forego treatment at the moment, but please seek me out if you notice any further problems or symptoms.”

With that, she and her two assistants walked briskly past Arjun, leaving him alone again on the gantry. Rubbing his hand and still trying to make sense of the interaction, he descended the steps and went about his business.

A half hour of questioning led him to a small tent that had been pitched in an out of the way corner of the mech bay. The tent itself was made up of the anti-flammable material that the techs used to deal with job site accidents. It looked like it had come straight out of its factory packaging and was off-gassing a slightly chemical smell. As he approached, he detected movement within the tent.

He stopped. “I am not here for trouble. I know who you have in there and I know why you would rather keep it a secret. I would like to help you with that if I can.”

There was a momentary pause and then a rustling as a small boy about three years old burst out, smiling. Arjun heard a man in the tent give a curse.


The boy ran to Arjun who gathered him up in his arms. Arjun found it impossible not to smile at the boy’s irrepressible spirit. He could only imagine what Dai had been through.

“I am so happy to see you here, Dai.” Arjun said as he put the boy down. “Is your mother with you?”

Dai’s smile disappeared and he looked down. “No, she said we wouldn’t see each other for a long time. She said I had to go with Mr. Kovacs.”

Dai looked over to where an older man was extricating himself from the tent. He had a weathered face and the bearing of a former soldier. He seemed to hold himself tense in anticipation of potential violence. He looked vaguely familiar. Arjun also noticed that his left hand was discreetly tucked behind his back. Arjun became suddenly aware of how few people there were in this corner of the bay.

“Kovacs?” Arjun puzzled. “Lt. Kovacs? I think I remember you from one of our visits to the royal estate. Aren’t you one of Emi Kurita’s personal bodyguards?”

The man nodded slightly but said nothing. Arjun sensed they were at a dangerous moment.

“Dai, Mr. Kovacs and I need to talk for a moment.” Arjun pulled out the paper and pencil he had retrieved from his quarters. “Why don’t you take these and go over there and draw me the biggest, baddest mech you can imagine?”

Dai grabbed the pencil and paper enthusiastically and vanished back into the tent. Arjun turned to Lt. Kovacs.

“There is no need for whatever you have behind your back there. You and I are on the same team. I would never let anyone harm Daitsuke,” Arjun said.

Kovacs nodded, “I know you are familiar with the Coordinator, but you must understand that I have my orders. Anything that threatens his life is to be eliminated.” Kovacs shifted slightly on the balls of his feet.

Arjun held out the keycard to his quarters. “If you stay out here in the hangar, Dai will be recognized sooner or later. Take my key. It will give you access to the lifts and my quarters on the seventh level. Its not perfect, but you will remain far more unnoticed there than here.”

Kovacs looked at the card but made no effort to take it. “The boy is a complication for you. If Yori’s goons find out he still lives, they will come after you. Why would you help us?”

Arjun lowered his voice, “What has become of his mother?”

“Dead by her own hand as is the body double put in place for Dai.” Kovacs responded.

“Then, Dai and I share something. We have both lost a parent today. I know that to you, he is the true Coordinator of the Draconis Combine and the hope for the future of your realm.” Arjun’s voice cracked a little. “ To me, he is just a boy who has suffered too much. I won’t ever willingly add to that suffering.”

Kovacs looked at Arjun as if he wanted to look through him. After a moment of tense anticipation, he reached out and took the keycard. His other hand came out from behind his back and stowed the sai blade it held.

Looking at the dangerous blade, Arjun said “One more thing, Kovacs. If you take this offer - no violence against my people. That is the only thing that will lose you my protection.”

After discreetly escorting Dai and Kovacs to his room, Arjun returned to their tent to settle in. the tent was small and the chemical smell was even worse on the inside. Nonetheless, Arjun found it comforting. The tight quarters helped him block out all of the horrible things that his mind kept trying to resurface. He settled down with some extra bedding from his room as well as a cup of ramen he had grabbed from the ship’s commissary.

He was halfway through his ramen when the tent flap burst open. Crawling into the small space was the girl who had accosted him about his hand earlier. No, not a girl, he reminded himself. She was a doctor. And her name was Britta. She had said her name was Britta. She looked at him with an intense expression that he had difficulty deciphering. Maybe she was still mad at him? Caught in mid-slurp, he choked on his noodles and had a brief coughing spasm.

“I am not a doctor,” she said. “You were right, I am not a doctor. I am a medical student at New Barcella University. I am in my third year.”

She was crying now. “When news of the atrocities got out, people panicked. I ran too. I tried to find my family at the spaceport, but I couldn’t. I don’t know why I got on this ship and no real doctors did. But people were hurting. They weren’t strapped in. There were so many injuries. Somebody needed to…”

She trailed off in sobs at this point. Arjun sat there for a moment, still holding his ramen cup in one hand and his chopsticks in the other, completely unsure of what to do.

“Uhh, Uhm. Look, I, uhh, think what you are doing is, uhh, great. It takes real courage to stand up and be a leader in, uhh, times like these.”

She didn’t seem like she even heard him. Tentatively, he leaned forward to touch her gently on the shoulder. The instant his hand touched her shoulder, she was moving toward him. Their lips were touching. She was kissing him. Wait, what? Now he was kissing her. It was all happening so fast. They were locked together, stripping off clothes. It didn’t make sense, they were strangers to each other. But as they touched, he realized just how badly he needed another human’s touch at this moment. Arjun hesitated, then let go, losing himself, if for a moment, in the embrace of another.
What made Rashomon so good was that the tales being told by the various characters were so wildly different, and yet they were all plausible in the end. The POVs in the Last Duel weren't all that different from one another, so it was like watching the same movie three times, over and over ad naseum.
The purpose of the "partial" experience values is to suggest those skills/traits/attributes.  If you accrue enough suggestions, you gain the level.  Otherwise, you can choose to take it or not.  The choice is the point.  If something never occurs to you (e.g., under point buy), there's no choice.  If you're exposed to a skill or whatever in the optimization process, you may consider it again.  Optimization almost always makes me reconsider things when I'm building characters.  As evidence, I refer you to the two characters I've made so far for Cannonshop in his most recent fan fiction story.  Mike Hogarth in particular has a lot more "under the hood" than I expected.  I'm quite serious when I say the Life Module system adds more depth to characters than you'd expect.  The process is the point.

Except that you almost never get enough suggestions to get over the threshold of a lot of them, so it's always a choice. Meanwhile, in point buy, I can just look at the list of traits and skills, review the character concept, and move on accordingly. Whatever quirks and hooks occur to me and look doable get in, and it doesn't take a 5+ step process with a narrow range of possible "get into trouble" options to do it.
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